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Combat Handguns July/August 2020

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when disaster strikes

I’m writing this in the early stages of the COVID-19 virus panic. Schools are empty, theaters are shut down, many restaurants are closed, and whole areas are under “self-isolation” orders. In many jurisdictions, police are only responding to emergencies. Manpower among the emergency services is thin. Chatter on the internet indicates many people believe that in times of such disaster, laws are somehow suspended just because the cops can’t be there. Nothing is further from the truth. The rules governing justifiable deadly force are still the same. History shows that such situations in this country will inevitably run their course and society will rebuild. Police will inevitably investigate shootings that occurred during the disaster. To make matters worse, if a justified shooting has occurred during the disaster in a community run by…

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what’s in your range bag?

Gun aren’t gender or age specific. Some people claim that certain firearms considered “easier” or “smaller” are better suited for women or young adults. But that’s not even close to reality. The truth is, guns are specific to each individual. One’s speed, accuracy and abilities with a firearm are totally dependent upon the individual and his or her training. It certainly comes easier for some people. Others have to work harder to master their firearms. But Cheyenne Dalton is a beautiful example of natural talent coupled with great accomplishments at a young age. Dalton is a junior shooter who competes in Rimfire Challenge, 3-Gun and USPSA matches. Her accomplishments include two Rimfire World Championships in the “Limited Lady” category (2014, 2016) along with countless state titles. While proud of each one,…

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dread the red dot?

When I started working for Lone Wolf Distributors back in 2010, it wasn’t that common to see reflex or red-dot sights installed on pistols. They interested me, but not enough for me to experiment with them. That changed in 2014 with the introduction of Smith & Wesson’s new M&P CORE pistol. It was one of the first to come from the factory with plates to mount a variety of red dots. My interest was piqued—so much so that I wrote an article discussing my testing with red dots versus iron sights. I evaluated a handful of optics against the standard iron sights and found that I was still faster with the latter. However, I wasn’t properly trained to master a red dot at the time, so my interest quickly fizzled out. Fast-forward…

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shield upgrades

Smith & Wesson introduced the subcompact M&P9 Shield in 2012, and the gun became an immediate success. While there are smaller and lighter 9mm pistols out there, the Shield hit the sweet spot between compactness and shoot-ability at a very affordable price. I bought one retail a few years ago, and since then, the other subcompacts I used to carry have gathered dust in my gun safe. The Shield carries well—it’s not overly big or heavy, and I can shoot it nearly as well as my full-sized M&P9. Carried in a Kydex appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) holster, the 9mm Shield has been my constant companion for the last three years. Not resting on their laurels, the decision-makers at Smith & Wesson conducted extensive surveys to see how they could improve the Shield,…

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elite firepower

TO SURVIVE IN THIS WORLD, one must continue to adapt or evolve in order to meet the challenges presented by the current environment. The same is true for the firearms industry. Consumers have come to expect more for their dollar, and proactive manufacturers must constantly refine their products or introduce new ones to meet or even exceed those expectations. If you dig into its original meaning and context in Greek, the word “meta” is about what comes after, or it’s about going beyond. When “meta” is incorporated into the English language, it’s often associated with change, with one thing becoming something else. For Springfield Armory, this has meant evolving the XD-M lineup to include new Elite series pistols with a META trigger system and more noteworthy upgrades. META-MORPHOSIS For 2020, Springfield has introduced…

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fully loaded

READY TO WIN? Visit personaldefenseworld.com/win-sarusa for your chance to win this race gun, holster, ammo and range bag.* Every issue of Combat Handguns, we try to offer up the best guns and gear in our “Fully Loaded” giveaways. While past iterations have show-cased some of the bigger names in the firearms industry, we’d like to remind you of a historic company that needs a bit more recognition on this side of the Atlantic. Founded in 1840, Sarsilmaz is a Turkish company that is now considered one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world. But until recently, its high-quality weapons were only available here through third-party importers. Now, SAR USA is working closely with Sarsilmaz to develop and import products specifically for the American market. Which brings us to the sweet gun up…