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Combat Handguns November/December 2020

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worship warriors

We see the horror stories again and again. Fanatics or madmen driven by hate enter traditionally weapon-free houses of worship and open fire, massacring helpless innocent people. The laws of time and space, unlike the laws of men, are inviolate: The police simply cannot get there in time to stop mass murder. What to do? The answer is as logical as fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems: Have people who know what to do and have the necessary equipment with which to do it already there in place when it happens! Short-sighted prohibitionists who can’t imagine themselves fighting off a lethal predator project their own weak values and scoff that others won’t be able to save lives in that fashion. But truth and history show us otherwise. 7 IMPORTANT CASES Case One occurred in 1993,…

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what’s in your range bag?

As the title of the magazine suggests, Combat Handguns is built around the handgun and its application in gunfighting. The foundation of this specific column is to allow everyday shooters the ability to see what the pros choose in guns and gear. The best way to do this is to sneak a peek inside their range bags. This allows us to find new products and to try and learn what’s available in the industry. What I love about this column is that there is such a variety of professionals showcased, ranging from competitive shooters to the tactical realm. This issue, we feature Fred Mastison of Force Options USA. Mastison is also one of Athlon Outdoors’ top-end content creators. Mastison has been a professional firearms and combatives instructor for more than three…

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zev’d up sig

Several months ago, Zev released its OZ 9C, a gorgeous and functional carry pistol with roots in the Glock 19. Having carried the 19 for more than two decades, I had to admit that the OZ 9C was in many ways a significant improvement on that design and a sensible one, especially with so many other players in the “hopped up poly-pistol” arena. Personally, I’m a fan of stock defensive pistols. My gut feeling is “less is more,” although I do admittedly love great aesthetic design. But I believe the vast majority of shooters should learn how to run a gun that is stock over buying a tricked-out one. That said, Zev has become a household name in next-level defensive pistols. When the Sig P320 launched, it became an instant hit.…

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wilson’s 320 tactical take

The Sig Sauer P320 polymer-frame, striker-fired handguns have quickly evolved into industry leaders for duty and personal-defense handguns after arriving on the scene in 2014. The P320 model handgun has been prominent in firearm news. Its selection as the U.S. Army’s new sidearm via the MHS (Modular Handgun System) Program trials made headlines and ruffled competitor’s feathers. Polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns such as the SIG P320 are inherently lighter and thinner due to the limited number of parts needed to make the gun compared to an all-steel, hammer-fired design. There are fewer large steel parts needed, such as a hammer in more traditional designs, thus there are fewer parts to break. This makes the polymer P320 easier to maintain and more reliable. The relatively quick adoption of striker-fired weapons for LE use…

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revolver rebirth

It wasn’t really snowing yet, but the occasional flake drifting across a target reminded me that it could start any time. Several of us were gathered on an Idaho farm not too far west of Jackson, Wyoming. Our purpose at the Athlon Outdoors Annual Rendezvous, as magazine writers and editors, was to get some hands-on time with new guns, ammo and optics—some that wouldn’t see their official launch for four months at the SHOT Show in Vegas. One of my favorites on that brisk October morning was Smith & Wesson’s Model 648 .22 WMR revolver. Thumbing rounds into the revolver’s cylinder took me back—way back—to my junior year in high school. That was when I got my first taste of shooting competition in the form of NRA Hunter Division Metallic Silhouette.…

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nighthawk trs comp

True 1911 aficionados tend to be traditionalists when it comes to their pistol and any deviation from John Browning’s original design is taken as an affront. Through the years, we’ve seen so-called improvements come and go. Things like beavertail grip safeties, extended thumb safeties and improved sights have earned their place on our gun. While I count myself as one of these 1911 purists, I recently had the chance to spend some time with a brand new 1911 that possesses a number of innovations, and it has caused me to reevaluate my position. Nighthawk Custom has just added to its product line with the Tactical Ready Series (TRS) starting with two new guns, each boasting a fully machined, double-stack frame and monolithic, full-profile slides. The TRS Commander features a Commander-length slide…