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Essential reading for life-long fans and newcomers alike, Comic Heroes is the only magazine dedicated to all things comics - everything from graphic novels through to the films and videogames they inspire. It features the best in creator interviews, chats with the stars of blockbuster movies plus comprehensive reviews, as well as practical advice for aspiring writers or artists.

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Happy new year! And a big thank you to everyone who picked up our relaunch issue, we’re thrilled with the response to it. This time around we’re looking at the twin titans of DC: Superman and Batman. We have a huge 22 page section dedicated to these heavyweight hitters that kicks off on p36. If Marvel is more your style, then you’ll be pleased to see we have a hefty interview with Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld starting on p72. But we’re not just about the capes and cowls. I got to fulfil a personal ambition and talk to one of my all time favourite writers, Chuck Palahniuk, about his explosive Fight Club 2; we detail the history of Asterix; and there’s the debut of a new regular feature, Lost Treasures,…

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the odd couple

“FAST FORWARD 15 YEARS, AND LUKE AND JESSICA ARE MARRIED WITH A CHILD” Combining super-strong former convict Luke Cage with mystical martial arts expert Danny Rand, Power Man and Iron Fist has always been one of Marvel’s more endearingly oddball team-ups. Now, three decades after their last joint venture ended in 1985 – and with both due to feature in (separate) new series from Netflix – the long-time friends are set to renew their union in a new monthly from Shaft and Cyborg author David F. Walker and artist Sanford Greene, in which Luke will also reclaim the name Power Man from its current user Victor Alvarez. “One of the running gags is how Luke doesn’t really go by ‘Power Man’ anymore, and yet that’s how people know him,” explains Walker. “It’s…

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ragnarok and roll

“THOR IS QUICK TO ANGER AND THIS WILL BE SHOWING UP IN THE NEXT ISSUE” The first six issue run of Ragnarok finished last summer, but veteran comics creator Walt Simonson has no intention of letting the grass grow under his feet. December 2015’s Ragnarok #7 was the first in another six issue run of the epic fantasy series. “I have wrapped two major ongoing plot threads into the series,” Simonson told Comic Heroes. “One of these is that the interest of Surtur has been aroused, as he has figured out that Thor is likely alive and so he is sending a number of fire demons to Asgard. The second story involves Black Elf Assassin Regn and his daughter Drifta, who are hiding in Asgard, watching Thor tie up the pyre which…

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more war!

Epic superhero smackdown Civil War was a huge hit for Marvel back in 2006. So much so that they’re making a film of it. You may have heard about that... Absolutely definitely entirely coincidentally, at about the same time as Tony and Cap are beating each other up on the big screen, Marvel will be publishing a sequel to the original story. Civil War 2 has been teased to comic stores with a postcard depicting Tony getting ready to deliver a knuckle sandwich to Captain America (now Sam Wilson, rather than Steve Rogers) and the company has since confirmed that yes, Civil War 2 is going to be a thing. “Civil War was a seismic event that demanded the attention of existing fans and created new ones because it tapped into the…

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in the frame

2000AD ON FOR FCBD Despite an initial press release stating otherwise, there will be a 2000 AD special released for this year’s Free Comic Book Day, featuring work by John Wagner, Barry Island, Joëlle Jones and, apparently, a free downloadable song! You can pick up the 48-page special on 7 May from your local comic store. LOOK NORTH One-time Johnny Storm star Michael B. Jordan will be co-writing spy thriller North for Dark Horse alongside Nathan Edmonson, with art by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz. Issue one is out later this year, though a precise date is TBC. ATWOOD ARRIVES Booker award-winner Margaret Atwood has turned her attentions to comics. Dark Horse are set to publish her Angel Catbird in the second half of the year, while she is also contributing to The Secret Loves…

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a different league

“LET’S SAY KYLE IS TALENTED BUT TROUBLED, AND ROK HAS A SWIFT WAY OF DEALING WITH THE TALENTED BUT TROUBLED” The last time Roy Of The Rovers’weekly adventures hit the newsstand, in 1993, the Premier League was in its infancy. Now, three decades later, the beautiful game is making a comic book comeback. Rok Of The Reds is a new six-part mini-series by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell, which will be published by Glasgow’s Black Hearted Press in March. “It’s not like anything else that Alan and I have done,” Wagner tells Comic Heroes. “There’s a strong retro feel to it, a homage to the comics of our youth – but with the added twist of a rampaging alien!” Originally intended for a self-published anthology that never got…