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Essential reading for life-long fans and newcomers alike, Comic Heroes is the only magazine dedicated to all things comics - everything from graphic novels through to the films and videogames they inspire. It features the best in creator interviews, chats with the stars of blockbuster movies plus comprehensive reviews, as well as practical advice for aspiring writers or artists.

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You may have noticed that there’s a new X-Men movie out soon. With that in mind, we thought it was time we checked in on the Children of the Atom. This issue presents our pick of the 20 best X-Men stories, as well as previewing the ace-looking Apocalypse Wars crossover. Elsewhere you’ll find a wide-ranging interview with Charles Soule, Paul Dini talking about his incredible new graphic novel Dark Night, Tess Fowler on the ever-wonderful Rat Queens, and Noel Clarke talking about the origins of his kick ass superhero book, The Troop. We also have some fascinating retrospective pieces. Mark Millar and Nigel Kitching were incredibly generous with their time for our piece on The Saviour. And we get in-depth on the history of Action – the subversive ’70s comic that scared…

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toy stories

“MICROSPACE IS COLLAPSING AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY” Arguably as well known for their classic runs at Marvel in the ’80s as they are for their original action figures, Rom and the Micronauts have been largely absent from comics for the past three decades. But now the cybernetic Space Knight and the miniature warriors are set to make their long anticipated return. Although they were previously integrated into Marvel continuity, licence owners Hasbro are keen to stress that the new comics, published by IDW, are a fresh start for both properties. “There hasn’t been a Rom comic in 30 years, so accessibility was important to us,” says IDW Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall, who is co-writing Rom: The Space Knight with Christos Gage. “We want to introduce Rom, his antagonists the Dire Wraiths, and…

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41st century crossover

While Valiant’s upcoming summer event is set in the far-flung future, the tale that 4001 AD chronicles is as old as humankind itself. Beginning with a special Free Comic Book Day issue, the four-issue miniseries sees Rai’ current creative team of Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain taking the fallen spirit guardian’s ongoing battle against supposedly benevolent artificial intelligence Father beyond the dystopian confines of New Japan and into the vast post-apocalyptic environs that surround his high-tech homeland. “Rai has been building towards this over the past two years and, when Matt turned in his pitch for 4001 AD, we knew that it needed the biggest stage possible,” says editor Kyle Andrukiewicz. “The story itself is primal and compelling, as at its heart it’s about a son’s final act of rebellion against…

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clean slate for dc

Do you like new Issue Ones? If you’re a DC reader then you’re about to be faced with a whole lot of them. Rumoured for weeks and finally officially announced at the ComicsPRO event in February, DC Rebirth is a line-wide relaunch that will encompass the company’s entire superhero line. Rebirth is, in the words of DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, “designed to bring back the best of DC’s past, embrace the stories we currently love and move the entire epic universe into the future. We are returning to the essence of the DCU.” In effect, it sounds a great deal like Rebirth is an attempt to reconcile the company’s controversial reboot, the New 52, with the older DC universe. Following the 80-page one-shot DC Rebirth #1, penned by Geoff Johns with art…

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in the frame

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Think Donald Trump as US President is a crazy idea? It could be worse… Marvel has announced Vote Loki – a new book to debut in June which features the Asgardian trickster trying to win American hearts and minds for no doubt nefarious reasons. Hey, it’s election year. WATCH YOUR BACK, JOE Judge Dredd creator John Wagner has announced that he intends to kill off a major 2000 AD character soon. Although he told the comic’s official Thrill Cast that he doesn’t enjoy ex-ing characters, he warned that “one is going soon. I’m not going to say who – but watch out.” HAIR (METAL) TODAY... Retired rockers Mötley Crüe have had their debauched and big-haired story immortalised in comic form. Mötley Crüe: Livin’ The Fast Life is written and illustrated by…

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season of the witch

Titan’s adaptation of Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers Of London novels continues with a second arc, “The Night Witch” But although it takes place in the build-up to novel The Hanging Tree – the next installment in the literary adventures of PC Peter Grant, out in June – Aaronovitch insists that the five-issue comic can still be enjoyed on its own merits. “It does indeed precede the new book, but it doesn’t especially lead into it,” says Aaronovitch, who is again co-writing with veteran comics and Doctor Who scribe, Andrew Cartmel. “You can read the book with no knowledge of the comic, and vice versa. It’s exaggerating to say that it’s a prequel to the new novel, so we’ve just stated that “The Night Witch” comes before it to clarify the timeline for…