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Essential reading for life-long fans and newcomers alike, Comic Heroes is the only magazine dedicated to all things comics - everything from graphic novels through to the films and videogames they inspire. It features the best in creator interviews, chats with the stars of blockbuster movies plus comprehensive reviews, as well as practical advice for aspiring writers or artists.

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My home town wasn’t exactly overflowing with comic shops – in fact, there were none. I could get 2000 AD, of course, but until my mate Kev opened up the short-lived and much missed Cobalt Comics, I had to rely on a mysterious rack in the newsagent for US titles. Comics (usually DC) would drift in and out, seemingly at random. There was a smattering of superhero titles, but mostly it was a grab-bag of Vertigo issues: one month you’d find Seekers Into The Mystery, the next Preacher, with little chance of collecting a full set. But one title came in with weird regularity – Grant Morrison and Rachel Pollack’s runs on Doom Patrol. Picking it up for the first time, I had no idea what I was about to…

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back to the ’70s

“AMAZING STORIES THAT PEOPLE HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO READ FOR DECADES” Rebellion plans to resurrect the childhood favourites of many British comics fans after acquiring the Fleetway and the IPC Youth Group archives from previous owners Egmont Publishing. Home to 2000 AD, the Oxford-based company has now added many of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’s 1970s stablemates to its repertoire, most notably Battle, Action and famous football comic, Roy of the Rovers. “We’re delighted to have the archive,” says Ben Smith, Rebellion’s Head of Books and Comics Books. “After licensing the Monster and Misty collections from Egmont, we were in a position to have a discussion with them about their complete backlist, and we found that they were open to an offer on the material, especially since they knew that we represented a home…

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shark attack

“I’VE WANTED TO DO HOOKJAW AS LONG AS I’VE BEEN IN COMICS” After taking to the skies for Garth Ennis and Keith Burns revival of Battle’s World War Two flying ace Johnny Red, Titan Comics will be scouring the seas for their next project from IPC’s plentiful comics vault. Having first appeared in the pages of Action in 1976, ferocious ocean predator Hookjaw is being propelled headlong into the 21st Century in a new five-issue miniseries by Si Spurrier and Conor Boyle. And while Spurrier claims to have “wanted to do a Hookjaw story for as long as I’ve been making comics,” Boyle admits that he is old enough to have read the original stories by co-creator Pat Mills, writer Ken Armstrong and artist Roman Sola. “Well, I remember the Action annuals at…

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the logos of war

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Centring around notorious English magician Aleister Crowley during the Second World War, Douglas Rushkoff’s new graphic novel Aleister and Adolf seems pretty fantastical. The New York-based author insists, however, that much of it is based on actual historical events. “History did the weaving for me,” says Rushkoff, who also incorporates important figures such as James Bond creator Ian Fleming into his narrative. “Crowley did indeed work with Ian Fleming to deliver anti-Hitler sigils to Winston Churchill, and Churchill’s famous ‘V is for Victory’ salute was a sigil direct from Crowley, which was designed to offset the power of Hitler’s swastika.” Rushkoff also cites the example of General Patton, who was responsible for retrieving the so-called Spear of Destiny – the weapon that supposedly killed Christ…

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in the frame

JLA VS SS DC has revealed it’s first Rebirth era crossover: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad. The six-issue, weekly event starts in December, and there will be a prelude in Suicide Squad #8. ONE LEAGUE LEFT Alan Moore has stated that he has one final volume of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen planned before he is “done with comics”. While that sounds pretty final, Moore still has several other comics projects, including Cinema Purgatorio to complete. Don’t go, Alan! BISHOP GOES SOLO Kate Bishop – aka the other Hawkeye – is finally getting her own solo book. Penned by Jem And The Holograms’ Kelly Thompson and drawn by Leonardo Romero, the team let fly (like an arrow... oh, never mind) in December. SLICK PRICK Riverdale’s prime arsehole gets his own title this December. Reggie & Me comes from…

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wonder women

“WOMEN ARE STILL UNDERREPRESENTED IN THE INDUSTRY” There’s an underground movement of female comics artists and writers that has gone unsung for decades. These women changed the landscape of the comics scene and a new book, She Changed Comics, documents how their groundbreaking work has permeated into the mainstream. The 160-page book began life as a Kickstarter project by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund earlier this year and within a mere eight hours it had already reached its target. It profiles more than 60 women who have changed the landscape of free expression in comics and features interviews with women working in the industry today. Golden Age cartoonist Jackie Ormes is featured – she was the first black woman to make a living as a cartoonist. Then there’s underground artist Diane Noomin, whose…