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Essential reading for life-long fans and newcomers alike, Comic Heroes is the only magazine dedicated to all things comics - everything from graphic novels through to the films and videogames they inspire. It features the best in creator interviews, chats with the stars of blockbuster movies plus comprehensive reviews, as well as practical advice for aspiring writers or artists.

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Thanks for joining us. This is my final issue of Comic Heroes as I move on to pastures new. Fear not, the mag is continuing with a new editor in place for our 18 July issue. Please indulge me for a moment though as I use my last intro as an Oscars-style thank-you speech... I was a fan of the mag when it launched under Jes Bickham in 2010. I’d like to thank him, as well as Matt Bielby, Dave Golder and mighty Rob Power for getting the magazine to this point. I would like to thank Rosie Fletcher and Dave Bradley, who hired me for this gig, the two finest magazine folk I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I’d like to say a special sexy thank you to all…

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young guns

"HER PRINCIPLES AND MORAL COMPASS HAVE ENDURED EVEN WHEN THE PERSON WHO TAUGHT HER A LOT OF THAT TURNED OUT TO BE CORRUPT" Secret Weapons started out a team book in the 1990s starring heavy-hitters like Solar, X-O Manowar and the Geomancer. Now, Valiant is reviving Secret Weapons in June in a new miniseries, with a new team leader, Livewire. The four-parter is being written by Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer, who first fell in love with Livewire, the technopath otherwise known as Amanda McKee, when he included her in his screenplay for Sony’s upcoming big screen adaptations of Valiant properties Harbinger and Bloodshot. “I’m really excited about it,” says Heisserer, who studied both Livewire’s earlier adventures and her more recent appearances in titles like Unity and Harbinger. “I’ve done a little of…

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thicker than water

"WE’RE GOING BACK TO DEADPOOL’S CHILDHOOD" Guest-starring Cable, Domino, Shatterstar and Cain, Deadpool: Bad Blood is more like a team book featuring all of the popular characters that Rob Liefeld created for Marvel. Harking back to the Image Comics co-founder’s formative days on titles like New Mutants and X-Force, the 112-page graphic novel introduces a new adversary, Thumper, who boasts an intriguing connection to the Merc with the Mouth’s past. “He has bad blood with Deadpool,” says Liefeld. “The story starts with a flashback that takes you back to 1991, so you see an untold tale of how a situation unfolded with Deadpool, Cable and the X-Force team. Out of that, you’ll then see Deadpool with Domino and Cain in the present day. There are a lot of secrets and mysteries to be…

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dead again

Deadline was a magazine that defined the independent British comics scenes in the late ’80s and ’90s. Hewlett and Martin’s Tank Girl debuted in its pages, and it launched the careers of many creators including Philip Bond and Nick Abadzis. Its editors, Brett Ewins and Steve Dillon, were major players in the industry. Deadline ended in 1995 but from 2017, Missed Deadline will take its place. “The long-term goal was always to bring Deadline back for the modern generation, with a 50/50 split of new and old creators,” its creative director Jessica Kemp tells Comic Heroes, “but for many years this just seemed to be impossible in terms of manpower and financial outlay, not to mention time. “We started Missed Deadline as a collective for several members of the group including, Damian…

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in the frame

SPY GAMES Garth Ennis and Russ Braun are set to launch 007 parody Jimmy’s Bastards in June, from Aftershock. The series follows a womanising super-spy whose romantic misadventures come back to haunt him. JAY LYNCH 1945-2017 Underground comix creator Jay Lynch has passed away at the age of 72. He was best known for his work on Bazooka Joe, Bijou Funnies, Nard ’n’ Pat and for drawing many of the cult Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. LOST GIRLS FOUND Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s epic erotic comic Lost Girls (where Dorothy Gale, Wendy Darling and Alice from Alice In Wonderland have a very nice time together) is to get an expanded edition with 32 more pages of horny fairytale fun. MYTH BUSTERS Skybound and Image are set to release Kill The Minotaur, a blood-soaked mythological fantasy from…

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forever young

Joe Haldeman’s 1974 novel The Forever War remains one of the best-known and best-loved science fiction novels of all time. Some 14 years after its original publication, Haldeman translated the story into a well-received comic series drawn by artist Marvano (real name Mark van Oppen). Out of print for decades, the series is being reissued by Titan in a monthly format. The book tells the story of humanity’s war against the alien Taurans – a conflict that lasts not years or decades, but millennia. A veteran of the Vietnam war, Haldeman brought his own experiences to his darkly funny novel, which also makes head-spinning use of time dilation: whenever the human soldiers are sent out to battle, huge passages of time have passed by the time they return to Earth, and…