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Computer Music February 2020

Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but it DOES INCLUDE the full software, samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video. This digital edition is not printable.

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how to use cm

We’ve got a new system for downloading files. Whenever you see this icon, you can grab the files on your PC or Mac by going to filesilo.co.uk/computermusic. Tutorials featuring this icon make use of our own Plugins – find out all about them on p107. This icon means there are extra files to help you follow a tutorial feature: project files, audio examples, etc. There’s extra video content wherever you see this icon. computermusic.co.uk computermusic@futurenet.com facebook.com/computer.music.mag twitter.com/computermusicuk youtube.com/computermusicmag instagram.com/computermusicmag…

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Download this month’s videos: filesilo.co.uk/computermusic THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO PERFECT VOCALS All the advice, tutorials and power tips you need to produce amazing vocals Read the full article on p22 2 Removing spill from a vocal take 3 Tightening up double tracks 6 Vocal editing with Antares Auto-Tune 7 Vocal effects at work 9 Beatbox vocals cm Producer Masterclass BEARDYMAN Beardyman in the studio talking about both production and performance Note: this video is only available using the link on page 47 Read the full article on p46 JMG SOUND HYPERSPACE CM How to install and make the most of this fantastic free plugin Read the full article on p56 cm/experts Our resident music production gurus walk you through their specialist field every Read month the full EASY GUIDE WRITING WITH MINOR SCALES Read the full article on p72 STUDIO STRATEGIES ENTER THE MOD MATRIX Read Read the the full full article article on…

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Steinberg Cubase 10.5 The historic DAW’s latest update adds more than its numbering suggests No longer the mildly controversial move it once was, Steinberg have been providing paid point releases for Cubase for a while now, adding supplementary new features and functions to their stalwart DAW while not quite qualifying as full-on ‘new versions’. The latest, Cubase 10.5, adds a sizeable number of improvements and enhancements that certainly make it look like a compelling upgrade on paper. First, you get a whole new plugin in the shape of MultiTap Delay – a delay effect “made for musicians”. With up to eight position-, level- and pan-adjustable taps, a choice of character algorithms (classic, clean, etc), this looks to have the core functionality nailed, but it’s the 14 built-in effects – Reverb, Chorus, Envelope Filter,…

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app watch

Kind of a (re)rebirth Cut from the same kind of digital cloth as Propellerhead’s legendary ReBirth, Dmitrij Pavlov’s Pure Acid is a bassline and drum machine that draws its inspiration from classic 80s hardware. We’re talking sounds like the legendary TB-303 bassline synth and TR-range of drum machines. Designed for “fast and fun” music making, Pure Acid comes with built-in patterns and also enables you to create your own, with effects and X/Y pad control alongside sequencing capabilities. It costs £9.99/$9.99 for both iPhone and iPad. jimaudio.pro You want Jarre forever? It seems like Jean-Michel Jarre has ripped a page from the Brian Eno playbook with EōN, an “infinite music app” that will keep coming up with evolving tunes and visuals for as long as you want it to. These are based on beats,…

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get with the programmers

cm Give us a potted history of Soundspot. RL “We founded the company back in 2014, the main objective being to create cool products that would make a difference to people’s productions. Things really came together for us because of the skillsets that my co-founder and I brought to the table. He was a mastering engineer that had gone on to learn how to code audio algorithms in C++, and I was a producer and sound designer who’d also worked in UX design. This meant we could not only design and build the products, but do so in a way that we knew the end result would sound great. “We were able to build a lot of plugins in a very short space of time, and being self-funded, we had no corporate…

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cm/freeware news

Kushview Element One of the easiest ways to play with your plugins, Element’s source code is now yours to tweak If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve already settled upon and gotten to know a particular DAW, and that it serves as the primary host for all of your plugin activity. However, you may yet find Kushview’s Element to be a useful tool, particularly if you need a customisable virtual rack in which you can instantiate the plugins of your choice and rearrange the signal path at will. Ideal for stacking multiple instruments or creating effects chains for live use, Element is quick, intuitive, and inspiring. It’s also not new. So why is it making its appearance in this month’s instalment of Freeware News? Simple. The developer has done us all the…