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Computer Music December 2015

Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but it DOES INCLUDE the full software, samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video. This digital edition is not printable.

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As much as we’d all love to think otherwise, the vast majority of end listeners to your music are not going to be staring slack-jawed at the speakers in awe of your mastery of parallel sidechain routing or dynamic EQ trickery. No, your listeners want to be moved by your music, be it a pounding EDM track, a sweet R&B jam, a monstrous metal juggernaut or a classical workout. Great source sounds, a good frequency balance and solid dynamics are certainly important, and a catchy song goes without saying. But you can have all of that and your track may still seem somehow sterile, cold and – the ultimate diss for those chasing phat and juicy mixdowns – “digital”. Beats don’t groove as one. Sampled instruments sound fake and plastic. Key…

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cm / video

ORGANIC MIXDOWNS 20 ways to add life and groove with our expert videos 1 Humanisation using DAW randomisation 2 Improving the realism of programmed piano parts 3 Using articulations via keyswitching 4 Layering guitar string noise samples for realism 5 Using round-robin sampling to avoid repetition 6 Subtle tempo changes to add drive and excitement 7 Extracting the tempo map from an audio recording 8 Avoiding clashes of live and programmed beats 9 Advanced warping tactics for better results 10 Matching mistimed drums when layering 11 The effect of loop length on the overall groove 12 Automatically matching grooves with a groove map 13 Adding life and depth to synths with modulation 14 Virtual ‘re-amping’ with AudioEase Speakerphone 2 15 Re-amping a synth through a real room 16 Vinyl crackle and tape hiss for feel and vibe 17 Blending and mixing subtle ambience beds 18 Creating ambience, life and…

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EASY GUIDE SOLOING WITH MODES Employ these alternative scales over different chords in a progression Read the full article on p74 DESIGNER SOUNDS DELAY-LOOP PADS Get epic atmospheres by stacking multiple software instruments Read Read the the full full article article on on p pxx 76 GEEK TECHNIQUE DEEPER COMPRESSION Owen attempts to get a wild, untamed sound under dynamic control Read the full article on p78 DR BEAT THE TOMS Get them right when programming any beat or virtual drum kit Read Read the the full full article article on on p80pxx…

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audio assault bassamp cm

DEEP Engage to push the low end harder into the drive stage POWER Flick this off to bypass the plugin GAIN Crank it up for a more compressed, growling tone EQ Dial in your bass tone with familiar amp-style controls VOLUME Clean level adjustment of the plugin’s overall output MIX Dial this back to blend in the dry signal for a classic DI/amp tone CAB Choose from two simulated speaker cabinet setups Back in 212, we introduced the mighty GrindMachine CM, a behemoth of a guitar amp simulation crafted exclusively for Computer Music by skilled metalworkers Audio Assault. We’ve been thrashing its five roaring amp heads and ten punishing cabinets into oblivion ever since, but even with GrindMachine CM’s towering stacks blasting away at full bore, we still felt that some low-end reinforcement was needed. Well, wouldn’t you know it? Audio Assault have bailed us…

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exclusive samples arabian nights

900 EXCLUSIVE SAMPLES 4 hand drum kits 5 tambourine kits 34 drum/percussion loops 24 instrument loops 152 percussion beats 135 drum hits 117 musical loops 3 multisampled instruments Come with us on a trip to the Near East, where there are princesses to be saved, carpets to be flown, and plenty of samples to be downloaded and used in your choons. This month’s pack is tinged with the flavour of the lands where civilisation began, and accordingly, we’ve managed to contract two professors of historical audio anthropology to create it: Groove Criminals’ Oli Bell and Cyclick’s Robbie Stamp. We gave ’em a grilling to find out how exactly the pack was made. Groove Criminals Oli Bell walks us through how his side of the pack was created. “All the percussion loops were a mixture of live recordings and programmed samples. We…

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The Plugins collection is a suite of complete, limitation-free instrument and effects plugins. It’s an incredible resource, boasting more than 50 pro-quality plugins that you won’t find anywhere else, all for PC and Mac, in VST and AU formats. All of the included software is created exclusively for us by respected commercial developers such as Ohm Force, KV331 Audio, u-he, Cableguys, AudioThing, XILS-lab, Vengeance-Sound, Rob Papen and zplane. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Plugins? Is it just freeware from the internet? No, and neither are the plugins limited or ‘crippled’. It’s a set of virtual instruments and effects created by some of the best developers in the business just for us – you won’t find this set of plugins anywhere else! Where do I get Plugins? As a download from our Vault (see p5for instructions…