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from the editor

No, we haven’t turned to the dark side. When we say track anyone online, we mean your nearest and dearest – cherished people whose safety you care about. As Nik Rawlinson explains in our Cover Feature (page 50), there are lots of apps and gadgets that help you keep tabs on friends and relatives, wherever they roam. You can use these clever tools to make sure vulnerable loved ones don’t get into danger, or simply to meet up with friends. If you’d rather keep your whereabouts private, Nik also explains how to make sure you’re untrackable. But you may find that his most useful advice covers tracking personal belongings that have a habit of disappearing, like keys and wallets. He recommends the Tile, which uses Bluetooth to record their movements. I can…

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windows to remain tab-less as microsoft ditches sets

Microsoft has abandoned its Sets tool for Windows, which would have let you group data, Office tools, websites and other PC information in tabs across the operating system. The company seemed to have high hopes for Sets when it announced the tool in 2017. It released an impressive video (www.snipca.com/31421, see screenshot) showing a student using Sets to create a project on volcanoes, keeping Word documents, photos, PowerPoint and OneNote open in different tabs. At the time, Microsoft said Sets might debut in the April 2018 Update, but it failed to materialise. It appeared last year in some preview versions of Windows 10, but wasn’t popular with early testers. It hasn’t appeared in preview builds of the May 2019 Update, and in late April a Microsoft programmer said the “tab experience is no…

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usb sticks will break may update

You won’t be able to install the forthcoming Windows 10 May Update if you’ve got a USB stick, external hard drive or SD card plugged into your computer, Microsoft has said. It’s taking this measure to prevent drive letters being “inappropriately reassigned” during the installation. It gave the example of a USB stick assigned the drive G being moved to H as a result of the update. Microsoft said some users will see the message ‘This PC can’t be upgraded to Windows 10’ (see screenshot) if they try to install the update with storage attached. Its advice is to unplug the USB stick or SD card and restart the installation, though a proper fix will be released in a later update.…

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free digital skills for millions to boost job prospects

All adults in the UK will be entitled to free ‘digital skills’ lessons from 2020 as part of a Government drive to increase the job prospects of millions of people. The lessons, available to adults aged 19 and over, will teach essential digital skills, such as sending emails, making online payments, completing online forms and using a tablet. They will meet standards set by independent exams regulator Ofqual, the Government said. Research from Lloyds Bank shows that 90 per cent of jobs over the next 20 years will require such knowledge, though currently 4.3 million people in the UK – one in five – have no basic digital skills. Separate research from analysts Gartner suggests 70 per cent of employees lack the skills they need in their current job. The Government claims that…

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disable ie to stay safe (even if you don’t use it)

Computer users have been urged to turn off Internet Explorer (IE) after the discovery of a flaw that leaves them open to attack even if they use another browser like Chrome or Firefox. Security researcher John Page revealed a flaw in how IE opens MHT files, which is the format the browser uses to save web pages. It means you’re at risk if you have IE installed on your computer, regardless of whether you ever use it. Opening a MHT file emailed to you by a hacker gives them access to your PC, letting them spy on you. Page said he notified Microsoft about the flaw on 27 March, then decided to go public with it two weeks later when the company told him it wouldn’t release an emergency fix for it, and…