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Every morning, when I turn on my PC, I instinctively click the Chrome icon on my desktop and start browsing. It’s only when every web page I open is smothered by adverts that I remember how much I prefer browsing the web in Brave. No ads, no pop-ups, pages load faster. I normally switch to it and stay there all day. I’ve got too many Google accounts to stop using Chrome completely, while Edge is much better than it was a few years ago. However, while they remain the world’s biggest browsers (for Windows at least), they’re far from the best. I’m not one for saying that you should always avoid the most popular product in a category – in my view no operating system comes close to Windows – but it’s…

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pc makers reveal which devices will run windows 11

Computer manufacturers have confirmed which of its PCs and laptops will be able to run Windows 11, following confusion over Microsoft’s hardware requirements for the operating system. They include models from many of the world’s best-selling ranges, including Dell’s Inspiron and XPS (pictured), and Asus’s ZenBook and VivoBook. Windows 10 users have been questioning whether their computer will be able to run its successor after Microsoft said that only machines with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on the processor or motherboard will be compatible. It has revealed other hardware requirements (see, including 4GB of RAM, a 64GB hard drive or SSD, and a graphics card that supports DirectX 12. Microsoft has also revealed which Intel ( and AMD ( processors you’ll need. But it was forced to remove its PC Health Check tool…

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what we think

Forget Microsoft’s failed attempt at explaining whether your PC can run Windows 11, or digging into your hardware to check. For now, these manufacturer lists are as definitive as you’re going to get. But Microsoft might still tweak some of its requirements to make more (older) computers compatible. Whatever you do, don’t buy a new computer yet just because your existing one can’t run Windows 11. As we’ll explain in the coming months, you may be able to upgrade your machine- or you may just not need Windows 11 at all.…

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bt ‘phases out’ 3g – time to ditch your old phone?

Thousands of people using old phones will be forced to buy a new model after BT announced it will switch off its 3G signal in 2023 – becoming the first UK network to do so. The company said customers on the EE, Plusnet and BT brands would be “phased off” 3G, adding that it now represents only two per cent of data sent. The move will free up spectrum to help BT extend its 4G and 5G connections. It aims to add 4,500 square miles of rural 4G coverage by 2025, so customers who can currently get only 3G aren’t excluded. Anyone using 3G would be offered “an attractive deal” to upgrade, a BT spokesman said. It also hopes to grow its 5G network “to cover half of the UK population by early…

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audacity insists it doesn’t spy on you

Audacity has denied that its new privacy policy gives the software permission to spy on how you use it. Worried fans of the audioediting software criticised Audacity’s owners Muse Group for changing its terms and conditions so Audacity can collect “very limited data” about users. It may share this data with staff members, law-enforcement and government agencies, and “legal representatives of the company”. The policy also allows the company to “occasionally” share user data with its headquarters in Russia. However, this data doesn’t contain information such as names or contact details that could identify a person. An account profile isn’t required, and IP addresses will be encrypted. Audacity said it had to update its policy because tools being added to the next version (3.03) require access to the data. Daniel Ray, Muse Group’s head of…

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in brief

MICROSOFT LAUNCHES ‘ONLINE WINDOWS’ Microsoft has launched Windows 365 (, a ‘Cloud PC’ service that lets subscribers access their Windows desktop online from any other device, including tablets and Apple Macs. It’s being offered to businesses first, for workers to access their “personalised apps, content, and settings” wherever they are. The company hasn’t said whether it will launch a version for home users. REMOVE APPS STEALING FB PASSWORDS Google has removed nine phone and tablet apps that have been stealing Facebook passwords. The apps, which have been downloaded over 5.8 million times from the Google Play Store, include tools for editing photos and wiping junk from your device. They were spotted by security firm Dr Web – visit its site for the full list: If you’ve installed any, you should remove them…