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Here’s a prediction: Windows 11 will finally break the Microsoft curse that sees a good operating system (98, XP, 7) followed by a bad one (ME, Vista, 8). It gets the balance right between keeping what works in Windows 10, ditching what doesn’t, and adding new tools to improve the whole experience. But will it prove popular? Millions of people believed Microsoft when it said Windows 10 would be the last ever version, and will want to stick with it for as long as possible. I can’t blame them – Windows 10 is excellent. Part of Microsoft’s strategy will be to let Windows 10 wither and die. Support might remain until 2025, but don’t expect new tools or major updates. For that, you’ll need to read our Cover Feature, which explains how…

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fake versions of windows 11 come with malware

Security experts have warned that scammers are tricking people into downloading fake versions of Windows 11, which are riddled with malware, adverts and tools that steal your passwords. Researchers at Kaspersky said that thousands of computers have already been infected after people searched online for ways to download Microsoft’s new operating system. Some victims have downloaded 1.75GB files that when launched show what appear to be genuine instructions for installing it. But a closer look shows that the file contains “additional offers from our sponsors” (see screenshot 1) – in other words, unwanted programs that have nothing to do with Windows 11. Clicking ‘Next’ and agreeing to the installation secretly downloads adware on your computer, peppering your screen with annoying adverts for useless software 2 Kaspersky said that some antivirus programs wouldn’t identify these…

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what we think

It’s always risky to type ‘How to download…’ into Google, because scammers will never stop creating websites offering fake versions of popular programs (and those that have been ‘cracked’ – see page 11). It’s safer to type the URL for the download page into your browser. Within seconds of Microsoft announcing Windows 11, scammers would’ve started devising ways to exploit people’s interest. The attempts spotted by Kaspersky are crude, but will be followed by more sophisticated attacks over the next few months. We’ll do our best to protect you.…

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android users could get £50 in legal action against google

Nearly 20 million UK Android users could each receive £50 compensation if a mass legal action against Google is successful. The case, led by the former head of Citizens Advice consumer policy Liz Coll, claims that Google overcharged customers using its apps and services by £920m. It argues that the 30 per cent cut Google takes from digital purchases on its app store amounts to an “unlawful and unearned tax, imposed on ordinary people without justification”. Developers are forced to pass this cost on to consumers, it alleges, making prices higher than they would otherwise be. It also argues that because Google includes the Play Store with phones and tablets, customers have little alternative but to pay these charges – and therefore breaches UK and EU competition laws. Coll said that customers are “herded”…

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virgin to make entire network gigabit by 2028

Virgin Media plans to upgrade its entire UK broadband network to gigabit (1Gbps) full-fibre by 2028, as it takes on BT’s dominance of the market. The company, which merged with O2 earlier this year, wants to connect 14.3 million premises to Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband. It will install fibre inside tunnels used by its cable network, building upon the 1.2m homes already connected to full-fibre through the company’s Project Lightning. This will give it more opportunity to offer network access to other providers, such as Sky, Vodafone and TalkTalk, who currently use Openreach’s cables. Virgin boss Lutz Schuler said: “This major new fibre upgrade programme will see us begin the next evolution of our network, building on the investment, firepower and leadership we already have and ensuring we’re fibre fit for the future”. Broadband providers have…

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in brief

FLIGHT SIM 2020 GETS HUGE UPDATE Microsoft Flight Simulator ( has had its biggest ever update, increasing frame rates to make flying feel even more realistic while using fewer PC resources. Its developers have also confirmed they’re planning to add helicopters in 2022. OLD KINDLES STOP WORKING IN THE US Amazon has said that some older Kindles in the US that use 3G rather than Wi-Fi will soon no longer be able to connect to the internet to download books. It comes as networks around the world start switching off their 3G signals. Amazon hasn’t contacted UK users, but BT has already announced it’s axing 3G in 2023 (see Issue 611, page 7). See which Kindles are affected at…