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from the editor

Before the long hot summer of 2007, the hashtag was a solitary figure on the computer keyboard. Fingertips did not caress it in the way they did more familiar symbols, like the exotic ampersand or the much-loved exclamation mark. Neither did eyeballs linger lovingly over it. On the rare occasion anyone stopped to give it any thought, it was only to wonder what this odd little sign stood for, crammed as it was over the number 3. It looked so out of place, so alone… such an afterthought. In August 2007, however, that all changed. “How do you feel about using # for groups?” asked a young product designer called Chris Messina on Twitter. The rest, as they say, is history. Literally. Because that is what the quiet, unprepossessing hashtag has…

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say it. shop it.

Got repetitive strain injury from constantly refreshing your online-shopping basket? Your browsing habits are about to get a serious upgrade, thanks to the advent of voice shopping. ASOS and Argos are already on board – just say “Hey Google, talk to [insert shop here]” into your Google Assistant device to chat through your wish list with each store’s virtual employee. If it’s food shopping you’re looking to streamline, you can use Amazon Alexa’s Skills function to order samples, ask about deals and throw ad-hoc products into your deliveries. Other shopping giants are set to follow suit soon, and the industry is predicted to be worth around £30 billion by 2022.* Word of warning: steer clear while intoxicated, unless you’re up for bankrupting yourself with a lifetime supply of silicone spatulas.…

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see you at...

JUNE START Book Now Tree, Manchester What is it? From Idris Elba (Luther) and Kwame Kwei- Armah (artistic director of London’s Young Vic theatre) comes a new stage show set in contemporary South Africa. Expect music, dance and film footage. From 29th June. Insider tip: Stream the soundtrack Idris Elba Presents Mi Mandela now. Mif.co.uk Book Now Catfest, London What is it? From cat-themed cocktails to “cat lit” books, this festival on 29th June celebrates all things feline. Anyone for a Mancattan? Insider tip: Stroke kittens at the Meow Parlour adoption lounge. Catfest london.com Opens May The Little Yellow Door, London What is it? A supper-club-cum-house-party, based on a fictional flat-share. Expect home-cooked food, mismatched furniture and boardgames. Arguments about the purchasing of communal toilet paper optional. Insider tip: Ask for Kill Bill. Not an unpopular flatmate, but an Earl-Grey-infused-gin…

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pair offs

BATTLE OF THE BIZARRE Combo: Robert Pattinson, of pointy teeth and glittery skin fame, stars alongside Hey Ya!-ing André Benjamin (AKA Outkast’s André 3000) in High Life. What’s the story? It’s about a crew of death-row inmates onboard a spaceship hurtling towards a black hole. (Naturally.) Why it works: Well, it’s certainly memorable; once seen, the blood-sucking-Outkast-mash-up cannot be unseen. Who steals the show? Pattinson has a bigger part, sure, he’s Pattinson, but it’s Benjamin who’ll leave you wanting more. HEAD-TO-HEAD HORROR Combo: Juliette Lewis (from your local moshpit) and Octavia Spencer (from Hidden Figures) star together in Ma. What’s the story? In a strange turn of events, crowd-surfing Juliette plays mum to lead character Maggie, while Octavia plays a lonely, murderous woman named Ma. Why it works: It’s a horror film, so the weird pairing is the…

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novel ideas

The Faux Memoir Daisy Jones & The Six WHAT IT’S ABOUT: The break-up of a (fictional) ’70s rock group. THE AUTHOR: Taylor Jenkins Reid – a huge Fleetwood Mac fan (the story’s loosely inspired by the band). HOW IT’S WRITTEN: A tell-all celebrity memoir. The story unfolds through interviews with the group years after their split. WHY IT WORKS: The band members’ conflicting viewpoints on what really happened back in their heyday are both hilarious and heartbreaking. DON’T SAY: When can I stream the album? The Parallel Universe Louis & Louise WHAT IT’S ABOUT: The parallel alter egos of the same person – one male, one female – and their return home to a small American town. THE AUTHOR: English-teacher-turned-novelist Julie Cohen. HOW IT’S WRITTEN: A carousel of realities: Louis, Louise and “Lou” take over alternate chapters. WHY IT WORKS: It shows…

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superstar poets society

DRILL GEORGE THE POET, 28 Cheat sheet: He grew up on a London council estate, then read politics at Cambridge. He’s also a pal of Prince Harry’s. Inspiration: Nas and Dizzee Rascal for music, Maya Angelou for poetry. Recite this: “Before we hated people, we were all created equal.” (My City) Stream: Follow The Leader. Read: Search Party, about London life. Gigs: He’s played at Wireless and T In The Park, so expect some festivals. Till then, listen to Have You Heard George’s Podcast? Iamgeorgethepoet.co.uk ELECTRO KATE TEMPEST, 33 Cheat sheet: Brit-School graduate who tours with her band. Has had two albums nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Inspiration: James Joyce and William Blake, as well as Wu-Tang Clan for music. Recite this: “Here’s me outside the palace of me.” (Europe Is Lost) Stream: Let Them Eat Chaos. Read: Hold Your Own. Gigs: Larmer Tree Festival,…