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Change is the only constant. So wrote a Greek philosopher at a time when summers lasted months, not weeks, and wearing a bed sheet and flower crown to work was acceptable. He was talking about the natural world. But magazines, too, can change and remain a steady companion, all at the same time. The astute among you will notice, for example, that this very page is a little bit different. In the issues that follow, you may find more surprises, each bloom more bright and powerful than the last. This month, we’re talking about the change in season. High summer brings a shift in the way we think, shop, eat and behave. Everything is heightened, like someone has washed the world around us in a “Valencia” filter and cranked up the…

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meet robo van gogh

Move over, Alexa; android art is having a moment. Ben Snell’s sculpture Dio, made by an algorithm analysing 1,000 classical sculptures, sold for over £5,000 in April, while AI-generated Portrait Of Edmond Belamy was snapped up at auction last year for £337,000. Scientists at Oxford University have now developed a humanoid robot, called Ai-Da (naturally), which draws portraits from what it “sees” via its in-built camera. Inspired? Try the Barbican’s AI: More Than Human exhibition (on till 26th August), which showcases works including a film of 100,000 computer-generated tulip photos. Then take on the ’bots using GauGAN, an app that transforms blobs and shapes into detailed landscapes. *Googles nearest auction house*…

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see you at...

START Book Now Stepback! 90s vs 00s, UK tour What is it? This nationwide arena tour, kicking off in October, stars all the bands whose posters adorned your walls in the ’90s and ’00s. Atomic Kitten, East 17, 5ive, B*Witched and, wait for it, Blazin’ Squad (Marcel included) belt out the classics and rehash their dance routines. Obsessed. Stepback concerts.co.uk On Now Tom Kerridge Presents Pub In The Park, UK tour What is it? Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge takes his pop-up pub on tour until September, combining the joy of sipping a cold lager in a beer garden with food by Michelin-starred chefs and music from Clean Bandit, Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs. No more sloppy festival burgers. Grub fiends, rejoice. Pubintheparkuk.com On Now Shit-Faced Shakespeare, UK tour (various plays) What is it? Turning everything you thought you knew about Shakespearean tragedy…

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the fright club

THE DEAD DON’T DIE IN BRIEF: The breakout of a zombie virus sends Adam Driver and Chloë Sevigny hunting for answers and survival. Cool Shaun Of The Dead vibes, but not one to watch alone at night. NIGHTMARE TRIGGER WARNING: That moment when a hot summer hook-up turns into a full-on zombie attack. Ooh, nuzzling my neck? Oh no, just gnawing on my trachea. BUT WILL IT RUIN MY SUMMER? Sunbathing in the garden to nail that tan? You might as well baste and season yourself, too. YOU’LL WANT TO AVOID: Everything. There’s a reason why the undead are a conspiracy theorist’s favourite; prepare to never leave the house again. SCREAM SCORE: 3/10 ANNABELLE COMES HOME IN BRIEF: Professional demonologists try to contain creepy-AF doll Annabelle from wreaking havoc by locking her in a “safe” place. Obviously,…

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the hoedown showdown

KACEY MUSGRAVES WHO? Self-declared “gateway drug” for would-be country music fans, she is the genre’s rebellious younger sister, and the first female solo artist to win Best Country Album at the Grammys, not once but twice. THE LOOK: Anything with a touch of retro (we’re talking crochet, sequins and dupes of Cher’s iconic ’70s wardrobe) or a frothy gown. See: Musgraves’ pink tulle Giambattista Valli dress at the Oscars (left). IN THE CROWD: She bossed it at Coachella this year and counts Willie Nelson and Katy Perry as fans. It’s easier to say who isn’t in her gang. SING ALONG TO… High Horse, a disco-infused track with a galloping hook that’ll be stuck in your head all afternoon. FOR FANS OF: Miranda Lambert (right), Taylor Swift and Ashley Monroe. PEAK COUNTRY LYRIC: “When a horse wants…

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jet-set reads

You're going to... JAPAN Or... the ramen joint round the corner THE WOMAN IN THE WHITE KIMONO The blurb: Naoko, a 17-year-old in post-war Japan, gets pregnant by an American sailor and is thrown out by her parents. Years later, her US-raised daughter comes to find her family. Expect a poignant tale of culture clashes across generations. Where it’s set: On the outskirts of Tokyo. It features an orphanage that’s based on a real children’s home created by Miki Sawada, the Mitsubishi heiress. The author: Former creative director Ana Johns. Her first novel, it’s inspired by her American sailor father. You’re going to... GREECE Or... your bath (for a long soak) THE MOST DIFFICULT THING The blurb: Everyone thinks Anna is a glossy magazine journalist… but she’s actually a spy. And as well as looking after her children, she’s…