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one quick thing

It’s Fashion Week as we finish the last pages of this issue, which, as you can guess, is a totally chaotic and thrilling time. (That’s especially true for my managing editor, who’s currently trying to locate me because I’m way overdue to turn in this text!) While I’ve worked at women’s magazines my whole career, it’s only in the past few years that I’ve started going to NYFW shows, and I have to tell you: I don’t think I’ll ever not feel like the new girl. Maybe because I’m still so dazzled by it all. Sure, we editors love to bitch about how hard it is to get work done when we’re running around New York City going to fashion shows all day…but we’re running around New York City going…

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6 #nyfw things you saw on instagram, explained

1. COSTUME CHANGES To get max #Content, Danielle Bernstein of @WeWoreWhat changed clothes three times in one day… before lunch. 2. TEXTING AND THRIVING Almost everyone outside a show is on their phone. Are they doing it to seem cool? No, they’re all just trying to find their Ubers! 3. LOOKING HAUTE I’ve noticed that the go-to trick for getting the attention of street-style photogs is a bold coat. What you wear underneath doesn’t matter. 4. LOOKING COOL Guys, it was literally 28 degrees this day. 5. MODEL WALK Instagram: I hoofed it here in these heels. Real life: Car is just out of frame. 6. OMG NO ONE IS SAFE Hi, it’s me, getting snapped because I followed rule number three. Where am I headed? Straight home to take a nap!…

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what your mascara face says about your love life

YOU BLINK A LOT If you literally can’t keep your lids still, it suggests you’re wary of more than an accidental jab to the eye, says body-language expert Lillian Glass, PhD. You may bail when things get too serious because you think the closer your bond gets, the worse the split is bound to be. YOU PUCKER UP Do you make a kissy face while you swipe? Then you’re all about keeping up appearances. “You’re very focused on your aesthetic,” says Glass. Constantly posting annoyingly cute couple pics with mushy captions too? We see you. YOU STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE Unforch, this look can symbolize aggression toward yourself, says Glass. So when it comes to dating, you tend to fall for unreliable types more often than you’d like—and immediately regret that right swipe. YOU OPEN YOUR…

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dms from hell

Hey I’d pay to be humiliated by you “Because girls have to start the conversation on Bumble, I always send this funny GIF from Broad City that says “How you doin’?” to break the ice. I have literally no idea where his answer came from. There’s nothing in my profile to indicate I’d want to be messaged like that and nothing in his profile that indicated he’d say something like that. Glad I can finally ‘humiliate’ him for free by publishing this in a magazine!” —LAURA C., 25 If your left leg is Thanksgiving and your right leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays? “I deleted Tinder for a while because I kept getting creepy messages, but then I decided to try it again. Right away, I swiped right on this guy…

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which group-text stereotype are you?

1. At any given moment, what’s your notification sitch? A Zero. I’ll take any op to ignore the things I should be doing. B None, because the past 10 messages are from me.;) C I disabled notifications a long time ago. 2. What gets the fastest response from you? A Any text ripe for a Kim K. ugly-cry GIF. B When anybody is left on read for more than five mins. C Someone sending a 1:1 text to make sure I’m alive. 3. What’s most likely to stress you out about your group chat? A No one gets my Mean Girls reference. (To be fair, it was from the DVD bonus.) B Thirty-minute silence after my “What’s everyone doing tonight?” text. C Someone else leaving the chat. I wonder what freedom feels like. 4. What do you rely on the group text…

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choose your own ghosting adventure

START It’s Saturday night and you’re drinking with a Bumble buzzkill. They dramatically sigh aah after each sip, but it’s bearable. When it’s time to leave, you notice they’ve drawn a sad face where the tip goes on the receipt. The first red flag is flying high. What’s your move? 1 You’re confused but agree to post-drinks pizza. JUMP 1 SPACE 2 You excuse yourself to the bathroom, where you whisper “Time is money” into the mirror. JUMP 3 SPACES 3 You say “This is a no for me, dog” and GTFO. Bye. THE END! At the pizza joint, when you order pepperoni and Hawaiian slices, your date goes “Whoa, girl.” 1 You grit your teeth and mumble “I’ll text you” when they ask if you want to go out again. Second date, LOL. JUMP 3 SPACES 2 You pitylaugh. They’re…