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Cosmopolitan October 2019

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Famous for its upbeat style, Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today.

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sweet new digs

I used to be obsessed with decorating my room as a kid. Nerd that I was, that meant…a Renaissance-themed space complete with a chaise lounge (why?) and a sheepskin rug (I don’t know, it seemed like the right vibe to my 8-year-old brain). I’m here to tell you that I’ve become a monster and taken my decor obsession to the extreme, but how could that be a bad thing when the result is so cute! Behold, the new Cosmo HQ, which has officially gotten a full (non-Renaissance) makeover: chic marbled wallpaper, candy-themed art, and animal-print everything. Our office glow-up, pulled off by our digital creative director, Abby Silverman, has done wonders for our attitudes and our Instagram feeds. And hey, there’s even a sheepskin rug. We got all our fave decor…

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what your favorite dipping sauce says about your favorite kind of bad boy

Just as your Sun sign explains why you’re obsessed with The Container Store (hi, Virgos!), the sauce you slather on your pizza, fries, and nugs hides some bizarrely correct insight into the dudes you keep tangling with. (Sorry, I’m about to ruin ranch for you.) THE SAUCE KETCHUP THE BOY Welcome to the basic club. He pretends he knows what he’s doing in the bedroom, like all guys, really, but this is the bro who mixes up your vagina and your back door because he’s too “in demand” to care. 1 THE SAUCE BBQ THE BOY Say hello to the self-perceived gentleman who calls you baby, sweetheart, and girl. He even compliments your hair on its fifth day of dry shampoo! Sadly, he’s doing the same for the five other unsaved numbers he’s texting. Womp. 2 THE…

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how to tell if you’re secretly 80 years old on the inside

1 TO 14 POINTS Your youth energy is off the charts IG Stories curation is on your résumé, you’d risk exhaustion before turning down an invite to the club, and you’ve mastered the art of being hungover at work. We’d warn you about burnout, but you’re most likely a crisp already. 15 TO 34 POINTS You’re probs 25 to 34 at heart You’re adulting on the inside. Sure you have a hard bedtime, but you’ll occasionally make exceptions for a GNO (even when Domino’s and watching New Amsterdam are way more on your level). All. About. Balance. 35 TO 1,060 POINTS Your soul is collecting Social Security You may look cute and 22, but on the inside, you’re one 11:30 a.m. lunch away from 85. But you don’t have to wait until you’re getting grays to enjoy staying…

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the “welpness” survey

Be honest, pls: Are we obsessed with drinking water yet? And how do you feel about matcha? 37% Green baked goods are mad suspicious. Count me out. 41% Love an iced green-tea latte. Everything else tastes like dirt. Bleh. Are you buying all the crystals? 17% Ofc. Blue sapphire increases awareness. You’d know that if you had one. 33% Sure. I’m skeptical, but my dating life requires as much help as possible. 50% Do my BaubleBar earrings count or nah? What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in the name of health? 46% Sometimes, at Chipotle, I ask for brown rice instead of white. 48% I get massages at a nail salon. They’re fine. 6% A wellness retreat in Tulum. And I 10/10 recommend kombucha and dragging your hungover butt to yoga. True or false: You’ve “detoxed” before. Rose-quartz rollers are… OH HEY! Wanna weigh…

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the way you put on your bra seriously says so much about you

1. You put your arms through before clasping it in the back… You’re a ninja at work, getting shit done without trash-talking your office nemesis. Sure, you’ve got opinions, but you prefer a subtler subtweet style. #ClassyBetch 2. You clasp it in the back, then put your arms through… High-key dependable and nurturing—you’re like the human version of your parents’ cable log-on and an SPF moisturizer combined. We don’t know you, but we’d date you and let ya meet our dog children. 3. You clasp it, then STEP INTO IT… First of all: What?! Secondly, even though your bra routine is maybe the most extra thing ever, you avoid a red lip, thirst trapping, and anything else that draws attention. Your casual personality makes you a delight to be around, and we’re pretty sure the…

3 min.
you vs. a truly awful halloween party: can you survive?

START It’s the night you’ve been looking forward to since legit July 1. You’re dressed as a Royal Wedding Meghan Markle (doesn’t matter that it happened last year, you’re royalty), but as soon as you walk into the room, you see your best friend’s friend (who you hate) wearing the same thing. You… A. Stay as far away from her as possible. Like, practically on the front lawn. JUMP TO 1 B. Break the ice with, “Hey, which one of us gets Harry?!” JUMP TO 2 C. Literally leave. It’s over. Canceled. THE END 1 At the drinks table, you see a guy you went on two awful dates with. He makes a joke about being your real prince (because you’re dressed as Meghan and he’s dressed as Prince—like, Purple Rain Prince). You dodge him by… A. Asking if…