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Cosmopolitan November 2019

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Famous for its upbeat style, Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today.

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conspiracy theory: the kardashians and the royal family are exactly the same

As you know, these two fams have lots in common: They’re both blessed to be friends with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Meghan and the Kardashians have kinda, sorta had the same boss (Suits and KUWTK are owned by NBC Universal). They’re both run by powerful matriarchs. They’ve attended parties together. But this goes deeper than famous people doing the same famous people stuff. Could these dynasties actually be secret mirror images of each other? We’re here with the evidence. MOST LEGIT MEGHAN, KIM, WILLIAM, and KATE were all born freakishly close together. Both PRINCE HARRY and KIM became more popular because of ~sexy scandals~. Harry’s nudes were leaked, and Kim had that sex-tape situation. The KAR-DASHIANS went to Marymount High School in L.A., and MEGHAN went to Immaculate Heart. Those schools play each other in…

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the perfect book for every thanksgiving-dinner hellscape

Whether your personal nightmare is travel, gluten, or simply interacting with more than two human beings at once, there’s something not-so-fun for everyone this holiday. The solution: locking yourself in a room with a book based on the terribly specific shitshow you’ll be dealing with. Feel free to download the audio version and pop in headphones if you’re stuck without a door to slam at your cousin’s house. THE SITCH Everyone wants to know if you’re “seeing someone special” You have literally never been more single, but your fam’s still nagging you about marriage and grandchildren. YOUR READ Love at First Like, by Hannah Orenstein A jewelry-store owner accidentally ‘grams a diamond ring on that finger. Obv, she then fakes an engagement. THE SITCH Uncle Marty keeps babbling about politics Watching your relatives’ v questionable FB rants come to…

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what life is like after you’ve been on the bachelor

ELIMINATED NIGHT ONE (OUCH) Adrianne “Jane” Averbukh (5,065 followers*) Season: The Bachelor season 23 (Colton Underwood), Bachelor in Paradise season 6 What happened after: Basically nothing. “I’m the only girl from my season who’s not recognized.” What’s happening now: Still a social worker—the same job she had before playing the fame game. Real talk: “I think even Reality Steve mentioned me, like, ‘I can’t find the last girl; I can’t find her on Instagram,’ and he was, like, pissed.” Alex Dillon (8,135 followers) Season: The Bachelor season 23 What happened after: 15 minutes of fame. Almost literally. What’s happening now: Back to her 9-to-5 IT job! Real talk: “I wouldn’t even entertain any people who were looking to date me for superficial reasons or for anything that would enhance them or their career.” MADE IT TO A GROUP DATE Demi Burnett 1.3 million followers) Season: The…

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which hot blake lively alter ego is your alter ego?

START HERE You’re spending a lot of time with a new hot tie. What’s your next move? I not-so-subtly convince them to drop mad $$$ on a gift for me. Me? Dating? LOL. No. Define the relationship tragically early and push them away. You need a new jacket. What’s your first stop? The closest Nordstrom with my partner in crime. (Which is…my credit card.) Def going to DM this suuuper-cool vintage account I follow on IG. They’ll hook it up. That dusty thrift shop where everything smells like cats. Would you consider yourself a partier? Only if the conditions are literally ideal: perfect outfit, good weather, 100 percent phone battery. I mean, I enjoy a glass of wine sometimes. All the contacts in my phone are club promoters. Tonight, you’re going by a different name. How come? I’m blacklisted from Uber. It’s a long…

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who is this handsome person and where has he been all our lives?

ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES “People who trust themselves are simpler, and I’m drawn to that…people who don’t try too hard or overdo things. There’s something really appealing to me in what’s clean, simple, and present.” DO YOU EVEN GO HERE? So, you’re appearing in Holidate. What’s your fave rom-com? “I’d say my favorite rom-com is Holidate!” Absolutely not. You can’t name your own movie. “One movie I dug was Late Night. I thought it was terrific.” Still not really a rom-com, but fine, we’ll let it slide. ROMANCE OVERLOAD “My wife is a lover of Bollywood. I reenacted a scene from her favorite movie of all time, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and that’s how I proposed. In the scene, there’s this gazebo and it’s raining. I had my cousin hiding in a bush filming it. He put…

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what your favorite cheesy holiday movies say about you

’Tis the season, people, and you know what that means: snuggling up with some red-wine hot cocoa to watch a delightfully fluffy film with the same exact plot as 12,300 other snow-centric rom-coms. And loving every second of it because it’s the happiest time of year, dammit, and you will feel joy! Lifetime now has 28 new holiday flicks, and Hallmark is countering with a whopping 40 options. But before diving reindeer-sweater-first into these fresh crowd-pleasers, check out what your go-tos—the movies (or types of movies) you’ve seen a hundred times—reveal. IF YOU CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF … A character who hates Christmas You were that kid who casually told people Santa doesn’t exist. But under your extra-cynical exterior is a person who *needs* some jolts of holiday cheer. A royal angle TBH, you’re probs…