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Cosmopolitan December 2019/January 2020

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we asked some psychics what’s going to happen to these’ships in 2020

JUSTIN BIEBER & HAILEY BALDWIN Eeep. Psychic Jayne Wallace predicts the newlyweds will have some *shit* to work through. HB protects Biebs, but it’s often one-sided, so she’ll be feeling emotionally stunted, anxious, and lonely. Without a lot of trust between them, they’ll be in couples counseling before the year’s over…but they won’t break up! Special thanks to the three famous visionaries—Chris Medina, Thomas John, and Jayne Wallace—who gave us these predictions, so we don’t get too invested in a pair that’s just going to split with no regard for our well-being whatsoever. TRAVIS SCOTT & KYLIE JENNER Kylie will be all about passionate, loving vibes in 2020, says Wallace. She’s definitely not done with Travis, but she’ll be looking for more from him, especially when it comes to moral support while running her…

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victoria pedretti is about to make you way cooler

Wanna watch You S2 together? (Like, virtually?) Hit up Cosmopolitan.com/you-watch-party for a brand-new binge experience created by Cosmo and Google News Lab, serving up BTS scoop right on your phone while the show plays. Because we know you’ll be on your phone crying! right before she got her very first acting gig—a role in insta hit The Haunting of Hill House—Victoria Pedretti had just burned through the last of her post-college cash. After graduation, she’d decided to give the whole actress thing a try. But months later, there was no Jennifer-Aniston-in-Friends big break, and she was ready to accept the fact that she needed a regular ol’ day job. Keep this extremely relatable anecdote in mind while you watch her play insanely rich L.A. girl Love Quinn in You’s second season. (Yep,…

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a millennial woman’s star wars explainer

Now is the perfect, actually exciting, no-one-is-too-cool-for-it time to jump into the Star Wars convo you’ve been ignoring all these years. The final-ish movie, Star Wars: Episode IX–The Rise of Skywalker, is out December 20 and stars Adam Driver as a tall, terrifying villain. Don’t be scared—he’ll kill you softly. Here’s what to know. These are space fantasies, plain and simple. (Reminder: The GoT you love is a fantasy too.) Most of the main players are humans, but there are also tons of aliens—some are adorbs, some are funny, some will kill you. The plot of all nine movies is: good vs. evil. Even if you fall asleep, you can still follow along! Notice how all the Star Wars titles start with “Episode”? You should watch Episode IV first. This was the…

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Droid A robot that stores tons of info, like a walking cloud. Some speak English and can be your BFF, and others just say “beep” and “boop.” The Force A mysterious, kinda woo-woo energy in the universe. A group called the Jedi uses the Force for good. But obvs, there are a bunch of villains who want to use it for evil. Lightsaber A sword with a luminescent, humming energy blade that doubles as a shade detector. His lights up green? He is pure, like a Jonas brother. Red? He’s basically Ted Bundy. Stormtrooper A soldier for the bad guys Yoda The wee and wise alien who taught all the best Jedi how to use the Force. Very Buddha, much zen. R2-D2 AND C-3PO: LUCASFILM LTD/COURTESY DISNEY. KYLO REN: EVERETT COLLECTION. PRINCESS LEIA: PICTURELUX/THE HOLLYWOOD ARCHIVE/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO. HAN SOLO:…

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dear celebs, look how good my gifts for you are

Dear Lizzo, Just like you, Sasha Flute is a national treasure. Your prized instrument deserves a resting spot worthy of how much you love her…so I commissioned a custom case covered in diamonds, complete with a retinal-scan lock and voice recognition. Yes, it cost more than my car, but you are worth it, babe. Love, Moi My Meggy-Pegs, What you need rn is a quick beat to be someone else. Someone like…me. We’ll wish on a magic cookie, or some shit, for an old-fashioned switcheroo so you can hit your favorite NYC yoga spot without making headlines. And don’t worry: The Arch-man and I will FaceTime you every a.m. [Editors: If “I” miss a deadline, pls blame the duchess.] Bisous, Maddy-Mads Ari G, Nothing stresses you out like worrying something’s off with one of your rescue pups.…

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how to find celebrities in the wild

Listen, we here at Cosmo would never tell you to stalk a famous person. Don’t be weird. But there are ways to “accidentally” bump into a famous person, and we’re just gonna… casually…leave them here…and walk away.… Start your sleuthing online 1 TRACK FILMING SPOTS Follow On Location Vacations (@OLV) for real-time updates. 2 SEARCH TWITTER There’s always someone tweeting, “Just saw Halsey at the Sunset Blvd In-N-Out!” 3 CHECK FAN-ACCOUNT PICS Zoom in to spy J. Law’s secret gym or which hotels Zendaya books. Your best bet for an IRL run-in is in NYC or L.A. NEW YORK CITY • 9 a.m. Head to Brooklyn’s waterfront Domino Park, where Justin and Hailey Bieber have been known to hang. • 2 p.m. Grab a late lunch at Sant Ambroeus and maybe sit next to Liam Hemsworth. • 6 p.m. Chill in the lobby at the…