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Cosmopolitan February 2020

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ed letter

9 A.M. Real talk? I’m feeling all kinds of nervous, so for distraction, I listen to the My Favorite Murder podcast on my commute. 9:45 A.M. I have a few things to finish for my old job, including editing a story on cookies that I would one hundred percent eat as my last meal. 10:30 A.M. I watch the impeachment hearings (remember those?!) and Slack with other editors about WTF is even happening and what our plan is for the next presidential debate. I then drown myself in so much news I think my eyes might bleed. (They don’t.) (But they still might.) 1 P.M. I love a lunch meeting, and today’s is with deputy editor Rosa Heyman. We eat falafel and talk about how op-eds don’t always have to be serious. I pitch a flaming-hot wedding…

3 min.
soft bois are the best bois. here’s proof.

in Hollywood, there are two leading-guy archetypes rn: the quarterbacks and the soft bois. (Before you say something like, “That’s way too simple. There are definitely more kinds,” pls read all the way through this airtight case.) The quarterbacks are the famous men you could run up to full speed, do that Notebook-style leg-wrap-jump thing, and have absolutely no fear of falling. We’re talking the brothers Hemsworth, Jason Derulo, Charles Melton. Soft bois probably can’t hold you up (and they prefer intense, full-body, squeezy hugs anyway). They can whip up a poetic Insta caption in 30 seconds or less. They’ve read all the essential Jonathans: Franzen, Safran Foer, and Lethem. They’ll meet you at a bar wearing a logo-less hoodie that costs at least $1,500. Specimens include Lucas Hedges, the brothers Sprouse,…

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this game will prove if you have what it takes to survive a season of the bachelor

START Tits up, ladies! Here come the most dramatic introductions in TV history. Your first move out of the limo is to: A. Try to remember your “My name is Alexis, I came here from Texas, I make a dope-ass breakfast” rap-rhyme moment. JUMP TO 2 B. Say hi, squeeze his arm, say you’ll catch him inside…and hope he notices how good your butt looks in shiny silk. JUMP TO 3 C. Rock a head-to-toe unicorn getup and speak only in pig latin. SAY YOUR GOODBYES 2 You’re really vibing with the Bachelor (what’s his name again?) when a particularly camera-ready competitor asks if she can “steal him for a sec.” Got a game plan? A. Hover till she leaves, then say you feel bad for her and the UTI she’s been complaining about. JUMP TO 3 B. Kill her with kindness, but give him The…

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penn badgley made us the most intimate playlist ever

1. “My You character, Joe, carries a sadness with him when he sees something gorgeous—it’s what fuels his mania. I listen to this to get in touch with that—it’s achingly beautiful.” 2. “People talk about Joe like ‘He’s a stalker’ or ‘Oh, he’s a bad guy.’ But he’s a murderer! I need to get in touch with experiencing death, loss, and specifically homicide. I take that very seriously, and this song helps get me there.” 3. “When I want to feel amped, this is a phenomenal option.” 4. “Queen has always been good for cheering me up. This one has a desperate humor to it. Or…there is humor in its desperation.” 5. “This song was, like, the campaign of Gossip Girl season 1. They played it repeatedly while we were shooting the pilot. Listening…

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fyi, there’s an archive of everything your favorite celeb has liked on twitter

A few weeks ago, as I was trolling Rihanna’s tweets instead of doing my actual job, I discovered the Likes tab, just chilling there in the navigation bar. Um, CLICK. There for my viewing pleasure was everything RiRi had ever hearted: an absolute gold mine of Parmesan memes, vids poking fun at her beauty line, earnest odes to Barbados. And suddenly, it felt like we were…friends? I’m now incredibly close with all my famous crushes—and I finally *get* their personalities. See for yourself. LIZZO THE SUBTEXT Lizzo is a straight-up conspiracy theorist, clearly on board with the idea that Travis Scott mayyybe had a side piece the entire time he was dating Kylie. TBH, now that it’s coming from the woman who wrote “Truth Hurts,” I’m a believer too. @Lizzo Liked That Bitch @HotGirlDegu Travis has…

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i called josh segarra after dark and it was very hard not to ask what he was wearing

Catching a couple of quick quotes from an actor on a red carpet? That’s cool, I guess. At Cosmo, we prefer to dial up our crushes afterhours, when they’re all alone and not even thinking about work… kind of like a phone date. Or, I mean, a totally professional, official, important interview. Which is how I found myself spending an intimate evening chatting with the hottie from the RuPaul drama AJ and the Queen (Josh is also the seriously toned corrections officer in Orange Is the New Black) about takeout, sweatpants, and his competitive edge. So where are you right now? I’m actually in a little outdoor alcove in my apartment in Montreal. I knew we’d be talking, so I wanted to sit back in the most relaxing part of my place. I love…