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Cosmopolitan April 2020

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Famous for its upbeat style, Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today.

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ed letter

Oh, hi, this is entertainment director Maxwell Losgar. While the rest of the Cosmo staff covers celebrities, Maxwell *hangs out* with them—it’s his job to get famous people into the magazine. Which, TBH, takes a big personality and a lot of work. But, like, really fun, really fancy work. Here’s a day in the life: 8 A.M. After two hours of hitting snooze, I’m finally in my apt building’s gym with my trainer. We are modifying almost every move bc I’m a stubborn Taurus who prefers snacking over sweating. 9:30 A.M. I sing to my cat, Scotch, before I head out the door. I know, cat people. But my husband and I travel a lot, so a dog just isn’t a reality. 10 A.M. I’m at a screening of Dakota Johnson’s new comedy opposite Tracee Ellis…

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you know celebss tage their own pap shots, right?

Let’s think back, for a moment, to simpler times. Times when celebs leaked their locations to photogs from their Black-Berrys. Pre-Instagram, an omg-I-didn’t-see-you-there pic was the only way to show off an “effortless” OOTD or a budding’ship. Now, stars can post anything at any time on their own feeds. So who needs the paps anymore? They do. Because some things (read: convincing #Relationship-Goals snaps) just hit differently when they’re “candid.” Basically, famous people still tip off the TMZs of the world to control their own narratives…without seeming like they’re trying to control their own narratives. It’s meta, it’s sneaky, and you’re too damn smart to fall for these setups. At least, now you are. When they need to hype a completely real, not-at-all-fake relationship So Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello happened to be…

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the bachelor might be over, but with this game, you can create the next one!

Close your eyes and picture the Bachelor. It doesn’t matter which one comes to mind because we’re all picturing the same thing—a tall, Objectively Cute Catch with very white teeth and hair that no number of make-outs can knock out of place. In fact, this kinda looks like him right here! Okay, it’s not, but we couldn’t help but have ourselves a little fun smooshing together these guys’ features. Just about every past Bach checks most of the boxes below, so go ahead and select your faves to predict the star of season 25. Hair □ A short cut with a hint of a curl that he perfected during his days as a contestant.□ Full of gel, a little crunchy to the touch, emphasizing those intense “I’m gonna marry you after knowing…

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the most oddly specific/genius celebrity fast-food orders we’ve ever heard

Fast food is always delicious, full stop (@ me, Whole30). It might also be the only thing I have in common with The Famouses, so yeah, Imma be copying their orders. These are the humans who don’t blink when dropping $64.78 at Wendy’s and never have to pull a “We have food at home.” They probably employ live-in chefs, so if they’re hitting a drive through, you know it’s for a *very* good reason. Bone apple tea, my friends. SHAY MITCHELL This classy-ass lady ordered her Domino’s pepperoni pizza in the shape of a heart. Would 10/10 copy for the ’gram alone. KIM KARDASHIAN WEST KKW makes her McD’s order fancy as fuck by dipping her chicken nuggets in honey. Obvi, there’s a small fry on the side. Suddenly my BBQ sauce feels sad…

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why we binge sh*tty reality tv when we’re depressed

At least I wasn’t dating someone who pretended to have cancer. in my mid-20s, I fell into a major emotional slump. It wasn’t capital-D depression, but I was feeling stalled at work and overwhelmed by adulting and spent most nights sculpting my butt imprint into my couch. The little energy I had I used to scroll through Roku to find something—anything!—to stream while playing Dots on my phone. To my rescue, oddly, came a lil franchise called The Real Housewives. Suddenly I was watching back-to-back episodes, obsessing over blowout fights in the Hamptons and abhorrent name-calling in Beverly Hills. The over-the-top-ness of their manufactured, rich-people probs was somehow exactly what I needed to wind down and put my own angst in perspective. No matter how crappy I felt—or how many hours I…

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owen teague is about to blow tf up, so we asked him some very intimate questions

He *also* checks all the boxes on our “soft-boi qualities we simply can’t resist” list: He’s sensitive, scene stealing, tall but not weirdly jacked, and as kind IRL as you’d hoped he would be. Or, at least, he’s damn sweet on the phone. And as I found out when I called him up one recent Friday night, he’s really good with his hands, in more ways than one (relax, everyone, I’m talking about cooking). All right, paint a picture for me. Where are you sitting right now? On my couch in a sublet apartment in Vancouver, where I’m filming. I’m next to the fireplace. Excuse me, a fireplace? Well, it’s not a real one. It does actually produce heat, but it’s less romantic than it sounds because it’s just a button on the wall. I’d…