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Cosmopolitan May 2020

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Famous for its upbeat style, Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Since its founding in 1886, Cosmopolitan has been reporting on modern social trends. Get Cosmopolitan digital magazine subscription today.

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ed letter

You might already know beauty assistant Ama Kwarteng from Cosmo’s YouTube channel, and you def already follow her genius skincare advice (whether you realize it or not), but have you *seen* a day in her product-packed, event-filled life? No. No, you have not. Edited by Jessica Pels (AKA me, the boss) 5:30 A.M. I admit it, I’m one of those people who wakes up at an ungodly hour to exercise. My main motivator: the $15 cancellation fee I’d have to pay if I missed my BodyRok strength-training class. I do not understand you people but I commend you 7:45 A.M. I listen to The Daily podcast from the New York Times as I get ready for work (does anyone else find Michael Barbaro’s voice ex-treme-ly calming?). We’re testing hundreds of products for our annual beauty awards—I…

2 min.
the normal person’s guide to the met gala

Hello and welcome to this rundown of everything we could dig up about the party so exclusive even Kim Kardashian couldn’t snag an invite until Kanye finally got Anna Wintour’s approval to bring her as his date. “The Oscars of fashion” is a Vogue-hosted museum fundraiser, sure, but it’s also a chance for ~600 of the world’s most beautiful people to one-up each other, make some trouble (heyyy, Dakota Johnson’s and Bella Hadid’s smoking selfies), or show off new boos. J.Lo and A-Rod, Nick and Priyanka, and Travis and Kylie all made their big couple debuts on the iconic Met steps. Here’s all that goes into the first Monday in May. The ~order of events~ Too-damn-early a.m. Entire day of glam begins. Most boldface names are a couple of blocks away at The…

2 min.
i didn’t want to have kids until baby yoda happened

the first time Baby Yoda waved his tiny magic hands onscreen, a friend immediately asked which camp I was in: “I would kill for Baby Yoda” or “I would die for Baby Yoda.” My answer: “I want to give birth to Baby Yoda.” I stand by that statement. Which is wild, because I famously do not want to have kids. It’s just not for me. Besides the obvious reasons ($$$$, poop, responsibility), I constantly think about an article I once read that said not having a child is the most effective way to cut your carbon footprint. Basically, it’s how I preemptively justify the many private planes I’d charter if I spontaneously became a billionaire. It’s my only defense if I ever meet Greta Thunberg. Except now, there was this lil green…

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jake picking

He’s got that high school quarterback vibe you hate to love (even though, ’scuse you, he actually played hockey). So I got him to take a break from his busy Hot Man Schedule of filming Top Gun: Maverick and Netflix’s Hollywood to embarrass himself, just a little. Tell me where you’re sitting right now. I’m actually at my parents’, making lasagna with my mom. Wait, that’s adorable. Do you like to cook even when your mom’s not involved? Yeah, I make a really good bowl of Frosted Flakes. Something we have in common! Let’s talk about your own apartment. Are you a laptop-in-bed kind of guy? TV on the dresser? Neither! I try to keep technology out of the bedroom, you know? Sure, I guess the bedroom is best for… sleeping. What does a date night in…

2 min.
tyra banks made the littiest playlist for your next pre-game

Songs to strike a pose to 1 Electricity BY SILK CITY AND DUALIPA 2 Trndsttr BY BLACK COAST 3 Hot Tot tie BY USHER 4 Doin’ It Right BY DAFT PUNK 5 7 Years BY JASMINE THOMPSON 6 Shining BY DJ KHALED WITH BEYONCÉ AND JAY-Z 7 #GETITRIGHT BY MILEY CYRUS 8 Easy BY ANNA WISE AND XAVIER OMÄR 9 In Common BY ALICIA KEYS 10 I’m Kissing You BY DES’REE BONUS TRACK! Plus one happy-cry jambc why not? 1. “A total turn-up song! It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating: a graduation, a marriage, just partying. This is absolutely what you should be playing. You can’t listen to it and not smile.” 2. “If you’re making your friend do an Instagram photo shoot for you, this is the perfect soundtrack.” 3. “Now, this is a beat to make you shake your booty and be the sexiest you can be.” 4. “Think sci-fi meets ‘hi-fi’ fashion. This…

2 min.
all the new serial killers getting the zac efron treatment

Okay, I get why Hollywood keeps casting objectively hot people to play murderers (you can check my math: hot people = more viewers = more money). But now, we have an outbreak of Normal Folks developing ~feelings~ for Terrible Men. Like, sure, Ted Bundy wooed victims with his charm and good looks, but did we really need to give him Zac’s six-pack too? Or cast the adorable Ross Lynch as a high school–age cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer? Or strikingly good-looking Zach Villa as American Horror Story’s Richard Ramirez? Here to further complicate our feels: a fresh class of unnecessarily sexy criminals characters, coming soon to a screen near you. as Dr. Death Remember when you listened to the Dr. Death podcast and didn’t sleep for months? No? Then how about a recap? Dr.…