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Australia's number 1 publisher of Art magazines has created the best Art magazine. This magazine brings the best of all types of art and explores the whole of the art world. Meet inspiring artists using all forms of mediums including drawing. Also each issue we will meet an amazing photographer who will provide a workshop so you can take great photos to enhance your art work. With regular features on how to set up the perfect studio and road test products. We will also visit galleries from all over the world and local exhibitions and art fairs.

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stay true to yourself

Where do you start when you’ve been asked to write an article in an art magazine about your passion and desire for art? Like most dedicated artists, I know it seems to start right from the beginning. At a very young age in fact! For me it was from the time I could get a grip on pencils or crayons, and I found myself forever doodling or drawing wherever my imagination could take me. And of course, art was my favourite subject throughout my school years – I was constantly present in the art room in high school – always drawn to working on whatever art project was happening at the time. I began seriously painting in watercolours at the age of 30, and was to work solely in this medium for…

4 min.
feels like summer

Step One I start by choosing what size image surface will best work from the photograph. In this case, I decided to go with oils, and I begin priming an 83cm x 83cm linen canvas. I give it several coats of deep ultra-pastel primer, as I want some added texture to the surface. I have chosen this background colour as it will unify the finished painting and add harmony to the overall look. I begin to sketch in the basic composition on the canvas with a light coloured pastel, looking for shapes and lines that will keep the viewer focused and areas that will lead the eye in. This is used for a guideline and will easily blend in with the oil paint. Step Two After selecting my palette, I begin with blocking…

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close-up photography

The aspect of close-up and personal can be achieved with both macro and zoom lenses, shooting an overall close-up or taking a section of a plant, animal, faces of pets and people or a pattern of movement from the natural or man-made environment, giving the viewer a different point of focus to a familiar environment and creating a greater appreciation of unfamiliar and familiar surrounds. Showing the close-up workings of hidden complicated mechanisms, especially within nature, that expresses the realisation that we are all connected to the universe and everything has a part to play for a healthy existence. It also creates intrigue and mystery to your picture, opening perplexing windows full of questions. Photographic references from this field can give your artwork detail authenticity that is scientifically correct against incorrect…

4 min.
newcastle art gallery

Nationally recognised for one of the finest collections in regional Australia, the Gallery holds more than 6,200 works of art, and the quality and breadth of its collection makes it a significant cultural asset for the city. The collection presents a comprehensive overview of Australian art from colonial times to the present day. In addition, the Gallery has a strong collection of Indigenous bark paintings, and one of the nation’s finest collections of 20th century Australian and Japanese ceramics. In recent years, the Gallery has also developed a bold collection of contemporary Australian art. One of the Gallery’s most loved paintings is ‘Summer at Carcoar’ by Brett Whiteley. Commissioned by Newcastle resident and collector Dr William Bowmore, this massive painting condenses all of Whiteley’s stylistic trademarks and influences. In 1978, Whiteley…

1 min.
black white & restive

Cross-cultural initiatives in Australian contemporary art Exhibition: 28 May to 7 August 2016 Entry: Free “BLACK WHITE & RESTIVE” is part of an ongoing national conversation that explores engagements between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists. The artists brought together here represent the diversity of approaches to cross-cultural art practice in works that span direct collaborations and more subtle, and at times controversial, forms of influence and exchange. The exhibition draws upon Newcastle Art Gallery’s collection of Hermannsburg watercolours and other modernist and postmodern paintings to contextualise cross-cultural currents in Australian contemporary art. The narrative begins with the creative relationship between Albert Namatjira and Rex Battarbee established in the 1930s and revisits 1980s appropriations as well as highlighting large-scale collaborations and formal dialogues from the mid-1990s through to 2015. Other artists from the collection include…

1 min.
kilgour prize 2016

Exhibition: 3 September to 13 November 2016 Entry: Free Newcastle Art Gallery offers a prestigious annual art prize for figurative and portrait painting, the Kilgour Prize, which awards $50,000 for the most outstanding example of contemporary Australian paintings in these Genres. Funded through the bequest of artist Jack Noel Kilgour, the Kilgour Prize is one of Australia’s major art prizes, which grows each year in both quality and quantity of entries. The winner of the “Kilgour Prize 2015” was Janelle Thomas for her painting ‘Helen Ross, 94 with Kirsty’. Jack Noel Kilgour (1900–1987) was an Australian artist well known for his academic approach to landscape and portrait painting. His contemporaries included Jean Bellette, William Dobell, Paul Haefliger, Eric Wilson and his wife Nancy Kilgour, with whom he established a strong artistic partnership. His works…