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Cross Country April 2017

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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I had an idea I wanted to share. I was driving, or rather being driven, through the outskirts of a city. Everything around me was built-up in that profit-driven, utilitarian way – boxy offices, even boxier flats. Everything in my field of vision represented somebody’s idea: cars, buildings, road, office blocks. Not all of them seemed like good ideas: cheap construction, too much plastic, ill-thought design. For a brief moment the road followed a river, and through the gaps in the buildings I could make out the quiet brown surface reflecting winter sunlight as it flowed along. I realised there was no idea to that river, no person’s poor thought or bad execution had gone into it: it just was. It was a natural thing, and it was for me then,…

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Julian Cisterna started flying in 2008, and spent several years following the Acro and Paragliding World Cup circuits. “My best flight was top-landing Mont Blanc … my worst was landing in the water with all my cameras. I lost everything. Good flights and better landings for everyone!” See p90 Ali Andrews is 31 and just retired after 13 years in the Royal Navy as a search and rescue pilot. He now has no excuses not to fly paragliders fulltime – so we shipped him off to Nepal at his expense to test fly a wing. His best claim to fame? “Training with Prince William, but he wouldn’t remember me!” See p106 Franck Simonnet was a passenger in a Cessna flying above the Amazon when he decided to learn to fly. His aircraft…

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in the core

Seiko Fukuoka Naville Seiko scored the second Paragliding World Cup Superfinal win of her career in January, with a closely-fought win over her nearest rival Nicole Fedele. She was flying an Ozone Zeno. It wasn’t all plain sailing for Seiko, who is the current FAI Women’s Paragliding World Champion – after a strong start she bombed on the second task, but then pulled it back to perform well for the rest of the comp. It all came down to the wire on the last day between her and Nicole, who was leading in the rankings. The tricky 90.85km task only saw two women make goal: Seiko was 13 minutes ahead of Nicole, giving her an 89-point lead in the task. That gave her the overall win by a mere 27 points. The…

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wind-blown in las candelas, spain

Every year Las Candelas kicks off the new European paramotoring season with a fiesta and trade show in southern Spain. This year however the weather didn’t quite play ball: Friday was flyable, but Saturday and Sunday were far too windy for most pilots. Only the best got into the air, including Ramón Morillas, Vicente Palermo, Nicolas Aubert and Manuel ‘Malaguita’ Tejeiro. On Monday and Tuesday though the air was full of pilots, which made the long journey worthwhile. The trade tent meanwhile did a brisk trade over the weekend, with lots of new toys on offer. Highlights included Airfer, who presented their new small, lightweight trike the Rocky. PAP said they had been working all year on reducing weight and how their machines feel on your back. That has meant working…

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nova mentor 5

The now classic Mentor series continues with the release of the new Mentor 5. Nova say the new wing is all about ‘accessible performance’, and promise an XC wing that will munch kilometres while keeping its pilot relaxed. They say glide and climb are both improved over the M4, but they have kept to a moderate aspect ratio of 5.4, and mostly sheathed lines. The wing uses a ‘semi-light’ design with three risers and 59 cells. S, M and L sizes have passed EN-B certification and will be available at the end of March. XXS and XS are in progress. nova.eu…

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sol atmus 2

Sol’s new EN-B Atmus is aimed at beginners and pilots moving up to the B class, with easy flying characteristics, good performance and high passive safety, say Sol. The wing features a sharknose design with three risers, and is a bit lighter than the original Atmus. It’s available in six sizes, for 65-140kg. Sol are using undyed fabric for the internal parts of their wings to reduce the amount of water used in their manufacture, but the external surfaces will remain coloured. Available in three colour schemes. solparagliders.com.br…