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Cross Country December 2017 - January 2018

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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Climb & Fly Peru Four Alpinists wanted to fly from Peru’s highest mountain. The wind on Huascáran (6,768 m) was too strong, even for the climb up. But they had plenty of other mountain adventures to report. #pi2 #strapless #climbandfly #cordillerablanca #peru Direttissima Switzerland Thomas Ulrich crossed Switzerland from west to east in a straight corridor, one km wide: a 330 km, 45,000 m height gain Hike, Climb & Fly. #pi2 #strapless #climbandfly #hikeandfly #direttissima Lake to Lake Adi Geisegger and his team connect six Caribbean-looking mountain lakes in Bavaria and Austria by air. A challenging 140 km triangle was the result. #epsilon8 #paramotor #photography #explore BZ’Alps 2017 Fly-Bivouac adventure along the Alps: Bänz Erb covered the 1,000 km from Nice to Ljubljana. In 36 days. Without outside help. #omegaxalps2 #bivouacflight #lightnessxalps2017 #bzalps The Peak Trilogy It was supposed to be a high-alpine…

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our biggest adventure

I was privileged to be invited to help present the Ozone Free Flight Session at the Kendal Mountain Festival, UK, in November. This international mountain sports festival brings together adventurers from all over the world to share their stories. In the afternoon seminar sessions I went around the room of about 30 pilots asking each one to tell me “their biggest adventure” in free flight. I wanted us all to see afresh how extraordinary our sports really are. Everyone had a brilliant story to tell. “Flying off the north side of Mont Blanc,” said one. “Flying up and above the cumulus clouds in wave,” said another. Judy Leden, former hang and paragliding world champion, said it was “at 41,000ft on a hang glider hanging from a balloon!” Two more: “Hauling gliders up…

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Charlie King is Cross Country’s news editor and regularly reviews hike-and-fly wings from her home in the south of France. Never happier than when trail-running with a tiny wing in her rucksack, her most ambitious project to date was to climb and fly from Kilimanjaro – her story starts on p58 Bruno Petroni is a Swiss pilot who lives “across the lake” from Advance’s HQ in Interlaken. Flying since 2012, his favourite flying spot is “in front of my doorstep – the Jungfrau”. Dive into his inspiring story mixing ski-touring and tandem flying in the high Alps on p86 Horacio Llorens said “I looked out at the young acro guys in front of me and thought, ‘How did I get from being on that side, to here?’” ‘Here’ is his role as…

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in the core

The 500 Club What a season in Brazil! A team of six Swiss and two Brazilian pilots went towing in the northeast, and came back with half a dozen 500km flights and a world record. Chrigel Maurer, Christian Erne, Adrian Seitz, Michael Sigel, Jan Sterren and Patrick von Känel from Switzerland and Leandro Padua and Vagner Campos from Brazil were the pilots. Andy Flühler and his Fly With Andy guiding service supplied the tow and ground support. The team headed further south and east than Quixadá and more inland than Tacima, the usual big-distance foot-launch sites, to a small airfield near the town of Caico. They then started to tow as soon as the sun was up. Leandro Padua (Gin Boomerang 11) broke the 500k mark first, flying 507km on 12 October.…

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corinna sets new women’s hg record

Corinna Schwiegershausen set a new women’s hang gliding world record on 5 November with a 407.8km, eight-hour flight from Tacima/Araruna in northeast Brazil. She also set a new women’s distance-to-goal record at 405.8km. Her route took her from Tacima/Araruna to Quixadá. The flight beat the previous Women’s distance record of 403.5km set by Kari Castle in Zapata, Texas in 2001. “I was in Brazil for a month,” Corinna said, “and the flight happened on the very last day it could have.” Her trip had been frustrating up until that point. “Every day there was something difficult. Either in retrieve, or access, or simply dealing with going low over the back at 7am. There are just no landings for the first 25km. It’s canyons in strong wind. And cactus everywhere.” She added: “I was…

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flow xcracer

Australian company Flow paragliders are currently putting their new cross-country racing machine through EN-D certification. It’s called the XCRacer, and is a true two-liner with an aspect ratio of 6.95. Flow’s Felipe Rezende is very confident in its abilities. He says its performance is “mind-blowing”, especially the climbing ability and glide. He came 5th in task 2 and 8th in task 4 (of 84 pilots) in the the 2017 Canungra Cup, flying against Enzos and Boomerangs. He says the company are looking forward to seeing XCRacers on the top of podiums! flowparagliders.com.au…