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Cross Country July 2017

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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fun in the sun

Free flying gives us a unique connection to what is important. More than simply being exciting or adventurous, it connects us directly to the forces of nature that drive life on Earth. It is like jumping into the sea with a mask on: suddenly you are a guest in a different world. To survive, to stay for longer than you should really be allowed to, you must learn to read the environment. Not by listening to beeps and watching a dot, but by really looking at what is going on, applying your knowledge, built up from flight after flight, and by feeling what is happening right then, in that instant. I was reminded of this on a tandem flight in early May. We had taken off from a beautiful launch but it…

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Steve Charles learnt to fly 10 years ago while in the French Alps, before basing himself in southern Spain. He’s done everything from working on organic farms to being an outdoor instructor. Now he can add ‘writer’ to that career list too. See if you see what he sees on p50 Gemma Briggs is a full-time critical care nurse based in Sheffield, England. A newly qualified pilot (“Seven hours and 52 minutes to be precise!”) she was on hand to take photos at the Gavin McClurg Masterclass in England in April. See those shots and read all about it on p52 Cody Tuttle is an outdoor sportsman and photographer who is always willing to “venture past the end of the trail”. An Adidas Outdoor Athlete he lives in Bishop, California – Owens…

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in the core

Luc Armant Ozone’s Luc Armant won the first task of the season’s first Paragliding World Cup in France in May. He was flying the brand new Ozone Enzo 3 – which he designed. He led the pack all the way on the 128km day. You can’t get better than that. www.pwca.org Alex Raymont Canada’s Alex Raymont flew a whacking great 340km across the flats of Alberta to set a new Canadian national record on 20 May. He was flying the EN-B GIN Explorer. The flight took him 8h 10min. After launching at 700m, base peaked at 3,500m. Peter Spear, flying an Ozone Alpina 2, also flew 307km. Alex’s take on the whole event? “Record!” Flatlands in France Guido Prestigiovanni and Martin Morlet flew 330km and 356km on 19 April. Taking off from Chamery, east of…

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flying in alpine wave at 5,600m

Jacques Bott had a great start to his season in the southern French Alps when he completed a flight in wave on his Swift Light that took him to 5,625m. Jacques, who flies from Aspres in the south of France, was on his first flight of the year. Taking off by aerotow at 11am on 20 April his weak-link broke in the turbulent NNW flow but he found a thermal and climbed out. The literal high point of the flight came over the Dormillouse, well known to many PG pilots, where he was already 3,800m high. “Leaving the Fort de Dormillouse the glide was very good,” he reported. “No strong sink as I had feared, and surprisingly the vario got better and better and started to sing in perfect smooth air.” Maintaining course…

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mini goose

TurboSoaring is Little Cloud s word for strong-wind soaring, often on coastal sites and dunes. They say you need some instruction and experience to stay safe, but it is so much fun! They have a page on their website dedicated to it, starring the recently-released MiniGoose V2 and the Baby Goose. The 13m MiniGoose has a more aggressive arch and a slightly lower aspect ratio (5.3) than the Goose, “to keep it under control!” It has sharp handling and a great glide, and is for advanced to expert pilots. The BabyGoose is just 10m , and for very experienced pilots. littlecloud.fr…

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icaro pandion

Icaro say new Pandion is a safe introduction to the EN-B class, and a comfortable and intuitive wing that’s capable of long-distance flights. It succeeds the Instint TE, and Icaro say the easy-to-understand feedback will help pilots learn active flying skills in safety, and to optimise thermal lift. The Pandion has a flat aspect ratio of 5.2, shorter lines than the Instinct TE, a sharknose and double-3D shaping. It will be available in five sizes, XS to XL, for all-up weights of 55-130kg. icaro-paragliders.com…