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Cross Country October 2017

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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the thrill of the new

There is always something new, that’s one of the good things about flying. Whether it’s something new to see or do, someone new to meet and talk to, or something new to fly, the world of free flight is constantly shifting and evolving. Distances get bigger, expectations expand, technology evolves, and with it the bubble of what we can do and demand from ourselves and our equipment continues to grow. We can float off and explore new pathways in our chosen sports, picking up lightweight kit to hike-and-fly, or packing on the ballast for speed. We can add a motor and learn to skim low, or pick up a sleeping bag and fly off into the mountains for the adventure of a lifetime. It’s engaging in all its forms. Serge Shakuto’s brilliantly…

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Serge Shakuto, 35, was born in Russia and now lives in Bali. An adventure sports photographer he started paragliding six years ago. ‘I feel much better in the air than on the ground!’ he says. A skydiver who also flies planes, he shot the cover and a Gallery image this issue. Find him at shakuto.com Antti Joensuu is a psychotherapist, climber and pilot. ‘Mental block is something I have treated with many athletes, and it seems like it is very common among hobby pilots. That’s why I wrote the article – I think it is a fresh professional opinion.’ Read his take on getting stuck on p52. Photo: Flyager.com Nico Assael is a French photographer who grew up and lives in St Hilaire du Touvet, the home of the Coupe Icare. He…

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in the core

PWCA The Paragliding World Cup has announced dates for the 2018 season. The first comp will be Bright, Australia (17-24 Feb), followed by: Castelo in Brazil (14-21 April); ‘Somewhere’ but definitely in Italy (23-30 June); Sopot in Bulgaria (18-25 August); Aksaray in Turkey (8-15 September). Superfinal dates to be announced later. pwca.org Yassen Triangles Yassen Savov flew a monster 350km straight-line flight from northeast Bulgaria, southwest to land on a beach in Greece on 4 August. A few days after his Mediterranean sojourn he was back in the air, flying a 225km FAI triangle around Sopot. Bulgaria was the place to be at the height of summer, with numerous +200km flights over 10 days in August. goo.gl/nzGx1S Atos Power Mark Haycraft continued his long campaign in the southern Alps, where he racked up two big…

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petr beneš scoops gold in brasilia

Petr Beneš from the Czech Republic won the the 21st FAI Hang Gliding World Championships in Brasilia, Brazil in August, the first World Championship win of his career. The 30-year-old pilot, who was flying an Aeros Combat 14, proved that consistency pays in competition, flying solidly throughout the two-week competition. “I would like to say thank you to my teammates who helped me win this world title,” he said afterwards, “[It was] a really fantastic event. Thank you very much. I am very happy with the result.” The competition saw nine tasks in 10 days, all over 100km long, with the longest at 135.1km on Task 4. Petr was in the Top 10 for seven of those nine tasks; he won one of them (Task 5, 132.7km), and was 13th and 27th in…

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bgd lynx

BGD are releasing a production version of the Lynx, the wing Claudio Heidel flew in the 2017 Red Bull X-Alps. Claudio’s wing was EN-D, but the production Lynx will be EN-C. It’s based on the Cure but with changes to the sail, lines and risers which, along with Dyneema softlinks that replace the maillons, add up to a 600g weight saving in the M size. BGD say the Lynx has a higher top speed than the Cure, and an excellent glide at speed. At the time of writing, the M is already certified, with three more sizes (S, ML and L) set to follow. flybgd.com…

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mirage rs 15

Swing describe the new Mirage RS 15 as the speedflying link to their miniwing, the Apus RS. They say that size-optimised trimming means the 15.5m (flat) Mirage RS retains its speedflying characteristics – excellent collapse resistance and long brake travel – but the larger size offers a higher level of safety and glide performance, which allows greater flexibility in the choice of launch sites. It weighs just 2.8kg and is “a fun, go-anywhere all-rounder for hike-and-fly, strong-wind soaring, groundhandling or speedflying”. swing.de…