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Digital Camera World November 2018

Digital Camera is the definitive guide to digital SLR photography and will show you how to improve any digital photo. It’s packed with practical photography advice and Photoshop tutorials to help you become a better digital photographer. With buying advice to help you choose the DSLR, compact system camera, lens, tripod, printer, or camera bag that’s right for you, it covers all DSLRs including Canon EOS/Rebel and Nikon systems. The perfect title for both amateur and pro photographers

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First, thanks to editor-in-chief Chris George for helming Digital Camera these past few months. What a time for him to hand over to me – with the two major players in the industry unveiling full-frame mirrorless camera systems in the past weeks, a slew of exciting announcements at Photokina surely meant there couldn’t be a better time to take up the reins. It’s hard to convey the sense of excitement in the press conferences as Leica, Sigma, Panasonic and Fujifilm revealed new cameras and lenses or, in the case of the first three, joined forces to create a new lens mount standard (see pp112-116).Put these and other developments together, and it’s little wonder there’s such a buzz about photography right now. Having been an enthusiast photographer for 20 years, this…

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this month’s contributors

Shawn HeinrichsUnderwater photographerThis award-winning diver, cinematographer and marine campaigner immerses us in his deep-sea world on page 148. Prepare to be amazed.Benedict BrainCreative photographerAfter a recent spell of globetrotting, this issue Ben returns to his ‘studio’ (box room) for a meditative stone shoot. Turn to page 50 to see the final result.Janek SedlarNature photographerJanek is a lover of his local forests, and hikes for days to capture amazing woodland scenes. We join him in the Czech Republic for a special sunrise shoot on page 8.Dave SmithOutdoor photographerDave’s desires for exploring nature have inspired him to travel worldwide in pursuit of the next awe-inspiring scene. See his adventurer’s kit bag on page 28.Andrew JamesOur man with all the answersAndrew’s photography career sees him take on all sorts of challenges, and his…

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master woodlands

All landscape photographers know that the best time to shoot is early morning, when the light is golden, soft and low in the sky. But that doesn’t make the rise out of bed any less painful. The sun is nowhere near peeking its head out as I climb into Janek’s car at 4am. He reassures me that this will be the best time for shooting – once we’ve driven several hours to reach our destination for sunrise, that is…Our shoot is going to take place in the White Carpathians, a mountain range on the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is an area that Janek has explored since he was a child, so he knows it incredibly well. He’s been photographing the region seriously for at least the…

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using a drone

Considerate flying”When you’re flying, safety must always be your top priority. It’s your responsibility to find out about the local laws surrounding drone flight,” says Janek, who was able to fly in this unpopulated mountainous region with ease. If you’re scouting out an area that’s closer to settlements, be sure to check out the regulations. In the UK, for example, hobby fliers have to obey certain safety restrictions, and can’t go above 400ft or within 1km of an airport. If you’re planning on using your drone commercially, you’ll need a drone licence (called a PfCO) from a CAA-approved provider.Taking offThe best place to launch your drone is in wide, open spaces away from people, buildings and official no-fly zones. ■…

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alternate editing styles

1 ENHANCING THE ORIGINAL2 CREATING AN AUTUMNAL FEEL3 CREATING AN ATMOSPHERIC B&WName Morning at Forgotten PathLens Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8Exposure 3.2 sec at f/10, ISO 641 ENHANCING THE ORIGINAL“The first touches were done in Lightroom: decreasing highlights, increasing the exposure and adding some warmth. Next, I jumped into Photoshop, creating a new layer with the Detail Extractor filter from Color Efex Pro. I made a Luminosity Mask selection and painted with a soft radial brush on the trees, with Opacity set at around 70%. I added an Orton Lights filter for a softer look, and did some final dodging and burning on new layers. This was mainly done to a small section at the bottom of the image.”2 CREATING AN AUTUMNAL FEEL“The colours in this image were completely changed. I started by…

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inside a pro’s gadget bag

1 DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ droneWith a five-hour battery and range of 7km, this quadcopter gives Janek the option to view potential locations before he heads there with his camera.2 Olympus E-M1 Mark IIJanek used to shoot with a Nikon D90 and a Nikon D600, but he’s recently swapped both DSLRs for the lighter, more compact Olympus mirrorless system.3 Olympus M.Zuiko Pro lensesJanek has an array of Olympus Pro lenses, including the 12.100mm f/4, the 40-150mm and the 40-150mm f/2.8. For this shoot, he mainly relied on the super.wide.angle 7-14mm f/2.8.4 Lee filtersJanek uses the Lee Big Stopper to extend exposure times when the natural light is too bright, and graduated neutral-density filters to balance high-contrast scenes.5 Gitzo TGT2531 tripodThis Mountaineer Series support is made from carbon-fibre and weighs just…