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DIVA is Europe’s best-selling and most authoritative lifestyle magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. Our aim is simple – to bring you the latest trends and talent at the cutting edge of popular lesbian and bisexual culture. Each month you will find in-depth interviews, engaging features and photo shoots with some of the most influential and admired women from our community. On top of this we cram in page-after-page of news, opinion, entertainment and the arts, humour, travel and much more besides. The digital edition packs an extra special punch - look out for exclusive photo galleries and behind-the-scenes videos that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you prefer to read DIVA on a smartphone, tablet or laptop you’ll never have to leave home without it. For best results, download when connected to a wifi hotspot. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that DIVA magazine is THE trusted source of information for lesbian and bisexual women the world over.

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in memory of lyra mckee

It’s been a really exciting month at DIVA. As well as putting together another excellent issue, we’ve been celebrating lesbian visibility (even more so than usual) with our annual Power List, breaking new ground with DIVA Box Office, and planning for the DIVA Awards, which take place in June. I’m already fretting about what to wear… But we do all of this with a heavy heart, as our thoughts have been in Northern Ireland, with the family and friends of Lyra McKee. The 29-year-old journalist was murdered during riots in the Creggan area of Derry on Good Friday, with tributes pouring in soon after the news broke. A hugely talented writer with a book deal, her name in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and bylines in publications including Buzzfeed, the Atlantic and others,…

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dictum diva

Editor Carrie Lyell “Her calming presence in the DIVA office, and how she makes my words good.” Deputy editor Roxy Bourdillon “Her lovely face, impeccable grammar and passion for making the world a better place.” Staff writer Danielle Mustarde “Her top vegan and eco-friendly tips, and accidentally getting matching haircuts.” Sub-editor Ellen Tout “I’ll miss the sense of community, fun and wise words that working for lovely Team DIVA offers. I’ll be subscribing and reading the next issue with my dictionary by my side!” Designer Fernando Safont “Having a goddess-of-English-grammar so close.”…

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Music editor Heather Peace Books editor Erica Gillingham Screen editor Emma Smart Big thanks to: Eleanor Noyce, Elliot Berry, Sacha Sibade, Grace Harrison, Kate Moffat, Kat Bawden, Hannah Bryce, Tamara Heinzler, Scott Holloway Commercial director Robert Harkavy +44 (0)20 3735 7872 +44 (0)7805 614 471 robert@divamag.co.uk Advertising manager Raj Valentino 020 3735 7871 raj@divamag.co.uk Social and events manager Kat Stephens kat@divamag.co.uk Sales 020 3735 7871 Subscriptions 01202 586 848 For UK prices see p76 Subscriptions help contact@selectps.co.uk If you need a back issue to complete your set, email kat@divamag.co.uk. If you have difficulty reading the printed word, you can get DIVA on audio cassette on subscription. Contact Feminist Audio Books on 0161 273 8038 or email books@feministaudiobooks.org.uk THE JULY ISSUE OF DIVA IS ON SALE FROM 21 JUNE (DIGITAL) AND 27 JUNE (PRINT). Postal address DIVA MAGAZINE Room 32, Spectrum House, 32-34 Gordon…

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your shout

LETTERS FINDING ME I came out four or five years ago. DIVA came out a year before I was born. I can’t actually remember how I discovered it, probably through one of the many gay folk I followed on Instagram. But since I got my subscription, it’s been one of the most important things in my journey to accepting myself. Before I realised I was a lesbian, I felt scared and alone and lost, and when I finally accepted myself, those feelings didn’t just suddenly disappear. But DIVA helped ease them. I found a community in its pages while I found my own in real life. I’m now comfortable in my own skin, happy and healthy, and my love for DIVA has evolved from discovering myself and my LGBTQI+ family, to a celebration…

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60 SECONDS WITH… NIMMO DANIELLE MUSTARDE MEETS LONDON-BORN DANCE-POP DUO NIMMO DIVA: Why Nimmo? NIMMO: Nimmo is Sarah’s surname. In just three words, describe your sound. Tough, heartfelt, pop. Musically, who are your biggest influences? It ranges so much. The UK dance scene is a big influence. Artist wise? Older, 80s bands like Tears For Fears and Frank Ocean. Mocha latte, oat milk flat white or green teas all round? Oat milk flat white – or straight up black coffee. At your recent events, Curated By: Nimmo, you pushed to platform queer women in the arts. Why? There’s a significant underrepresentation of women in the arts, and the nights which do platform women’s work tend to be quite niche. We’re trying to create nights that are female and queer-focused but feel fully inclusive and in the vibe. Follow Reva and Sarah @nimmonimmo This month IN…

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