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DIVA is Europe’s best-selling and most authoritative lifestyle magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. Our aim is simple – to bring you the latest trends and talent at the cutting edge of popular lesbian and bisexual culture. Each month you will find in-depth interviews, engaging features and photo shoots with some of the most influential and admired women from our community. On top of this we cram in page-after-page of news, opinion, entertainment and the arts, humour, travel and much more besides. The digital edition packs an extra special punch - look out for exclusive photo galleries and behind-the-scenes videos that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you prefer to read DIVA on a smartphone, tablet or laptop you’ll never have to leave home without it. For best results, download when connected to a wifi hotspot. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that DIVA magazine is THE trusted source of information for lesbian and bisexual women the world over.

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centring queer women of colour

October, as I’m sure you know, is Black History Month in the UK, and once again we’re using this as an opportunity to centre and celebrate queer women and non-binary people of colour. Women like the incredible Rainbow Sisters, who share their experiences of navigating the asylum system in the UK on page 72. Their stories are heartbreaking yet hopeful, and we’re so grateful to them for talking to us. Elsewhere, DIVA Books Editor Erica Gillingham chats to author Nicole Dennis-Benn, we hear from the stars of groundbreaking TV show POSE, and writer, singer and performer Cheryl Martin gives us a history lesson on Black theatre ahead of this year’s Homotopia festival. And, of course, there’s our gorgeous cover star Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who took time out of her busy filming…

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Can you tell us your coming out story using only emojis? Music editor Heather Peace Screen editor Kat Halstead Books editor Erica Gillingham Designer Fernando Safont Big thanks to: Sarah Cope, Claudia Delrio, Daisy Gould, Jennifer Grant Advertising manager Raj Valentino 020 3735 7871 raj@divamag.co.uk Social and events manager Kat Stephens kat@divamag.co.uk Published by DIVA MEDIA GROUP LIMITED Publisher Linda Riley linda@divamag.co.uk Managing Director Felicity Milton fizz@divamag.co.uk Creative Director Jacquie Lawrence jacquie@divamag.co.uk Chair Antonia Hardy antonia@divamag.co.uk…

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your shout

LETTERS LISTER SISTER Thank you so much for posting that inspiring and insightful article about Gentleman Jack by Rachael Biggs (tinyurl.com/DIVAGJack). Your magazine rocks! LORI WARM WELCOME Came out as trans 16 weeks ago. Got my first DIVA – the July issue. FANTASTIC! Lovely articles, great pics, dreams come true! CAITLIN TWITTER @DIVAmagazine @leadinmyfeet Yesss @weareshura on the cover @DIVAmagazine @Helena73Moren Oh nooo I forgot to renew my @DIVAmagazine subscription in time so I missed August but… I’m happy now roll on October and @HearHerFestival @mxtoniharrison Bloody fab interview with Shura and issue. Including the very exceptional leader of @WEP_UK @ManduReid @walkerslister Wow DIVA magazine is really pulling through with the Gentleman Jack content we stan @hey__K Casually reading @DIVAmagazine featuring @KatBarrell somewhere in a hotel in Malaysia. @breathinwaves Uhhh strolling through Amsterdam when you suddenly spot a wild Kat Barrell out of the corner of your eyes which results in a breakdown @nellylel Subscription finally sorted.…

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MEDIAWATCH with Carrie Lyell @Seej We’re in a golden age of television at the moment, and I’ve been absolutely glued to one particular show recently. Every episode has me on the edge of my seat. Dark and dystopian, and with more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan film, just when you think it cannot get any more outrageous, it does. It’s not the most realistic, sure, and the plot is full of holes, but my god, what a ride. Have you seen it? It’s on the BBC news channel. If only it were a work of fiction. Black Mirror meets Years And Years with a sprinkling of The Handmaid’s Tale? I’d binge that stuff for days. But, sadly, this is one show we can’t turn off. Even if we want to pretend it’s…

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pxssy palace

Queer nightlife is at its best when it’s both safe and inclusive. But, sadly, too many of us have experienced some sort of uncomfortable situation in the proximity of a club. The anxiety that comes hand in hand with clubbing, especially for marginalised folk, can be huge. Step forward Pxssy Palace, which is leading the way and showing us what queer clubbing should be. More than just your average night out, it’s a sanctuary that has earned legendary status. Organisers have set the bar high for queer events by prioritising safety and acceptance above all else. Founded by Glaswegians Nadine Artois and Skye Barr, Pxssy Palace was born out of boredom with London’s nightlife. If you’re not into cheesy pop (although Lady Gaga’s Born This Way is a queer anthem that never…