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DIVA is Europe’s best-selling and most authoritative lifestyle magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. Our aim is simple – to bring you the latest trends and talent at the cutting edge of popular lesbian and bisexual culture. Each month you will find in-depth interviews, engaging features and photo shoots with some of the most influential and admired women from our community. On top of this we cram in page-after-page of news, opinion, entertainment and the arts, humour, travel and much more besides. The digital edition packs an extra special punch - look out for exclusive photo galleries and behind-the-scenes videos that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you prefer to read DIVA on a smartphone, tablet or laptop you’ll never have to leave home without it. For best results, download when connected to a wifi hotspot. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that DIVA magazine is THE trusted source of information for lesbian and bisexual women the world over.

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love wins? the fight is still on…

“Love Wins”. So go the t-shirts and the banners and the saccharine op-eds. The slogan has become eyerollingly ubiquitous, trotted out by writers, politicians and celebrities, seemingly without thought. But I don’t feel particularly victorious when I’m eyeballed on the bus, verbally abused, or when I’m having eggs thrown at me. I don’t feel triumphant reading that the perpetrators of a violent hate crime have walked free from court, and it doesn’t feel like a win when, still, DIVA are back of the queue for interview requests, because lesbians are just not that important to publicists and managers. There are times when the weight of it all finds me despondent and defeated. In those moments, that slogan feels obnoxious, stinging more than the abuse itself. It’s easy, when you’re feeling…

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Music editor Laura Howard Screen editor Kat Halstead Books editor Erica Gillingham Travel editor Joanna Whitehead Designer Fernando Safont Big thanks to: Getty Images, Ken Leverenz, Jenna Jones, Richard O’Leary, Matt Cain, Rikki Dale, Emma-Jay Webber, Lucy Helen Rayner, Luna Matatas, Philip Michael Augustus Waggott Advertising manager Raj Valentino 020 3735 7871 raj@divamag.co.uk Events social manager Kat Stephens kat@divamag.co.uk Sales 020 3735 7871 Subscriptions 01202 586 848 For UK prices see p63 Subscriptions help contact@selectps.com Published by DIVA MEDIA GROUP LIMITED Publisher Linda Riley linda@divamag.co.uk Managing Director Felicity Milton fizz@divamag.co.uk Creative Director Jacquie Lawrence jacquie@divamag.co.uk Chair Antonia Hardy antonia@divamag.co.uk…

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you said it…

Opinions expressed by correspondents and contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors of DIVA magazine or its publishers. CALL-OUT Are you a budding writer? Want to see your name in lights on our website? It’s your lucky day. We’re looking for new online contributors, so if you’ve got a great idea for an article, email editorial@divamag.co.uk and tell us all about it @abigailgmorris_ Omg!! Is that the ICONIC @stevieboebi on the cover of @DIVAmagazine??? I think yes?? @professoraneves Giving a shout out 2 @DIVAmagazine! We look forward 2 reading the articles every month. Proud 2 b #LGBTQ @AdeleBatesZ I like to leave my read @DIVAmagazine in places they may not usually have them:) @SOFIAirport #Bulgaria #LGBT JOIN THE BUZZ facebook.com/divamgazine letters@divamag.co.uk @DIVAmagazine @JustJuno1 I adore being in @DIVAmagazine always feels like an honour @LuCorfield “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”…

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Why we love Georgia Known professionally as simply Georgia, Georgia Barnes is an English producer, songwriter, singer, drummer and wild-haired Londoner making waves in the UK with exhilarating and ecstasy-infused tunes. Music runs in the family with dad, Neil Barnes (one half of British dance duo Leftfield), encouraging Georgia’s budding rhythm obsession from an early age growing up in a housing co-op, always drenched in dance tracks coming through the walls. After seeing Leftfield headline some of the country’s biggest stages, Georgia started out writing her own songs as a teenager and, at university, took up drumming for artists including Kwes. This led to drumming live for spoken word poet and rapper Kate Tempest and hitting the studio with producer Micachu. Georgia began working independently, releasing her debut album in 2015, and now, five…

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YEAR OF THE UNICORN As we enter a new decade, Brexit looms, Australia burns and war with Iran looks ever more likely. I’m on the hunt for reasons to be cheerful, so I was delighted to see this little glimmer of positivity land in my inbox. Described as “the world’s first bi arts and culture magazine”, Unicorn is a new not-for-profit online space from the folks behind Bi Pride for those who experience attraction beyond gender to tell their own stories in their own words. A press release explains: “LGBTQ+ media and publications are a fantastic source of inspiring information that we owe so much to, however, rarely is the authentic bi experience reflected, despite bi people making up a substantial part of the LGBTQ+ community.” Lev Alexander, creative director and co-founder…

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“i love you” yeah, yeah, yeah…

“It’s now a phrase that comes out as naturally as a hiccup or a fart” ELEANOR MARGOLIS is a freelance journalist who also writes a column for New Statesman. @EleanorMargolis The first time I ever told a non-family member I loved them, it was a lie. I was 17 and in a relationship with someone who was sweet and thoughtful, but not (and this turned out to be kind of a biggie) a girl. We were in my bed after sleeping together for maybe the second time. Which – if anything – had been even more awkward, fumbling and dull than the first. I was lying there, staring at the ceiling and wondering if this was my life now; unsexy sex with someone I liked but ultimately found about as sexual as a…