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Dumbo: The Official Movie Special

Dumbo: The Official Movie Special

Dumbo: The Official Movie Special
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"With Dumbo, visionary director Tim Burton brings a beloved Disney animated classic to the world of live-action, telling the touching story of a uniquely talented baby elephant who changes the lives of a small circus family and makes the world gasp in awe. This Movie Special features in-depth interviews with stars Danny DeVito, Collin Farrell, Nico Parker, Finley Hobbins, Michael Keaton, Eva Green and more. Also, interviews with Tim Burton and the behind-the-scenes crews, including the costume and concept art from this magical family adventure. You will truly believe an elephant can fly… “Dumbo is the simplest of fables, a reminder that the things that make us different are the things that make us special.” – Ehren Kruger, Dumbo Screenwriter and Producer."

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the story of dumbo

When the run-down but plucky Medici Brothers Circus welcomes a new baby elephant to its troupe, they are initially disheartened at its strange, big-eared appearance and name him “Dumbo.” But after circus kids Milly and Joe Farrier (Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins) discover Dumbo can use those ungainly ears to fly like a bird, it seems the Medici Brothers Circus’ fortunes have changed. Especially when big-time showman V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton) offers them all a new home at his vast, New York-based fun palace Dreamland. Can Vandevere be trusted? Will Dumbo and the Farriers fit into this spectacular new world? And can the kids reunite their magical new friend with his mother, Mrs. Jumbo, who was sent away after a tragic accident? They will need all the help they can get:…

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tim burton

Dumbo – The Official Movie Special: What drove you to make an adaptation of the 1941 animated film Dumbo? Tim Burton: It’s a very sweet story. The idea of a flying elephant is such a simple story. I think that’s why it’s quite popular and affected people so much, because of how primal and basic it is. I thought the new screenplay offered a way to tell that story in a framework that expanded it, but without redoing the original. It was simple, with an emotional simplicity, and didn’t interfere with what the basic throughline of the original is about. Tell us about the character of Holt Farrier, and why Colin Farrell was the ideal person to play him. He’s war-damaged, he’s missing an arm, he used to be a star, he hasn’t…

3 min.
the ideal showman

1. HE UNDERSTANDS OUTSIDERS When Dumbo is introduced to the circus crowd and his abnormally large ears are revealed, the public turn on him and boo. In that moment, he becomes a trueTim Burton hero. From his early films like Edward Scissorhands to more recent offerings such as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Burton has long been drawn to those sidelined by society, taking characters who might be traditionally deemed weird and treating them with empathy. At its heart, Dumbo revels in the simple idea that drives many of Burton’s movies: what makes you different also makes you special. 2. DISNEY IS IN HIS DNA Burton started out as an animator at Walt Disney Studios, where he worked on features The Fox and the Hound and The Black Cauldron and made two…

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colin farrell is holt farrier

Dumbo – The Official Movie Special: Why did you want to be part of this film? Colin Farrell: Tim Burton, more than anything. I’ve been a fan of Tim’s for 20 years – Edward Scissorhands was the first film of his I saw. When I heard he was doing Dumbo, it seemed like such a beautiful marriage of magical, fantastical material and a director who’s so renowned for his incredible imagination and artistic virtue. It was a no-brainer. Who is Holt Farrier? He was half of a double act with his wife, before he went off to fight in the First World War. They had a horse act where they would do roping tricks and trick riding, but he was sent off to fight and left his wife and two children behind. By…

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farrell trivia

1. His father and uncle, Eamon andTommy, were professional soccer players, who both played for the Shamrock Rovers in Ireland during the late 1950s and ’60s. 2. When Farrell was 17 years old, he auditioned to be a member of ’90s Irish boyband Boyzone, but by his own admission did terribly. He had to sing George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” twice – apparently, he was asked to perform it again because the first attempt was so bad. 3. In 1997, just a year before his acting career took off, Farrell worked as a line-dancing instructor in a nightclub in Limerick, Ireland. 4. He dropped out of Dublin’s Gaiety Drama School in 1998, but auditioned for the role of Danny Byrne in BritishTV hit Ballykissangel just a month later. He got the part, which kick-started…

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eva green is colette marchant

Dumbo – The Official Movie Special: Who do you play in Dumbo? Eva Green: I play Colette Marchant, a French aerialist. She’s a huge star they call “The Queen of the Heavens” and she’s also the girlfriend of Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who is the owner of Dreamland in Coney Island. When you first meet her she’s quite mysterious, very star-like, quite haughty, quite superior. But beneath this cold exterior she reveals herself to be very brave and very kind. Why does Colette connect with Holt (Colin Farrell) and the Farrier kids? When Colette meets Holt for the first time she’s quite dismissive, and she kind of looks down on him. She doesn’t believe Dumbo can fly. But when Vandevere puts her life at risk, she decides to join Holt’s side and helps them…