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More than just another lifestyle magazine Eco Living is delivering a real message, helping its readers to make discerning choices when it comes to purchasing homes, holidays, food and goods that will, by their nature, help nurture and ultimately save our planet. From features on preserving wildlife, organic farming, sustainable fashion, restaurants who resource food thoughtfully, holistic spas and eco housing.

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a word from the editor

Welcome to the first edition of ECO LIVING – a magazine with a purpose, working towards saving our planet for future generations to enjoy. More than just another lifestyle magazine, Eco Living is delivering a real message, helping its readers to make discerning choices when it comes to purchasing homes, holidays, food and goods that will, by their nature, help nurture and, ultimately, save our planet. This is reflected in features on preserving wildlife, organic farming, sustainable fashion, restaurants which resource food thoughtfully, holistic spas, and eco housing. My vision came to me for Eco Living whilst I was a guest at Monestevole, perched on a ridge overlooking forty-five hectares of stunning Umbrian countryside, in Italy. This 15th century hamlet has been transformed into three traditional and sustainable holiday apartments. Passing through many…

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nature matters: fighting for our world

https://www.wwf.org.uk/ “Nature is our life support system and saving it is not an act of charity – this is about our own survival and that of generations to come.” https://www.wwf.org.uk/ Our love of nature helps unite and inspire us. Over this past year, time spent outside has helped us appreciate the wonders of nature even more. We’ve come to value what’s on our doorsteps, be that the songs of birds, the sight of wildflowers or simply the variety of the changing seasons. It’s clear that both our mental and physical health are linked to the health of our planet – our one shared home. This year, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) celebrates 60 years of vital conservation work alongside local communities, governments and other like-minded organisations. The WWF is proud to have helped endangered…

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eco living©

https://waxwrap.com/ WaxWrap are offering the first 80 subscribers a free WaxWrap set with a retail value of £16. WaxWrap, eco-friendly beeswax wraps - newly launched in the UK, the full range includes pre-cut sheets, handy bags and on a roll format. Roll out the wrap and play an active part in the war against plastic consumption by switching to WaxWrap, a sustainable, re-usable beeswax wrap designed to keep food super fresh. www.waxwrap.uk *Subscribe for 4 issues at £12.00 RRP £16.00 We are working in partnership with SettleUp Earth to fund the planting of 1 tree for every magazine or subscription sold. This directly funds the reforestation of mangrove forests in Mozambique. Follow Us On Social Media: https://twitter.com/EcoLivingMag21 https://www.linkedin.com/company/eco-living-mag/?viewAsMember=true https://www.instagram.com/ecolivingmagazine/ https://www.facebook.com/EcoLivingMagazine2021…

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the green providers directory

https://www.green-providers.co.uk/ There remains debate surrounding the question of whether consumerism can ever be accommodated within a sustainable framework. In other words, is it possible to produce goods and services in a fair and ethical way, without dam-ageing the environment? The question is not straightforward. For example, some fair trade products, such as coffee, can be ethically produced, but can also have an adverse impact on the environment. There is no universally accepted definition of what actually constitutes green consumerism. This lack of consensus does not mean, however, that we should abandon the notion of green consumerism far from it. There is an increasing collective awareness that our purchase choices directly affect the health of the planet, such as the single-use plastics polluting our oceans. More people are seeking eco-friendly alternatives. The increase…

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https://pro-actions.com/ All businesses are like complicated ecosystems – lots of aspects have to be actioned together and efficiently to enable a successful business to work. A business tends only to be as strong as its weakest link. Pro-actions work across all areas of business to help ensure that each area is fit for purpose and working well. Pro-actions helps SME business owner-managers achieve two big things: • The results that they have set for the business.• Set up the business so that they run it efficiently rather than it running them. Problems often manifest in different areas from their root causes. Pro-actions advisors specialise in taking the time to understand owners and their businesses, to get to the root causes and then fix them. Some specific issues that are regularly encountered and dealt with are…

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What’s the book about? Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and “What can we do about that as individuals?” is a common question. When nutritionist and author Peter Taylor began to research solutions, he found that making relatively small changes to what we eat can collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He created ‘The Climate Change Cook Book’, which has a wealth of information about how the food we eat affects our planet, and includes a wide range of delicious recipes, specifically developed to use more environmentally-friendly ingredients. From desserts to dishes with which you can entertain, these recipes will help you embrace a more plant-based diet, discover new ingredients and flavours, and expand your cooking or baking repertoire without the extra environmental cost. This is not…