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Edge Xmas 2020

The authority on videogame art, design and play, Edge is the must-have companion for game industry professionals, aspiring game-makers and super-committed hobbyists. Its mission is to celebrate the best in interactive entertainment today and identify the most important developments of tomorrow, providing the most trusted, in-depth editorial in the business via unparalleled access to the developers and technologies that make videogames the world’s most dynamic form of entertainment.

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trigger happy

Many people have discovered in this strange year that in challenging times videogames can be a kind of comfort food for the brain, a way to go travelling during lockdown and dream of better futures for us all. And this is particularly true, perhaps, for videogames that remind us of a better past: hence the popularity of the new Animal Crossing. Just as a cosy Agatha Christie-style murder mystery on TV can rinse present stressors from a troubled mind, so can a videogame that is not about actual history, but about the history of videogames themselves. And so, in the autumnal lull before the next-gen consoles arrive and we can all get on with admiring the fabulously detailed eyelashes of the next emo mass murderer we are invited to inhabit in…

8 min
turbo charge

Analogue never takes the easy road. If it did, it probably wouldn’t release a new console dedicated to NEC’s much-loved but not exactly record-breaking PC Engine. And yet here we are. When it’s released next year, Analogue Duo will natively play CD-ROMs and HuCard cartridges made for PC Engine (or TurboGrafx-16, as it was known in the UK, North America and Spain) and its followup, SuperGrafx. Between 1987 and 1994, this family of machines sold some ten million units, but mostly in Japan. For another company, such a push into a relatively niche system would be a tactical misstep, especially since it will be competing with the TurboGrafx-16 Mini console, which was released earlier this year and comes loaded with 60 games While you’ll need to buy your own for…

1 min
void bastards

You slowly gain access to a range of minor upgrades, only a handful of which you’ll have room to slot into your suit’s subsystems matrix. Several come with a penalty: you can dash twice albeit with increased cooldown afterwards, or use a focus ability twice but wait longer for the meter to refill. Still, a few make a real difference, such as one perk that outlines enemies in red, making them easier to spot in the visually busy outdoor areas. These become available after visiting a virtual-reality construct called the Cyber Void, in which you’ll find a range of tedious, irritating, time-wasting puzzles, including a sequence aboard a rotating structure that’s like an even more profanity-inducing take on Super Mario Sunshine’s infamous sand bird level.…

2 min
supernatural dimension

Seeing the world through a different lens is always refreshing. Joe Buchholz can relate: he admired the handmade promotional art that often featured on the videogame boxes of the ‘90s. “It was a time period when you couldn’t just render a dude standing in the middle of a box with a gun slung over his back,” he says, “and companies would sometimes get really creative by creating little clay dioramas.” Alongside manga artists such as Akira Toriyama and Taiyo Matsumoto, Froach Club artist Minipete, and 3D creators such as Jordan Speer and Jeron Braxton, that unexpected mix of “uncanny and grounded” has been key to the visual identity of Dome-King Cabbage. And, though its toylike locales might appear to be arrangements of real items (“One of the biggest compliments I…

2 min
going under

Developer Aggro Crab Publisher Team17 Format PC (tested), PS4, Switch, Xbox One Release Out now One of the great myths of the 21st century is that a single great idea – for a website or an app or any method of ‘disrupting’ an industry – is all you need to make your millions. Going Under, a Roguelike office-crawler that has you fighting through dungeon after procedurally-generated dungeon of failed tech businesses, is smart enough to know that’s nonsense. It constantly pokes fun at startup culture. There are all the jokes you’d expect about meaningless acronyms and venture capital, but Going Under has more than one great idea up its logo-embroidered short-sleeves. Beyond that killer Spelunky-meets-Silicon-Valley pitch, there are some compelling systems at work. The thing taking up most of your in-game nine-to-five is combat. Going…

2 min

ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA Developer/publisher Ubisoft (Montreal) Format PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series Origin Canada Release November 10 (PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series), November 19 (PS5) We wonder if our scores for recent entries had something to do with Ubisoft declining to invite us to preview the 22nd Assassin’s Creed game. Yet trusted friends of the show tell us Valhalla is shaping up nicely, despite looking Viking rough during its debut earlier this year. Though your pillaging inevitably involves limb-lopping conflict, stealth is making a comeback; there’s also a Monteriggioni-style hub that develops over time to feel more like a home. Ubi overlords permitting, we’ll review it next month. AXIOM VERGE 2 Developer/publisher Thomas Happ Games Format Switch Origin US Release Spring It’s been five years since Tom Happ released what…