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Edge August 2021

The authority on videogame art, design and play, Edge is the must-have companion for game industry professionals, aspiring game-makers and super-committed hobbyists. Its mission is to celebrate the best in interactive entertainment today and identify the most important developments of tomorrow, providing the most trusted, in-depth editorial in the business via unparalleled access to the developers and technologies that make videogames the world’s most dynamic form of entertainment.

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post script

One of the many traditions Biomutant gestures towards is the western open-world RPG, in the mould of Bethesda and Obsidian, and at least one thing carries over from those games fully intact: it’s much more fun if you stay off the critical path. Putting aside the battles with those colossal world eaters, sitting like load-bearing columns at the four corners of the map, the whole thing is essentially a series of extended fetch quests. Go here, hit that, grab this, bring it back, rinse, repeat. The value of this structure, of course, is that it provides an excuse to pull you back and forth across the map. Head directly to your next objective (or, worse, fast-travel to the nearest spot to your goal) and Biomutant quickly becomes a dreary affair. But…

6 min

Developer Experiment 101 Publisher THQ Nordic Format PC (tested), PS4, Xbox One Release Out now The thought comes every so often as we explore Biomutant’s verdant wasteland. Knowing that its open world – a few square miles rich with jungle, marsh and scrubland – is the work of a remarkably small team, our mind occasionally wanders away from the fluttering vegetation underfoot, the pylons that jut out of the landscape, and turns instead to its creation. And the thought is always this: the decision-makers at Experiment 101 must surely be immune to the word ‘no’. We are talking, after all, about a game in which a rodent martial artist and their robotic grasshopper companion battle furry kaiju in a post-human world. Like the last time the planet’s ruling species were wiped out,…

4 min
beast breaker

Developer/ publisher Vodeo Games Format PC, Switch Origin US Release Q3 How do you follow a phenomenon such as Threes? Asher Vollmer’s mobile smash left him puzzled about where to go next. “It’s been this giant presence in my life that I’ve been trying to navigate around,” he admits. Vollmer started making minimalist strategy Close Castles, before putting it on hold. He founded Sirvo Studios and began work on the story-led Guildlings, but concedes that a year into development he’d begun to hate working on it: “There was no toy, no quick bite of game that I could play and tune and refine.” He stepped down from his role, and subsequently considered leaving the industry – yet after dabbling with making non-gaming apps, he tired of that, too. Having pinballed between projects, it’s fitting that…

3 min
an airport for aliens currently run by dogs

Developer/publisher Strange Scaffold Format PC (tested), Xbox Series Release Out now Strange Scaffold’s debut game has the feel of a runaway inside joke: a universe of far-flung airports, staffed and used almost entirely by stock photograph dogs. Their two-dimensional faces turn as you pass, and topple back if you run through them. There’s a dedicated pat button. A public toilet lined with fire hydrants. Bars serving toilet water. The canines loitering between the gates are called - wait for it - pedogstrians. Airport brilliantly captures the ambience of a midtier departure lounge: tacky chain stores, omnipresent digital clocks, confusing signs, cheerfully useless staff. Go exploring and you’ll soon meet a unique NPC with an NPC-like problem - in other words, they need one specific object and they’ll be damned if they’re going…

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operation: tango

Developer/publisher Clever Plays Format PC (tested), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series Release Out now There’s something inherently laggy about verbal communication. However good your mic, however reliable your connection, having to push a thought through the language centres of two brains often proves too slow to, for example, warn a teammate about the flash of a sniper’s scope before the bullet has entered their skull. Actions speak faster than words, and Operation: Tango is the latest asymmetric co-op puzzler to make a virtue of this friction. Spaceteam, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, the We Were Here series - these are all games about incomplete information and flawed communication. It’s a lot like the Buddhist parable about the blind men trying to describe an elephant, except over voice comms. Operation: Tango introduces…

3 min
the magnificent trufflepigs

Developer Thunkd Publisher AMC Games Format PC (tested), Switch Release Out now Blue skies, green fields, bright morning sunshine, countryside sights and sounds, and the promise of buried treasure. We could get used to this. The Magnificent Trufflepigs offers the most blissful vision of rural Britain since Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture – which is no great surprise since it’s been designed by The Chinese Room alumnus Andrew Crawshaw. As in Yaughton, you won’t see anybody, but you will hear them: the story unfolds over a series of conversations conducted via walkie-talkie. Beth has called upon her friend Adam to help her locate an earring (matching one she discovered in her youth that earned her a modicum of local fame) before the farmland they’re digging up is sold. You slowly sweep…