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Edge September 2018

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The authority on videogame art, design and play, Edge is the must-have companion for game industry professionals, aspiring game-makers and super-committed hobbyists. Its mission is to celebrate the best in interactive entertainment today and identify the most important developments of tomorrow, providing the most trusted, in-depth editorial in the business via unparalleled access to the developers and technologies that make videogames the world’s most dynamic form of entertainment.

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what the hell am i doing drinking in la at 24?

E3 used to be a jolly. You arrived two days before things got interesting, with a whole day off to bimble around Santa Monica, walking, shopping or drinking off your hangover. Then you had four press conferences in a day, then a few days wandering the halls of the LA Convention Center, interspersed with nice dinners and late nights. Then three weeks to get over the jetlag, dry out, eat things that aren’t beige, and write it all up. We still have the last bit, at least. It’s just as well, given how much E3 has stretched out: by the time we arrived in Los Angeles this year, EA Play was already in full swing, and we were lining up for the Xbox conference 18 hours later. It’s hectic stuff, and…

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what’s next

We are still outside in the sweltering Los Angeles sunshine when the news starts coming in. Microsoft has changed the venue for its conference this year. Its new digs are much more favourably located – the newly rebadged Microsoft Theatre, nestled next to the Staples Centre just round the corner from E3 itself, was Nintendo’s home until it ditched the press-conference format a few years ago. It’s a move that makes a lot of sense, not least because it gives Microsoft a colossal space on E3’s doorstep in which to host the Xbox Fanfest, as well as press demos. Yet the change hasn’t run too smoothly. Inside, Phil Spencer is paying smug tribute to the largest audience to ever attend an Xbox conference. No, old chap, we’re stuck outside, along…

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comic sands

Sable’s influences are immediately evident: it’s every inch a playable Moebius comic. “The flat colour style we’re using was inspired by ligne claire comics, as well as the works of Moebius,” Greg Kythreotis, one half of indie developer Shedworks, confirms. “It felt like pushing the style in that direction would be a good and unique fit. It also happens that a lot of his work is set in deserts and he was a big influence on Star Wars, which was also on our minds at the time.” You play as Sable, a girl leaving home for the first time astride her beloved hoverbike, off on a journey to explore ancient ruins and meet new people. “We’re a small team, but we wanted to make a game that felt big and lonely,”…

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“I’m working independently and staying independent. I’m not doing anything Star Wars. That project is on the shelf.”Amy Hennig confirms that not only was her EA Star Wars game cancelled – her contract was too“I’m confident we’ll get to a solution which will be accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business.”SIEA president Shawn Layden confirms Sony is finally considering cross-play“If it doesn’t help the developer, and it doesn’t help the consumer, then it doesn’t help grow gaming. I wish people could get to play together.”Xbox boss Phil Spencer dreams of a brighter future. Shouldn’t have bought the State Of Decay devs then, should you?“Fill in the blank of your favourite franchise. We’ll announce information close to its launch date versus teasing people for years…

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arcade watch

Game Tipsy Raccoons Manufacturer Glitchbit The burgeoning ‘barcade’ scene is, as the name implies, about transporting things you can play elsewhere to somewhere that sells booze. Some trade in nostalgia, with racks of classic games and consoles connected to dusty old CRTs. Others have a LAN-party vibe with network PCs running the latest multiplayer darling, or the latest consoles on which to play the latest couchplay hit. Companies are increasingly catering towards this young market – Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash, for instance, is an official single-cab compilation of 31 Namco classics. True innovation, however, is thin on the ground. Until now, that is. Tipsy Raccoons might not look like much, but there’s much more to this pixel-art minigame compilation than screenshots might suggest. For one thing, its bespoke cabinet is tailor-made for the bar…

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my favourite game paul scheer

Paul Scheer is a comedian and actor who made his mark as a creator and star of the MTV sketch series Human Giant. Since then, he’s starred in various TV shows such as The League, Fresh Off The Boat and Veep, and continues to host How Did This Get Made, a podcast (mostly) about bad films. What gave you the idea to start How Did This Get Made? My wife June and I had just seen Wall Street 2 and we went to a party after. We started talking to our friend Jason about it and we were finishing each other’s sentences, laughing and talking, and he says, “Oh, this is a podcast”. And it just plays into Jason, June and I sharing that we love movies. Even these movies that are…