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July 2021
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The new ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN is a “must have” resource for anyone who makes music, plays music, and shares music. Every issue includes "gig tested" product reviews on music gear, tons of how-to's, and interviews with today's stars revealing the secrets of their songwriting approaches and audio-production concepts.

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1 min.
back to the real world

While the rules governing live music during this pandemic might vary a little depending on where you are, it's fair to say the whole live performance realm has seen a massive shutdown over the past year. International touring has been an absolute no-go, clubs have mostly remained shut and almost all major festivals or concerts have had to postpone or cancel. Completely aside from the way this state of affairs has affected musicians' ability to make a living, it's also had a fundamental impact on how we perceive music. Particularly in the 'electronic' music realm, a lot of modern music is designed with real world engagement in mind, from festival-ready anthems to groovedriven club tracks or modern orchestral pieces created for grand public recitals. As 'real life' music begins to start up…

7 min.
new gear

Arturia Pigments gets souped-up with additive synthesis and extra analog emulations Arturia’s Pigments combines elements of the French brand’s impressive virtual analog technology with modern tools including wavetable, sample and granular synthesis, a sleek modulation system and a flexible multi-lane sequencer. Pigments’ real highlight though is it ability to house all of these features in a neatly designed and user-friendly interface, all of which makes it a strong contender for our favorite synth plugin on the market right now. Now version 3 has arrived, adding yet more functionality to the toolset. The headline addition here is the new Harmonic engine type, which adds additive synthesis alongside the existing wavetable, sample and virtual analog generators. The look and feel of this new section is fairly reminiscent of NI’s excellent Razor, but Arturia’s take has…

5 min.
ik multimedia mixbox

It’s time to open the lunchbox on a tasty collection of mixing effects, direct from Italy. MixBox is a custom channel strip plugin that lets you build up a rack of effects from a single plugin screen, pulling from ranks of compressors, EQs, distortions and loads more creative effects to come up with your own custom chain. Many channel strip plugins concentrate on a standard combination of EQ and compression, with some preamp units added for good measure. Thanks to IK Multimedia’s heritage in modelling more music gear, you also get studio effects such as delay, reverb and modulation, as well as guitar amp elements such as cabinets. All of this makes MixBox a versatile, creative effect-hosting unit that will appeal to musicians as well as just producers and mixing engineers. Here…

12 min.
guitar rig pro 6

With the history of amplifiers spanning nearly a hundred years, nowadays there are more ways to send an electrical signal from a guitar pickup rattling through a loudspeaker than you can shake a six-stringed stick at. Tube, solid state, modeling, hybrid; heads, cabinets, parallel or series – it’s enough to make your head melt. For the average home producer, trying out every possible model and mode of amplification would be enough to make your wallet melt too, added to the cost of finding the right microphone, preamp and room acoustics to record your sound faithfully. For these reasons and more, amp simulation has become a hugely popular part of music production. An amp simulator is a plugin that mimics the sound of a real-life hardware amplifier. With only a laptop, audio interface…

1 min.
three great new effects

FREAK Frequency shifting, ring modulation and radio modulation techniques all in one. Three distinct effect modes – Radio, Oscillator and Sidechain – allow you to completely transform your sound. Emulate the noisy tones of AM radios, get classic modulation sounds using an internal sine oscillator, or use a sidechain input signal to create inharmonic ring modulation. REPLIKA SHIMMER This sparkling, pitch-shifting reverb is an amalgamation of Native Instruments’ other Replika delay models. Layer an ethereal reverb tail on top of your dry signal by adding Shimmer to your sound at pitch intervals from -12 to +12 semitones, and exercise tight control over Time and Feedback. Classic reverb controls such as Diffusion and Size are also included. FLAIR For vintage-style or futuristic flanging. Flair’s Voices mode uses multiple delay lines to create harmonically tuned flanging layers.…

14 min.
tom holkenborg

“This is definitely up there with some of the longest scores in history, it’s been intense,” explains an excited Tom Holkenborg (widely known as Junkie XL). Tom is delighted that the long-anticipated Zack Snyder cut of Justice League is finally seeing the light of day. This substantial re-edit of 2017’s superhero extravaganza Justice League is a labor of love sprung from a relationship Tom has had with director Zack Snyder since 2013’s 300: Rise of an Empire. “Zack and I have been talking about bringing this out for years,” the Dutch polymath tells us. “It’s really thanks to the power of the fans that this happened. They have not only been harassing Warner Brothers for the movie, but also to release the score. So, we really owe it to them…