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June - July 2020

ELLE Australia is the ultimate destination for the sexy, spirited and stylish woman. Immerse yourself in gorgeous images, chic ideas, moving writing and thought-provoking features, with unparalleled access to the coolest celebrities and most fascinating people, the essential heads-up on pop culture, and the very best beauty and lifestyle in the country.

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home improvement

NAIL AN EFFORTLESS AIR-DRY… with Paloma Rose Garcia, Paloma salon “Take a break from your hot tools and go wash-and-wear with your hair. Shampoo and condition with appropriate products for your hair type in the shower. When your conditioner is in, use a detangling brush or comb to brush out the knots and create your desired part. Once you’re out of the shower, scrunch-dry your hair with a towel to promote waves and movement. When the excess moisture is removed from your hair, apply products designed for your hair type. If you’ve got fine hair, I recommend a weightless conditioning spray and very light oil through mid-lengths and ends, medium hair types can go for a mid-weight oil and lightweight conditioning cream, and coarse hair will be best suited to a…

4 min
money talks

we are all counting the cost of coronavirus. Much of it is still unknown: how many lives lost, how many families broken. With the stakes so high, it might feel uncomfortable to weigh up the pandemic’s financial cost. But most of us – including governments – have no choice but to do just that. “This will rewrite economics textbooks,” says Lacey Filipich, author of Money School. “Governments are expecting a recession – which is where the economy hasn’t grown for six successive months – and are working hard to avert a depression. That’s a sustained, widespread economic downturn.” And events are already disproportionately affecting women, says financial journalist Bianca Hartge-Hazelman, founder of Financy.com.au and the Financy Women’s Index. “Given that women tend to earn less than men on average, and we…

1 min
should you tap your super?

The government has said we can take out money from our super if coronavirus has caused us financial stress – but is that a good idea? It depends, says Hartge-Hazelman. “I’ve spoken to financial advisers who say, ‘We don’t think people should be doing it, it’s crazy,’” she says. Those advisers worry that if you take out cash, you’re missing out on the gains you’d have seen if you’d left it in your super. “That may be the case, but what matters is right here and now. The reality is some people are cash-strapped – they’ve lost their jobs and have bills to pay. If you’re in severe financial hardship, then look into it,” Hartge-Hazelman adds. But, she warns, “Keep in mind that we will recover from this. Make a…

2 min
rage against the machine

when Apple stepped into the banking world last year by releasing a credit card, it made headlines – for all the wrong reasons. Early adopters soon found men were offered a much greater credit limit than women – even if the women were in an identical financial position. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, tweeted about the limits he and his wife were individually offered: “We have no separate bank accounts or credit cards or assets of any kind. We both have the same high limits on our [other] cards… But 10x [different] on the Apple Card.” How can such blatant discrimination happen? Dr Catriona Wallace, the founder and executive director of Flamingo Ai who also leads Ethical AI Advisory, explains: “Banks use AI, machine learning and algorithms to analyse data and…

1 min
fuzzy logic

TEDDY COATS INSPIRE an almost child-like reaction (the hint is in the name, right?) – a cosy kind of comfort akin to a warm hug that appeals to us every time we see one. And they look good! Almost Famous with a dash of 21st-century restraint. It’s no wonder that shearling is beloved by so many off-duty models, who nail the look by bringing down the “cutesy” factor with denim, chunky shoes and a neutral colour palette. Take note. make it pop 1 HAPPY FEET New-season sandals in vibrant shades of lime or cherry red are a guaranteed mood booster. 2 SCARF ACE All hail the under-appreciated scarf. Bring some playfulness to its practicality by wearing it oversized. 3 KNIT PICK Hygge-inducing chunky knits are a one-is-never-enough kind of purchase. Go big or go home. 4 IN THE…

3 min
gypsy creek

when I started looking for a house, I had no intention of buying anywhere but Sydney, but on the last day of a week-long stay in Byron I spotted a little Queenslander in the hinterland that was open for inspection and it was just too sweet not to look at. As I walked up the front steps, I knew this was it – the energy of the house had cast its spell on me. It hadn’t been overly modernised; it had been cared for sensitively and with love and it still retained so much original character – it just needed a little update. The front steps ran crookedly sideways across the front of the house and were in dire need of repair. The first thing we did was build wider steps…