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ELLE Decoration UK showcases the world’s most beautiful homes and makes good design accessible to everyone through its mix of styles, products and price points. Combining all the inspiration, information and ideas you need to bring your home to life, it is the authority on trends, style and contemporary design.

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Kyla McCallum Twitter:@Foldability AboutKylaisadesigner-makerwho createdour fabulouscoverart(read aboutherstudio,Foldability,onp49) InfluencesPeoplelikepaperartist RonReschandphotographerTim Walker,whobothhaveacuriousapproachtotheworld Interiors styleMid-centurymodern.AndIliketo havemyrailsofvintageclothingondisplay! DesignheroI’minaweofsetdesignerShonaHeath, whocreatesdream-likeworldsthatmakemesmile DreambuyA‘Ruché’bedbyIngaSempéforLigne Roset,withagiantheadboard Shaun Swainland Twitter:@madebyradio ProfessionIllustrator FeatureRiseoftheRobotic Maids,p83 Inspiration Vintage ephemera, collectibles and randomsurprising finds at car boot sales. I love the typography, logos and colours of old packaging, too Design heroesCharlesandRayEames (readmore about theBarbican’s exhibition on the duo on p165) Favourite design object The ‘Phonosuper’ radio byDieterRams andHansGugelot. I lovehow simplisticit is; it really isagreatpieceofwork Alex Kristal Twitter:@thekristals About AlexisELLEDecoration’s newDecoratingEditor Interiors style In theory, anoasis of calm: textures,natural colours andrandomstoriedobjects. In practice,myhomeisaprojectstillwaitingtohappen InspirationThemakers andartisansdedicated tohoningtheircraft, likeSuzusan,whichhasbeen making textiles using the ancient shibori technique intheJapanesetownofArimatsuforover100years DreambuyAprefabhouse anda plot of landwhere Icouldbuilda‘forever’home…

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winter luxe

I love this time of year because I like to do layers, onmypersonandathome. It’showyouget to create personal palettes of varying weights, colours and textures inwhich to cosset yourself againstwinter wind. Also, I’ve been making a bold, and quite unprecedented, foray intocolour inmy attireof late, so I’mrather revelling inthe delights ofmixing and mismatching turquoise shirts and pale pink coats. My house is not quite somulti-hued (more a range ofpalewatery shades throughout),but it is certainly a very textural affair.For example, Iwasdetermined to have full-length pale celadon velvet curtains upstairs –hang the expense,hang the practicality. I love them. I even love the way that the sun bleaches their edges. They are luxurious, yetplainandsimple. I’veno ideawhypeople think velvet is abit fusty; as our shoot on p100 shows, it’s eternally contemporary and it also feelswonderful…

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PURE AND SIMPLE CanvasHome sells ceramics, glassware, cutlery, linen and furniture, all crafted fromsustainable naturalmaterials. Founded in America in 2008 by British designer and entrepreneur Andrew Corrie, who initiallymade many of the pieces to fulfil specific needs in his own home, the brand’s name plays on the idea of a house being full of possibilities. For ourmoney, the ‘Abbesses’ dinnerware collection is amodern classic: hand-glazed and painted porcelain in classic shapes (above, from£5.71 for a side plate). Pair it with theminimal ‘Oslo’ cutlery, brushed with 24-carat gold (right, £71.50 for a five-piece set). All available fromSelfridges (selfridges.co.uk). SEASONED PRO A pinch of pinkHimalayan salt, grated parmesan or freshly chopped garlic can elevate ameal fromtasty to terrific. Take your seasoning seriously by investing in these functional and attractive storage pots and cleverly designed tools,…

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takahashi hiroko

TAKAHASHI HIROKO could be the younger, more contemporary sister of groundbreaking artist Yayoi Kusama – with her penchant for graphic outfits and for styling herself as a living artwork, the similarities are striking. Kusama famously fixates on bright polka dots, but forHiroko, it’s circles and straight lines in black and white – she sees themas ametaphor for a simple life. Hiroko has been enchanted by fashion and textiles since her childhood, when she would spend hours dressing her dolls in costumes handmade by hermother and grandmother. She went on to study dyeing and weaving at the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts, where she fell in love with the art of the kimono. Her modern versions of the traditional garment, featuring eye-popping patterns, are exhibited hung flat on walls, alongside portraits…

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design hero

WALTER CRANE WALTER CRANE (1845–1915) was a key member ofBritain’sArts andCraftsmovement. A prolific polymath, he created handmade wallpapers, textiles, ceramics and stained glass. He also illustratedmany books, fromchildren’s stories such as The Baby’s Own Aesop, which featuredshortenedversionsof the classic fables, to Edmund Spenser’s 16th-century epic poem The Faerie Queene. Like his hero and friend William Morris, Crane was an early socialist, bent on reviving traditional crafts because he believed industrial manufacturing robbed workersofcreativeandpleasurableinvolvement in what they made. Crane’s multidisciplinary approach sprang from his politics: a return to greater craftsmanship in all areas of design, he argued,would help to bring art into everyone’s daily lives. Ironically,his admirably democratic idealswere compromisedsince, ashe admitted, ‘Cheapness in art and handicraft is well-nigh impossible’.Indeed,itwasmainlytheburgeoning middle classes who could afford his designs. Born in Liverpool, Crane followed in…

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the past on a plate

THINK OF HAND-PAINTED FINE CHINA and floral patterns probably spring to mind – which is why Richard Brendon’s new ‘Arc’ collection of Art Deco-inspired tableware, with itsmatt black and burnished gold design, is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it push the boundaries in visual terms, it also showcases the skills of decorators working in the potteries of Stoke-on-Trent today. Brendon’s interest in the skill of hand painting was piqued in 2011, when he was working on his ‘Reflect’ collection. For the project he paired vintage saucers with new cups gilded in platinum and gold (far right). ‘I scoured antiques fairs buying secondhand saucers and observed how the world of hand-painted ceramics has changed during the last 300 years,’ he explains. ‘In the 1920s, hand painted details were much…