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ELLE Decoration UK February 2017

ELLE Decoration UK showcases the world’s most beautiful homes and makes good design accessible to everyone through its mix of styles, products and price points. Combining all the inspiration, information and ideas you need to bring your home to life, it is the authority on trends, style and contemporary design.

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the new modern

It’s the perfect time to look at the key trends in interiors for Spring/Summer 2017. Why? Because something of a seismic aesthetic shift is occurring. It may be true that the Scandinavians long dominated the pages of homes magazines with their clean and serene chic, white walls, wooden furniture and playful way with art and objets, but no more. Action and reaction dictates that change is the only constant and, as such, contrast is coming, soon. And it is warm, rich and really rather wonderful. A SENSE OF INTERIORS BRAVERY IS EMERGING, ALONG THE LINES OF: WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE SPIRALLING OUT OF CONTROL, DO WITHIN ONE’S WALLS AS ONE WILL I believe this change in mood is also to do with the current state of the nation. When the world…

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kokeshi dolls

Originally made hundreds of years ago as souvenirs for visitors to hot springs in the Tohoku region of northern Japan, kokeshi dolls have been given a contemporary update by British artist Becky Kemp (aka Sketch.inc). In olden times they were regarded as lucky charms and sported kimonos and stylised headdresses. They were beautifully hand-painted with familiar Japanese symbols such as cherry blossom, water lilies and fish; Kemp’s designs for Danish brand Lucie Kaas are streamlined versions with a decidedly witty twist. Caricatures of famous art figures such as Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo (below) are among her creations, which have quickly acquired a cult following. New dolls sell out quickly, so if you want one, move fast! From £28 each (sketchinc.bigcartel.com).…

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Mosaic-tile specialist Sicis has created an entirely new type of surface material. Dubbed ‘Vetrite’, these gigantic panels are made from sections of patterned fabric, leather or metallic sheets coated in a polymer film – to make them water-resistant – and sandwiched between thin glass. The panels can measure up to 2.8 metres long and 1.2 metres wide, but are only six-to-twelve millimetres thick; they can be used almost anywhere in the home, from walls and floors to worktops, doors and bathrooms. Suddenly, fragile and precious textiles acquire a host of new applications: imagine leather cladding in a shower room or burnished gold on a kitchen counter. From £250 per square metre (sicis.com). ED…

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Ever admired the geodesic domes created by American midcentury designer Buckminster Fuller? Or marvelled at the glass curves of the Eden Project in Cornwall? They may seem otherworldly, but now you can get one for your garden. Romanian company Biodomes builds domes all over Europe, from small pods measuring just six metres in diameter that would make original summerhouses, greenhouses or outdoor studios to large 20-metre-wide spaces that could house a swimming pool or an observatory. Constructed using single, double or triple-glazed panels that cool in summer and insulate in winter, their aerodynamic shape makes them highly energy efficient and thus relatively inexpensive to heat. Like a space-age version of a hobbit house, biodomes also feature delightful round doors and can be built freestanding or partly enclosed with a verdant…

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marble mosaics

Decorating your home with beautiful Carrara or Nero Marquina marble has long been the peak of interiors chic, but now luxury has reached new heights: mosaics created using the best marbles are gracing the world’s most stylish walls and floors. We fell in love with this trend when we first saw the bespoke multicoloured floor at Céline’s new store on London’s Mount Street (featured in our December issue), and have been on thehunt for ready-to-buy examples ever since. Our favourite is the ‘Liaison’ collection by Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sacks (‘Doheny Large’ tiles, inner border, £461 per square metre; annsacks.com). Available in 13 patterns, the tiles are supplied in repeat sections and attached to a mesh background for easy installation. The ‘Jet Set’ collection by Artisans of Devizes (‘Paris’ tiles, outer…

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pajaki chandeliers

Pajaki are cheerful hanging decorations originating in 18th-century rural Poland. They are traditionally made from humble materials like straw, reeds, string, dried peas and coloured paper. This age-old form of folk art was the preserve of women and was often adopted as a pastime on long, cold nights. Easy to make from supplies found in your local craft store, they can also be bought directly from makers on Etsy. Want a pajaki with wow factor? Commission London-based Polish designer Karolina Merska, who created the design pictured here, to produce one in your chosen colours (bobbinandbow.com).…