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Empire December 2020

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IT’S BEEN A rather eventful four weeks since we last spoke. Several movies have moved (No Time To Die, Dune), some cinemas have closed (Cineworld, Picturehouse, you’re already so missed). There has, unsurprisingly, then, been talk of a barren landscape of movies until next spring. Of the uncertain future of film. Even of the death of cinema. It perhaps seems obvious to say that I fiercely disagree with the doomsayers. Because, yes, cinemas and the film industry as a whole are being challenged in a way we have never seen. It breaks my heart to see staff stood down, screens going black. But we must also have hope and belief. I have hope and belief. In the fact that though some have dimmed their lights, the cinemas that have shuttered will…

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talk to us

A NEW HOPE I was saddened by the announcement that Cineworld would be closing its cinemas. Cinema is such an important place for us to escape into new worlds, even more vital in our current situation. We need to save our cinemas. Omniplex have been bringing back older movies, and I have loved seeing them as they were meant to be seen, on the big screen. We all need to get out and save our cinemas. PAUL MONTGOMERY, VIA EMAIL Thanks, Paul, and everyone else who wrote in pledging to support their local cinemas. Now is the time for solidarity, even if you don’t fancy watching The Matrix on the big screen, which frankly we do. See page 23 for how to help out. Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one…

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no. /1 why paul greengrass went western

THE LAST TIME Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks teamed up, they made Captain Phillips, a propulsive true-life thriller that started with Hanks’ character being attacked by pirates, and ended with him having something of a nervous breakdown in real time. Fun for all the family. Their next movie together, thankfully, won’t be nearly as arduous, either for director/actor or audience. Not that News Of The World will be sedate - there will still be drama and danger and men with guns - but chances are that your blood pressure won’t be quite so bothered. “I wanted to do something different,” says Greengrass. “And who could resist the idea of doing a Western?” Few could. And Greengrass isn’t among that number. So News Of The World finds him and Hanks both popping…

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no./2 inside call me by your name’s spiritual sequel

IT’S SIMILAR, BUT A DIFFERENT STORY At first glance, We Are Who We Are shares a fair bit of DNA with much-loved 2017 romantic drama Call Me By Your Name: both are directed by Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, both feature an American teen finding his feet in an unfamiliar Italy. (The TV show even has blink-and-you’ll-miss-them cameos from the film’s stars, Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet.) But the new miniseries is its own beast, says the show’s 17-year-old star, Jack Dylan Grazer (Shazam, It). “When I read the script for the show, I wasn’t surprised that I felt the same way as I did when I saw Call Me By Your Name,” says Grazer. “But story-wise, I don’t think they’re similar. Some of the themes, maybe. It’s hard to say this,…

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simon pegg

Hi, Simon. Where are you right now in the world and what are you up to? I’m in Norway shooting the new Mission: Impossible movie. And having a blast. If we enter a second lockdown again soon, how will you pass the time? Well, hopefully I’ll avoid it by being on location in countries that have actually got their shit together. What was the last thing you watched at home? Bill & Ted Face The Music, which was an utter joy. And what are you most looking forward to watching next? Looking forward to ticking off a few classic horrors with my 11-year-old daughter. Have you been back to the cinema yet? Saw Tenet in a beautiful Norwegian cinema and came out feeling like I’d been nipped by a temporal pincer. As soon as the new 10pm pub curfew was…

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no./3 what we want from the new cleopatra film

SMASH THE PATRIARCHY! With filmmaker Patty Jenkins reteaming with Gal Gadot, there’s no doubt this version of Cleopatra will be just as much of a wonder woman: a superhero in the ancient history mould. We’d expect to see a Egyptian queen who will not suffer men gladly. And hopefully, the script – from Laeta Kalogridis, creator of sci-fi show Altered Carbon – will surround her with female characters for more than just the first act. FOCUS ON THE SMARTS! Cleo’s cinematic outings have focused on her romances with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, rather than her brilliant intelligence. As Egyptologist Sarah Parcak noted on Twitter: “If she’d been alive today, [Cleopatra] would have been a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, or a world-renowned author. Think of the best college professor you had with the electricity…