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IS THERE ANYTHING Marvel can’t do? We’re about to find out. Its creatives are, amongst other things, meticulous planners. Kevin Feige’s 11-year, 23-film intricate story arc is already the stuff of modern cinema legend. But one thing they couldn’t have planned for when they decided to take Marvel from the big screen to the small was quite how the world would have changed. That we’d all be hunkered down in our houses, remotes stuck to our palms. In many places, not even able to go to the pictures. That they would end that pretty-much-perfect run of films just 11 months before film closed down in an unprecedented way. As we go to press on this issue, critics haven’t seen Wanda Vision. And in many respects, it’s one of Marvel’s biggest gambles.…

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A MESSAGE OF HOPE Cinema isn’t dead, it’s just sleeping. I just got back from the local Co-op with my daughter, Halloween supplies and this month’s Empire in hand. As usual, I take a quick look to see what’s going on. Not much it seems, but then… Arachnophobia, The Untouchables… hang on, this issue is getting better… shit, a review of Over The Moon, I bloody loved it… FOUR STARS! Yes!! We’ve got films to watch, we’ve got food to eat, a warm house, and Soul coming out on Christmas Day. Cheers, Empire. PETE WILKINSON, WILTSHIRE This is the sunny optimism we needed. Thank you, Pete. Have a Picturehouse membership on us - ready to go for when the cinemas reawaken. Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend!…

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no./1 why 2020 was a damn good year for film

SOMETIMES YOU REACH the end of a year and struggle to remember the shape of it; the moments and events that will define it in history. Needless to say, 2020 will be remembered for many things, but remember it, precisely, we will. It began with whispers of a flu out of Wuhan. It’s ending with mask-marks rubbed into our cheeks and cinema doors closed. It’s easy, therefore, to dismiss it. The year that the world stopped and, more specifically, the year that our world stopped. Because, for the first time in history, productions unilaterally shut down, picturehouses turned off the lights. But while those may be the headlines, that’s not the full story. Arguably, that’s not the story at all. For when you look a little closer, when we watch a little…

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no./2 when time travel gets trippy

RULE 1: TIME IS NOT LINEAR The idea for Synchronic, the fourth film from filmmaker team Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, first began germinating in 2015. “Apparently, physicists are pretty well decided that time is not linear in any particular way,” Moorhead explains. “It’s just that that’s how we perceive it. Justin threw this idea at me: if time is not linear, what if there were a way to actually see it that way? Now, this is our pop understanding of it. Of course, we are mere indie filmmakers. But we found that interesting. And also absolutely terrifying.” Having previously tackled time loops in their 2017 film, the cosmic headscratcher The Endless, the pair began workshopping ideas, working within the ‘growing block universe’ idea - “the theory that the future isn’t…

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no./3 are these irish accents up to snuff?

EMILY BLUNT (AS ROSEMARY MULDOON) Blunt’s accent in this new romantic drama has caused some consternation online, particularly from Irish people. But Jim Johnson, a professor of voice and accents at the University Of Houston and founder of AccentHelp.com, thinks her brand of Oirish here may be deliberate. “I’m guessing they’re primarily aiming for an American audience being able to understand it,” he says. “They’re going a bit towards the Lucky Charms expectation that Americans have - light and breathy, a bit aspirated, heavy with the ‘T’s.” With that in mind, he reckons Blunt’s take isn’t terrible. “To me, the most important thing is to do the accent well enough that the audience can relax, and enjoy the story without distraction. If you’re Irish, it’s probably a distraction. If you’re from…

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no./4 bob odenkirk breaks bad

IN EARLY 2018, Russian filmmaker Ilya Naishuller entered a top LA stunt facility to be confronted by two very different types of action star. “In front of me was Keanu Reeves, getting ready for John Wick 3, ” the director tells Empire. “Then I turned around, and there’s Bob Odenkirk sweating like crazy in the next room.” He chuckles as he recalls it. “This was right at the start of Bob’s training, though. Today, he can do more push-ups than I’ve done in my entire life.” The reason for Odenkirk’s gruelling, two- year Keanu-fication is Naishuller’s forthcoming thriller, Nobody, which sees the actor best known as Saul Goodman reborn as a bona- fide action hero. “It’s Bob going severely against type,” says Naishuller. “He plays a guy [the superbly named Hutch…