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HEY YOU GUUUUUYS! Has there ever been a more iconic, instantly recognisable holler? One that manages to take you back to being a kid, VHS whirring, the carpet rubbing your crossed legs. Richard Donner, the man who made childhoods (and adulthoods) magic for so many of us, sadly died at the age of 91 as this issue was being made. To pay tribute to this titan of cinema, who dominated throughout the ’70s and ’80s across a head-spinning breadth of genres, we spoke to some of his closest collaborators, all keen to talk about the filmmaking genius, but perhaps more importantly the man, that they knew. We also hear in the issue from two Empire writers who met him: Deputy Editor Nick de Semlyen and Contributing Editor Alex Godfrey, who…

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COMMENT OF THE MONTH TAT’S ALL, FOLKS Ever since Empire’s landmark ‘Greatest Cinema Moments Ever’ edition landed on my doorstep, I’ve had the subscriber cover framed on my wall. Corey Brickley’s artwork shows a cinema with the words “There’s no place like home”. I wanted to immortalise this sentiment with a tattoo to remind me never to take cinemas for granted again. This summer I hope plenty of us will swap sunshine for the nourishing glow of the big screen. There is, after all, no place like home. CRAIG GENT, LEEDS Craig, for marking a piece of Empire on yourself, here’s a Picturehouse membership – use it whenever you need a trip home. Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23 Picturehouse Cinemas across…

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no./1 how i rounded up the ultimate posse

First-time director Jeymes Samuel on assembling his dream cast for neo-Western THE HARDER THEY FALL WHEN IT COMES to putting together incredible casts for films set in the Wild West, Jeymes Samuel has form. His very first 2013 short film, They Die At Dawn, starred the likes of Giancarlo Esposito, Rosario Dawson and The Wire alumnus Michael Kenneth Williams as outlaws gunning for each other’s heads. It’s a feat that the director has repeated for The Harder They Fall – and it started with Idris Elba. Samuel befriended Elba years earlier, when the filmmaker was working as a musician under the stage name The Bullitts. When he began forming ideas for his first feature, Samuel reached out to his fellow Brit. “Idris was the first and he was always involved,” he explains. “I…

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no./2 the film that shocked cannes back to life

IT’S A LITERAL CAR CRASH Five years after French filmmaker Julia Ducournau astounded us with her debut feature, the cannibalistic coming-of-age tale Raw, she has returned with Titane, an audacious sophomore effort that cements her place as one of the most talented horror auteurs working today. Electrifying newcomer Agathe Rousselle stars as Alexia, a car-show dancer with a scar on her head. The film’s title refers to the metal plate in her skull following a childhood car accident. Alexia holds a peculiar affinity for her Cadillac, and it doesn’t take long for her to have car sex… literally. French Extremity at its most extreme. IT INSPIRED WALKOUTS If Raw’s thumb scene had you feeling nauseous, best to prepare yourself now for the corporeal carnage Titane has in store. The film ramps up the…

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SHEEP HORROR! Supernatural Icelandic drama Lamb sees Noomi Rapace as a farmer looking to start an unconventional family with her husband; cue agricultural body horror and gory creature effects. NUN NUDITY! Veteran provocateur Paul Verhoeven unsettled prudish viewers with his erotic nun thriller Benedetta, which included a scene where nuns use a religious idol as a sex toy. MOODY MURDERERS! Caleb Landry Jones puts in a deeply disturbing performance as Australian serial killer Martin Bryant. Justin Kurzel’s quietly brutal new drama is somehow more shocking for not showing violence. VERY ORAL SEX! Adam Driver stunned the Palais Des Festivals audience by singing between Marion Cotillard’s legs during a sex scene in director Leos Carax’s bonkers musical.…

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no./3 a festival icon finds a new groove

FRENCH DIRECTOR JACQUES Audiard, who won the 2015 Palme d’Or for crime drama Dheepan, was back in the Cannes competition this year with a tender and sexy story of romance between four Parisians. Work on Les Olympiades, Paris 13e — the film’s original title — began with Audiard and Céline Sciamma adapting American graphic novel Killing And Dying, by Adrian Tomine, into a screenplay. “We made it a French story by localising it into the 13 th district of Paris,” Audiard tells Empire. “And why the 13th? Because I lived there for a long time and it’s a very exotic neighbourhood. It’s in Paris, but you feel very far away from Paris.” Lea Mysius took over as Audiard’s screenwriting partner after a hiatus (in which Audiard made eccentric Western The Sisters…