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SO, THIS IS IT: my final letter to you, in my final issue as Editor-In-Chief. I’ve been thinking a lot during these last months, as I prepared for this moment, about what makes Empire what it is. But I’ve realised I was asking the wrong question. Because it’s not what; it’s who. And the answer to that question might begin with us, but it ends with you. So, let’s start at the beginning: with the Empire team, that I’ve been so proud to lead for the last six years. Who put their considerable brains and even bigger hearts into everything they do. Chris, Nick, James, Chris, Lizzie, Joanna, Ben, Mike, Ian, John, Helen and Aliyah. We might not always agree on Star Wars or Scorsese, but we are of one mind…

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THE REAL SUPERMAN I was three-and-a-half years old, sitting on my dad’s knee, picking the nuts off my Cornetto — and completely enthralled. The tagline said, “You’ll believe a man can fly,” and, oh my, did I believe it! Even now, Richard Donner’s Superman is still my favourite movie. This is the film that made me fall in love with movies, and I have Richard Donner to thank for that. The word “legend” gets bandied about a lot, but he truly was one. May he rest in peace while his legacy of work lives on for many years. SIOBHÁN O’NEILL WHITE, MEATH, IRELAND Our favourite movies become our fortresses of solitude — and Donner was responsible for so many of them. A legend, indeed. Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one…

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no./1 marvel’s most risky movie yet

THIS MONTH’S FILM MOMENTS THAT MATTER AFTER MAKING THE second-biggest film of all time, you can afford to take some risks. Still, Eternals seemed like a dangerous move for Marvel. Which, says Nate Moore — the film’s producer and a longtime member of the Marvel Studios ‘brains trust’, having previously produced The Winter Soldier, Civil War and Black Panther — was exactly why they opted to make it. “That’s what got us excited about the movie,” he explains. “It feels risky. We don’t want to just give people more of the same.” This could be the superhero studio’s most ambitious outing so far: a story set across centuries, directed by arthouse auteur Chloé Zhao (fresh from her Oscars success with Nomadland), full of enormous existential questions and even bigger cosmic spectacle. Marvel…

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no./2 the game of thrones guy goes sci-fi

AROUND HALFWAY THROUGH shooting Finch — an original sci-fi film, previously titled ‘Bios’ — the cast and crew gathered together to watch the Game Of Thrones episode ‘The Long Night’ (aka ‘The One With The Absolutely Massive Hour-Long Battle’), the handiwork of their director, Miguel Sapochnik. It left star Tom Hanks, frankly, in awe. “He’s an absolute genius,” Hanks recalls, “I would never, ever question anything that he told me to do after that.” The Brit filmmaker, who started his career drawing storyboards for Trainspotting, landed in Westeros for Season 5’s ‘The Gift’ (‘The One Where Sam And Gilly Get It On’). Yet perhaps his crowning glory is Season 6’s ‘Battle Of The Bastards’ (‘The One With The Pissed Off Giant’), an epic episode that nabbed him an Emmy for Outstanding…

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black in focus

MARVEL’S WHAT IF…? IS A FITTING TRIBUTE TO CHADWICK BOSEMAN’S T’CHALLA IT’S BEEN A year since Chadwick Boseman passed away, at the age of 43. It still feels unfair that we can no longer look forward to countless more performances from an actor who was very much at the top of his game, and yet felt like he was just getting started. Thankfully, he left us with a couple of gifts. His tour-de-force performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom — for which he scored a posthumous Oscar nod — showcased him at his finest. But with Marvel’s new What If…? series, we get to hear Boseman at his most fun. The clever conceit of the Disney+ show takes what we’ve come to know and love in the MCU and twists crucial elements…

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no./3 the electrical life of louis wain

WHERE: Freemasons’ Hall, Covent Garden, London WHEN: 7 October 2019 WHY: Because Flowers creator Will Sharpe is shooting his feature debut, The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain, a biopic all about the ABCs — by which we mean: art, Benedict Cumberbatch, and cats. LOUIS WHO? Wain — the Victorian artist famous for his psychedelic pussycat portraits, anthropomorphising his favourite animal with big, bulging eyes. He suffered from mental health issues that may have been schizophrenia — potentially exacerbated by exposure to parasites found in, er, cat shit. SO THERE ARE CATS ON SET, RIGHT? Sadly not today. (“There are lots of cats tomorrow,” Sharpe tells a slightly disappointed Empire.) But around the corner are massive clay-moulded cat heads in the style of Wain’s paintings, with matching paws — there’s a ginger cat with a…