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SLIME CAN BRING people together. It happened when I was but knee-high to a Gozer, seeing Ghostbusters for the first time back in the ’80s. Having gone over to a friend’s house for the night, we popped in the rented VHS tape and sat back. One library ghost, two Terror Dogs, a thousand laughs and the biggest interdimensional cross-rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909 later, we exhaled; we had just seen something that would stay with us forever. Who knows how many conversations I’ve had since about those four quirky New Yorkers with unlicensed nuclear accelerators on their backs. Arguably too many, but such is the power of Ghostbusters. And, all these years on, slime is still bringing people together. In our world-exclusive cover story, father-and-son filmmaking team Ivan and…

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IN CONVERSATION WITH FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA In 1982 the director made two coming-of-age films that have become more beloved over time: The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. From the library of his Napa Valley winery, he discussed them in an emotional interview with Alex Godfrey. PODCASTING WITH QUENTIN TARANTINO Following the huge success of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino has written a reassuringly expansive novelisation. He met Chris Hewitt to talk all things Cliff and Rick in London’s Soho Hotel on 3 September. EMPIRE VIP CLUB: PRANO BAILEY-BOND LIVE INTERVIEW Exclusively for members of the Empire VIP Club, the director of Censor sat down with Kim Newman for a virtual conversation about her thrilling ode to video nasties. To find out how to become an Empire VIP, go to page 37.…

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COMMENT OF THE MONTH TITANIC TAIKA Taika Waititi changed my life. When I went to see Jojo Rabbit for my 19th birthday, I was blown away. It was the most that I have cried in response to a film, from both laughter and heart-wrenching sadness. It was that film that showed me the power of cinema, and the moment I left, I knew I wanted to work with Taika one day. I have since been accepted into film school and I’m now on my filmmaking journey, all thanks to the absolute powerhouse that is Taika Waititi. OSCAR HEWITT, ESSEX Taika, Taika, Taika — is there nothing that man can’t do? Good luck with film school, Oscar! We may see you in Empire again… Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a…

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no./1 “i found a voice inside me that had too long been silent”

“MAN, SOMETIMES IT takes a long time to sound like yourself.” The great Miles Davis makes a good point. The sound of Belfast — the music, the songs, the stories — is one that I had been hearing for the 50-odd years since I left it. Sometimes it had been faint and sometimes insistent. It had never been louder than when the recent pandemic closed in and an enforced creative hibernation awoke memories that would not be ignored. It expanded the people and the voices in my head to a volume where attention had to be paid. A friend, the late, great John Sessions, encouraged me to get on with it, quoting a story about a composer who, when asked how he wrote his music, is said to have answered, “I listened,…

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no./2 cinema’s strangest family just got a little bigger

FOR THE PAST decade, there’s been a whole lot of yakety yak about a sequel to Twins. In 2012, it was announced that a follow-up to the 1988 comedy — which became a surprise box-office smash and altered the entire course of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, turning him into a credible comedic force — was in the works. Original director Ivan Reitman was attached as producer; Eddie Murphy was joining Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as a third mismatched sibling. But then: nothing. It seemed as if the project would remain Hollywood vapour, destined to never get out of the laboratory. Until now. “It’s happening,” says a bullish Reitman, speaking exclusively to Empire. Albeit no longer with Murphy, but Tracy Morgan, the comedy star last seen working with Murphy in Coming 2 America.…

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emilia clarke

Hi, Emilia. How are you? I’m good! How are you? Are you in England? I hear an English accent. Yes, we’re in London. Have you spent the pandemic here? Yes! I have been nestled here in my home for the entirety of the pandemic. How have the last 18 months been for you? Well, it’s been interesting! I’ve never stopped in my life before. I really figured that out during lockdown. I was like, oh wow… [aged] 18 — that was the last time I really didn’t do a lot of stuff. So it’s probably been much needed, actually, all of the horrors of the pandemic aside. It’s been an incredibly introspective time, which is really helpful. Were you baking and binge-watching, then? All the classic things. Didn’t do a sourdough. But my God, do I know…