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June 2021
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sound bites

“White people wouldn’t know a racial reckoning if it pulled up in a Volvo with a kayak on the roof!”—Dr. Haddassah Olayinka Ali-Youngman, Pre-PhD (Robin Thede), summing up 2020, on A Black Lady Sketch Show“She said your remake of Matilda lacked the necessary violence to be entertaining.”—A reporter (Yasmein Ziyad), questioning Dwayne Johnson’s choice of presidential running mate (Rosario Dawson), on Young Rock“THE FBI IS 90 PERCENT SUREWAS AT THE CAPITOL RIOTS.”—Pepé Le Pew (Kate McKinnon), explaining why he’s not the most problematic Looney Tune, on Saturday Night Live“It’s a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the African American experience.”“He’s out of line, but he’s right.”—Zemo (Daniel Brühl) and Sam (Anthony Mackie), calling Bucky (Sebastian Stan) out for not loving Marvin Gaye’s Trouble Man, on The Falcon and the Winter…

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the cold open

CINEMAPS Fast Tracked The Furious road is long and winding, but this map includes all signs and hazard warnings. High-speed heists and helicopters may occur. IN 2001, UNDERCOVER COP BRIAN O’CONNER (PAUL WALKER) MET VEHICULAR SUPERMAN DOMINIC TORETTO (VIN DIESEL). THE FAST family grew into cinema’s least likely megafranchise, with ever-bigger personalities (Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Gal Gadot!) and ever-wilder auto action. June brings F9 as well as The Fast and the Furious’ 20th anniversary (our oral history is on page 62). Get back on the road with our travel guide to Fast’s most furious set pieces. Heck yes, we remembered Los Bandoleros. —DARREN FRANICH HOLLYWOOD HISTORY HOW THE FIRST “OUT” STAR CHOSE LOVE OVER CAREER In 1930 wisecracking matinee idol William “Billy” Haines was America’s top box office star—and openly gay. The Show People star…

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the must list

№ 1 IN THE HEIGHTS MOVIES IT ALL BEGAN WITH A DREAM. Well, dreams, actually. First up, a pre-Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda’s dream of In the Heights, a Broadway musical about the vibrant culture and community of his Latin neighborhood, New York’s Washington Heights, which was ultimately nominated for 13 Tony awards in 2008. Next, director Jon M. Chu’s dream for a big-screen adaptation, which he pitched to Miranda during a trip to New York City around five years ago. “The idea probably sounded crazy to him,” Chu, 41, says. “I told him I wanted to bring the characters’ dreams to life—to pick apart how they see the world and let it invade the space of Washington Heights.” Chu, who directed 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians, envisioned a larger-than-life extravaganza, shot on location with up…

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music makers

Lil Nas X THE 22-YEAR-OLD RAPPER IS STILL BREAKING BARRIERS—ONE SONG (AND SEVERAL CLAPBACKS) AT A TIME BY IRA MADISON III PHOTOGRAPHS BY TEXAS ISAIAH IN TWO HOURS, LIL NAS X WILL BE THE HAPPIEST HE’S EVER BEEN. HE’LL POP A BOTTLE OF VEUVE CLICQUOT. HE’LL FIRE OFF A DOZEN celebratory tweets. But right now, the Georgia rapper—who’s huddled with his team at a downtown L.A. photo studio one April morning, awaiting Billboard’s latest Hot 100 announcement—is a ball of nerves. That’s to be expected considering the week he’s had, weathering the response to his lustful new single “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” and the accompanying music video that climaxes with the star sliding down a stripper pole to hell to give Satan a lap dance. He further enraged religious groups days later…

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game changers

Lena Waithe THE PRODUCER AND ACTOR—AND THE NEW STAR OF MASTER OF NONE SEASON 3—WANTS TO CREATE PROVOCATIVE ART WHILE ELEVATING VOICES BY TRE’VELL ANDERSON @TREVELLANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHS BY TEXAS ISAIAH LENA WAITHE IS NO STRANGER TO criticism. As a Black, masculine-presenting lesbian, the writer, actor, and producer has received her fair share from people who take issue with how she shows up in the world. “All of us who are Black and queer and live our lives out loud, we get that,” she says, sitting down with EW after her L.A. cover shoot in early April. But as Waithe’s empire has grown, she’s been on the receiving end of commentary that is less about her identities and more about her work. Lately, it’s as if she can’t win over a vocal collective of detractors regarding…

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star turns

Mj Rodriguez WITH THE FINAL SEASON OF THE HISTORY-MAKING FX DRAMA POSE, ITS LEADING LADY IS READY TO CLAIM WHAT’S HERS BY NICK ROMANO @NICKAROMANO PHOTOGRAPHS BY LIA CLAY MILLER MJ RODRIGUEZ IS A BIG HUGGER, WHICH MADE A YEAR’S WORTH OF SOCIAL DISTANCING PARTICULARLY DIFFICULT FOR THE POSE star. She’s always looking for a chance at physical connection, especially now that those moments are starting to become more frequent. ¶ It’s not long into this interview—during a sunset stroll by the East River in Brooklyn’s Domino Park, along with her boyfriend—that she meets one of her fans, a trans woman from Chile. She recognizes a masked Rodriguez, casually clad in jeans and a tank top, and rushes over to share her story—and, yes, a hug. She gushes over how the actress’ performance as…