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Come bearing the gift of good booze for Thanksgiving dinner—or rather, for the post-dinner wind-down. Maker’s Mark got creative this year with the first whiskey in its Wood Finishing Series, the Maker’s Mark 2019 Release ($60). The intrigue is in the wood: The distiller introduced seasoned American oak staves to barrels of already matured bourbon to load it up with even more flavor, then bottled it at 108.2 proof. Your drinking companions will appreciate the familiarity of a Kentucky-bourbon favorite but take note of the baking spice and bright finish on the palate. So will you.…

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MICHAEL SEBASTIAN Editor in Chief NICK SULLIVAN Creative Director BEN BOSKOVICH Deputy Editor JOHN KENNEY Managing Editor KEVIN SINTUMUANG Culture and Lifestyle Director JONATHAN EVANS Style Director RANDI PECK Executive Director of Talent JEFF GORDINIER Food and Drinks Editor ERIC SULLIVAN Senior Editor KATE STOREY Senior Staff Writer AMY GRACE LOYD Literary Editor MATT MILLER Culture Editor JACK HOLMES Politics Editor ADRIENNE WESTENFELD, BRADY LANGMANN Assistant Editors SARAH RENSE Associate Lifestyle Editor MADISON VAIN Associate Editor, Social Media JUSTIN KIRKLAND Staff Writer DOMINICK NERO Video Editor LAUREN KRANC Editorial Assistant ART DRAGOS LEMNEI Consulting Design Director MIKE KIM Senior Designer C. J. ROBINSON Design Assistant CAMERON SHERRILL Snapchat Designer REBECCA IOVAN Digital Imaging Specialis FASHION TED STAFFORD Market Director ALFONSO FERNÁNDEZ NAVAS Fashion Assistant HEARST VISUAL GROUP ALIX CAMPBELL Chief Visual Content Director, Hearst Magazines JUSTIN O’NEILL Visual Director • SALLY BERMAN Deputy Visual Director KELLY SHERIN Visual Editor • DEIRDRE READ Senior Visual Researcher SAMEET SHARMA Associate Producer COPY ALISA COHEN BARNEY Senior…

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a letter from the editor what a trip

Most people love to travel. My wife and I are not those people. Not after kids. Here’s what traveling looks like with a four-year-old and a one-year-old: hauling them, their luggage, our luggage (which is somehow smaller than theirs), and ourselves into a cab and through an airport so we can distract them for several hours on the plane before trudging through another airport and into another cab so we can carry out the same parenting duties in a different city. This past spring, however, my wife, Sally, and I went to Miami for four days on our first vacation without our daughters. The flight alone felt like a holiday. By the time we checked into our beachside hotel, we’d nearly forgotten we were parents. Turns out travel is amazing! But the…

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the code: because style is always personal

Modern travel is an incredible privilege. It’s also an incredible pain in the ass. Most of the elements that make it so painful—big lines, small seats, interminable delays—you can’t do a damn thing about. But there are a couple crucial elements you can control, namely how you look and feel. Over the next ten pages, we’ll show you how to be the best-dressed guy stranded on the tarmac, with a bag full of cleverly packed essentials that’ll make the whole trip that much easier. About that bag: It’s the foundation of your whole travel vibe. It should work well, but it should also look great. And a little luxury goes a long way, too. FPM is a 73-year-old premium luggage brand that fuses two of Italy’s greatest strengths—modern industrial design and…

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frequent fliers

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double down

The sensible advice: Build all of your outfits around the one pair of shoes that you’ll walk through security with—you’ve got TSA PreCheck, right? But on some trips, sensible just won’t work. Sometimes you want to wear the things you really love when you’re on the road. And at the end of the day, some variety in what you’re wearing can be better than a double espresso for your jet lag. So instead of building an entire excursion’s worth of outfits around one pair of shoes, go ahead and pack an extra. To maximize the space, stick your socks, belt, and even a rolled-up tie in there. The last step? Place your newly stuffed extra shoes in a lightweight, packable duffel. It’ll double as an additional bag for whatever you…