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Esquire April/May 2020

Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.

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LISA TADDEO An award-winning journalist and the author of, most recently, the New York Times best seller Three Women, Taddeo debuts a short story, “Grace,” on page 101. This is far from her first appearance in Esquire: Back in 2011, Taddeo profiled Bradley Cooper, who cooked stuffed squid for her. ERIC SULLIVAN Sullivan is a senior editor at Esquire. A feature he edited about the alarming state of mentalhealth care in prisons, written by John J. Lennon, was nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2019. His story on the little-known architects of some of the world’s biggest music tours begins on page 78. ROBBIE FIMMANO Fimmano, an Australian photographer based in Brooklyn, has shot subjects ranging from Lorde to Macaulay Culkin (the latter for this magazine). For this issue’s cover, he captured Chris Evans…

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why are we like this?

MY AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE CAME ON SLOWLY, AND THEN ALL AT ONCE. In early 2014, I began to lose weight. I was exhausted and thirsty all the time, peed constantly, woke up frequently with epic muscle cramps. I had to buy new clothes because the ones I owned no longer fit. It briefly occurred to me that I should find these developments troubling. I committed to eating more. Then I went back to my life. Eventually, a cold I couldn’t shake sent me to my doctor, and I casually mentioned my other symptoms. He suggested a blood test. A week later, as I was about to conduct an interview in front of a sizable crowd, I received an urgent message from my doctor. I excused myself, stepped outside, and called his office back.…

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the future is in sonoya mizuno’s hands

A FEW YEARS AFTER GRADUATING FROM THE ROYAL BALLET SCHOOL IN LONDON, SONOYA MIZUNO had a choice to make. She’d auditioned for a small part in Alex Garland’s directorial debut, Ex Machina, and even though she’d never read a screenplay before, he offered her a role that would require weeks of filming in London. But she was still on contract at Scottish Ballet. She could either continue down the path of a professional dancer, doing Sleeping Beauty for 80-year-olds, or break her contract and take a chance as an actor. Mizuno chose the latter. She drafted a letter of resignation, booked a flight, got on the plane, sent the email, and turned off her phone. “So that’s what I did, and like fuck, it worked out,” she tells me over tea…

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3 short questions for the author of a really big book

IN BUBBLEGUM (750-ish pages), Adam Levin envisions a world where the Internet never existed. The innovations that arise instead are Curios, “fleshand-bone robots.” At the center of the story is Belt Magnet, one of the lucky first adopters of a Curio, who is now writing his memoir. Esquire spoke with Levin about this imagined nightmare. —Adrienne Westenfeld In what way are Curios similar to the Internet? Curios are ideal pets. They could continually give companionship and entertainment, and instead people do impulsive violence to them. The Internet is perhaps a similar thing. Originally people were connecting through it, and now people are just dividing through it. When we look back, it seems silly that anyone thought it could go another way. At one point, Belt says, “People think they want machines that behave as…

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his airness, elevated

HOW DO YOU MAKE A GRAIL, well… grail-ier? The Air Jordan 1 is already an icon, a universally beloved sneaker with 35 years of history and a tendency to sell out with each subsequent release. How do you top that? Easy: Just talk to Kim Jones. The creative director of Dior Men is a magician of the highlow collab. He’s done it once already, at Louis Vuitton, throwing the French fashion house together with Supreme and inspiring overnight queues—and astronomical resale prices—the world over. But that was back in 2017, when everyone was high as hell on in-your-face streetwear vibes. Now, in a more muted 2020, he’s achieved the same alchemical hype by taking the AJ1, plus a lineup of Jordan Brand apparel and accessories, in a pared-down direction. Basketball shorts break…

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lasers not included

BEFORE JAMES BOND, A MAN-ABOUTtown’s watch of choice was invariably slim, gold, and dressy. The ’60s—and Bond in particular—ended all that: 007 was our guide through the changing times, sketching out an expanding world where the right clothes and equipment meant you were prepared for anything. And apart from a flirtation with early digital watches (as much a sign of Roger Moore’s era as a safari suit), Bond has always been a dive-watch guy. Since 1995, he has also always been an Omega guy. First Pierce Brosnan and later Daniel Craig have sported the Omega Seamaster, the brand’s preeminent diver, in every movie since. For Craig’s last appearance, in this fall’s No Time to Die, Omega is going all out for authenticity, providing Her Majesty’s longest-serving blunt instrument with a specially…