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Esquire March 2021

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Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.

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the select

Our brand-new membership club, Esquire Select offers boundless access to what you already love about Esquire including award-winning journalism, big acts of storytelling, celebrity interviews, fashion advice, cultural commentary, cocktail recipes and so much more. But we've also added a few things we hope will up the ante. Become A Member Today AND GET THE BEST OF ESQUIRE IN ITS ENTIRETY INCLUDING: The best damn magazine on the planet, six times a year Unlimited access to Esquire.com Access to every Esquire story ever published via Esquire Classic— plus a weekly newsletter Members-Only Discounts and Deals Unlimited access to Politics with Charles P. Pierce, including Last Call, a members-only newsletter Join now to be a part of this new chapter in Esquire’s story. Head to esquire.com/signup…

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all in the family

In December, I got an email from Seasons Hospice Foundation. They were reaching out on behalf of longtime Esquire reader Scott LaPointe. Three years ago, Scott, who’s forty-two and lives outside Detroit, was diagnosed with ALS, the degenerative disorder known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Within a year of his diagnosis, Scott was in a wheelchair. In 2020, he entered home hospice care. When a representative from Seasons Hospice Foundation wrote to Esquire, it was because Scott was preparing to die In 2006, Scott read the first issue of Esquire’s Big Black Book, a style manual for men. It was formative, inspiring him to think more carefully about what he wears and how he takes care of his clothes—how he carries himself in the world. With advice from the magazine, for instance,…

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ken sixty years of style

1960s 1961 / Original Ken debuted in 1961 rocking red swim trunks and cork sandals. From the moment he stepped into Malibu, Ken made heads turn, capturing the hearts of Barbie and the world. 1964 1978 / SuperStar Ken® reached disco stud status in his blue velour jumpsuit. He sparkled like a movie star on the dance floor, complete with ID bracelet, ring, watch and his ready-for-the-spotlight sunglasses. 1982 / Sunsational™ Malibu® Ken proved less is more. The picture of California cool, he embraced the laid-back life dressed in his bright yellow swim trunks—love those short shorts!—and accessorized with only his sunglasses and beach towel. 1990s 1992 / Totally Hair™ Ken® had rooted hair ready to be styled with a purple hair pick and tube of hair gel—no boy band member looked quite as coiffed! Combined…

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for the republic

Around the time the American president’s street goons sacked the Capitol to stop Congress from confirming he would soon leave power, the Roman republic crashed into mind. The parallels were there before January 6, 2021, and even before the president’s fans were urging him to “cross the Rubicon,” as Julius Caesar did 2,000 years ago. It’s not that Donald Trump is much like JC. The guy struggles to conquer the back nine with a legion of mulligans at his command. But it’s hard to deny now that Donald Trump’s tenure was the start of something—that this cunning and vicious clown opened the door to a place deep and dark, and that others might soon walk through it. He is one of history’s great vandals, but not the first of his…

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all hail the minimalist sandwich

THE NEW, OLD-SCHOOL LUNCH _ WEED DRINKS _ THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS TURNS 30 _ SCI-FI SCENTS _ THE NBA’S PHILOSOPHER COACH A SANDWICH USED TO BE A SIMPLE THING. The sandwiches you carried to school in a lunch box, the sandwiches you wolfed down after school in front of the TV—they were never meant to be examples of extravagance or creative disruption. Three or four ingredients did the trick. Bread, ham, cheese, mustard. Bread, turkey, cheese, mayonnaise. Bread, jelly, peanut butter. Overstuffing them ruined them. Think of a sandwich prized for its thinness, a sandwich made with one slice of meat and one slice of cheese, a sandwich so compact and slim that it can be consumed easily with the use of one hand while the other hand steers a…

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this bud's for you

DURING THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, ALCOHOL SALES in the U. S. increased by 24 percent, and I know this figure is true, because I am responsible for 15 of those percentage points. Over the months, Martini Mondays begat ’Tini Tuesdays, which bled into Why don’t we have a martini Wednesdays. Then it was the weekend! My partner and I were drinking a lot, a day of low-key shame exchanged for maybe 45 minutes of chill. But I live in California, where the horticultural know-how of Humboldt County has mingled with the capitalist spirit of Silicon Valley and has been launched into hyperdrive by L. A.’s insatiable demand for luxury shit. The result is groundbreaking new weed products. Among them, THC-infused beers, wines, and spirits, nonalcoholic drinks that offer anxiety relief without the…