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Esquire April/May 2021

Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.

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the best damn job in the world

A RESIGNATION LETTER_A HEMINGWAY DOCUMENTARY_DIVORCED-DAD DECOR_ERIC ANDRE’S MERRY PRANKS_ PRINCE’S LEGACY_DAY-TRADING BROS_IN DEFENSE OF THE BATH IF YOU’VE BEEN STUCK IN A NETFLIX FEEDBACK LOOP for the duration of the pandemic, you may’ve seen me on TV. I appear in the Montreal episode of Somebody Feed Phil. At some point in the fall of 2019, my friend Phil Rosenthal, the host of the show, sent an email asking whether I wanted to fly up to Canada and eat a ridiculous amount of food. Naturally I said yes. But even as a professional food writer, even as a hearty eater, even as someone who once watched a TV episode in which Anthony Bourdain crawls through a veritable decathlon of foie gras in Quebec, I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. I…

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sex + other desire

Someone wants to have sex with you. Someone loves you back. They are the greatest days of your life. Also when the problems begin. You start asking: Am I normal? (No one is.) How much sex is everyone else having? (Not as much as you think.) Will anyone ever really love me? (Probably!) You try dating apps. You build a life with someone, try to keep things spicy, channel the early days. You read the advice books. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it goes to shit. They are the best problems in the world. In the pages that follow, we confront them all.…

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stay the course in style

PXG apparel’s Spring Summer 2021 Collection was inspired by the golf brand’s own resilient community. When faced with unprecedented adversity, the PXG community thrived — and Renee Parsons channeled that uplifting spirit into the brand’s latest collection. The President and Executive Creative Director of PXG apparel was moved by the strength and resourcefulness of the company’s customers over the past year. “Our community’s response to a new way of life has been incredibly heartening and encouraging during such a diffi cult year,” Parsons says. “We felt extremely inspired by them and wanted a collection that paralleled both their adaptability and resilience by creating pieces that were meant to be multifunctional and long-lasting.” Building on the core values of PXG’s golf equipment — innovation, performance, and playfulness — Parsons and her team push…

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retro futurism_

There’s a reason Hermès still stands as an unimpeachable yardstick of good taste. Actually, there are two—though they might sound a tad contradictory. First, the legendary French atelier has never strayed from its fervent belief that craftsmanship is the bedrock of all true luxury. Second, it understands that no matter what, you have to keep moving forward. To see how that plays out in real life, look at the Hermès H08, an old-school-yet-new-age watch that serves as a distillation of the perspective that 30-year-veteran artistic director Véronique Nichanian brings to what the house calls the “men’s universe.” The idea, beautiful in its simplicity, is that men are creatures seeking both the affirmation of the familiar and the provocation of the new. On the runway, Nichanian’s menswear is steeped in craft, but…

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deep cuts_

The way we dress now is changing. Here’s what to wear—and how to make it your own. Yeah, sure, “the future’s so bright” and all. But for a decade or so, you’ve “gotta wear shades” has meant looking to the past. From JFK-approved, Wayfarer-esque frames to Gregory Peck’s specs, the monster hits of the past seven decades have reached a saturation point. Everyone’s doing it. This isn’t the part where I tell you to go hyperfuturistic with your sunglasses. Despite some evidence to the contrary, 2021 is not some cyberpunk dystopia requiring ever-slicker eyewear. Instead, keep your eyes on the good old days, but search for the hidden gems. I’m talking about Persols that have never heard the name “Mc-Queen,” surf-ready sunblockers from a famed French brand, and even—take a deep breath and…

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eleven dishes & one cocktail

Thousands of meals. Millions of calories. Most of it? A blur—devoured and forgotten along the way. But some dishes, like some songs, burn an impression into your memory. These are the bites that, for me, have become a sort of mental soundtrack to the past few years. GAENG BUMBAI AUBERGINE Nari, San Francisco BRAISED ARTICHOKE Green Almond Pantry, Washington, D. C. LEAH’S CABBAGE WITH SMOKED SAUSAGE AND PORK-NECK BISQUE Leah & Louise, Charlotte PORK JOWL WITH CHAYOTE SQUASH, KABAYAKI BUTTER, AND KALAMATA AIOLI Mokyo, New York City ROASTED TOMATOES WITH HOT HONEY Misi, Brooklyn OYSTER MUSHROOM KEBAB Bavel, Los Angeles BISCUITS WITH CANE SYRUP JuneBaby, Seattle NANCY CAKES WITH CULTURED BUTTER, SMOKED TROUT ROE, AND CHIVES Nancy’s Hustle, Houston CALABASH CRAB CLAWS Alewife, Richmond SOFT EGG WITH CAVIAR Alter, Miami SEAFOOD GUMBO Fieldtrip, New York City TUXEDO NO. 2 COCKTAIL Flora Bar, New York City…