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Evo August 2017

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2 min.
ed speak

‘While the endless specials grated with some people, they all sold, and for a profit, too’ FINALLY, THE ANSWER TO A QUESTION THAT has cropped up at least twice a month here at evo since, oh, I don’t know, when we started back in 1998: who is going to buy Lotus? We’ve speculated many a time within these pages about the company’s future, what it should build and who should take ownership. Some stories have resulted in strongly worded correspondences or lengthy telephone conversations. But as of 1 July, current owners DRB-HICOM will have sold a 51.1 per cent stake in the British car company to Geely, the Chinese owner of Volvo and the London Taxi Company. Not natural bedfellows, I grant you, but Volvo seems to be doing okay. There was always…

5 min.
back: bmw’s big hitter

IT’S ALL CHANGE IN THE WORLD OF BMW’S big coupes. Out goes the 6-series, and most likely the svelte, four-door Gran Coupe version too, and in comes the new 8-series – a badge not seen since 1999, when the original E31 went off sale following a decade of taking on Porsche’s 928 and 996-gen 911 and Jaguar’s XJS and XKR models. The new Concept 8-series (1) was revealed at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in May, and 24 hours later a prototype of the forthcoming M8 completed a lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife as part of BMW’s M Festival celebrations. The concept is a production car in all but details such as the wing mirrors, light units and bumper designs. What you see on these pages is pretty much the finished…

1 min.
vw up gti prototype drive

By today’s hot-hatch standards, 113bhp and 0-62mph in 8.8 seconds sounds pretty snoozeworthy. But don’t dismiss the new Up GTI on the stats alone – this little car adds up to more than the sum of its parts. evo was invited to drive a pre-production version at a test session with Volkswagen board members in South Africa, and we came away smiling. Let’s start with the engine. By adding a high-pressure turbo to the little three-cylinder motor and upping the compression ratio, throttle response is surprisingly sharp. The noise piped through the speakers via a sound actuator is perky if not throaty, but it’s augmented by an audible whoosh from that turbo. Second gear is a bit too long for our liking (cue engineers shrugging shoulders, sighing and cursing CO2 requirements), but the…

4 min.
amg project one powertrain

“Everything to the rear of where the seats will go isn’t ‘inspired’ by F1; it is F1 in the literal sense” MERCEDES’ hotly anticipated F1-based hy percar took a step closer to reality at the Nürburgring 24 Hours race in May. Celebrating its 50th birthday, AMG’s ‘gift’ to the assembled media was a close-up encounter with the hybrid powertrain of its 275-off, 2.3million-euro, 1000bhp-plus Formula 1 car for the road. It wasn’t disappointing. The car is named ‘Project One’ for the time being, and AMG was keen to clarify that everything to the rear of where the seats will go isn’t ‘inspired’ by F1, doesn’t take specific elements from F1 and shouldn’t be referred to as ‘F1 transfer’. It is F1 in the literal sense. With a few alterations to ensure an…

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amg boss tobias moers on project one and hybrids

‘Yes, we are the first to make Formula 1 technology roadworthy. Project One redefines the boundaries of what is technically possible. It’s the most sophisticated and highly successful technology that has secured three Drivers’ and Constructors’ world championships in a row. ‘There were no benchmarks. Should we do a hypercar like the others, with a V8 or V10? No. Something technologically more challenging. Something more sophisticated. We’re not chasing top speed. Acceleration? Maybe that’s a different story. Lap times, yes. ‘We’re going to build 275 but have had 1000 enquiries. Lewis will have one. Project One is a halo car. It points to future AMG hybrid powertrains. There is going to be a change. Fifty years [old] is a perfect situation for us now. We have very successful cars, but we are…

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the widowmaker’s return

“The cabin is filled with a melodious note reminiscent of a 930 Turbo’s” YES, THE GT2 RS IS happening. Porsche’s worstkept secret since the last one is out, and we’ve called shotgun on a development ride with GT division boss Andreas Preuninger. Physically, the prototype is a GT3 RS under a black wrap, converted by Preuninger’s team to GT2 RS technical specification. They’re extremely cagey about details, as the model won’t be homologated until the first preseries cars start running off the line, and that’s still a few weeks away. What they will tell us is that it has a 3.8-litre engine from the Turbo S with water-spray intercoolers fed by a 5-litre tank, plus a bespoke exhaust and revised internals. Outputs will be ‘more than 650bhp and 750Nm [553lb ft]’. In true…