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Evo December 2018

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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2 min.
ed speak

HOW WOULD YOU CHART THE evolution of the supercar? Forty years ago, when I was testing the strength of skirting board fitted to new-build homes, the genre had a very clear formula: low, wedge-shaped design, preferably drawn by an Italian; mid-engined with a dozen cylinders and capable of unimaginable speeds to someone who travelled to school in a 2CV. It took many a year to accept that, despite the location of its engine, the less-than-inspiring design and the fact that it only had six cylinders and a piddly 3-litre engine, Porsche’s 911 (930) Turbo could also consider itself a signed-up member of the supercar elite, even if it was a ratio short of a full ’box. Norfolk’s mid-engined wedge? A supercar through and through, despite its engine having the same cylinder count…

3 min.
delta force

THINK THE LANCIA DELTA INTEGRALE IS already perfect – rust and reliability issues a side? You probably aren’t alone. But you’ve also not accounted for the recent trend in reimagining classic vehicles, updating them with modern build quality standards, trim materials and engineering improvements. Latest to enter the fray is Automobili Amos, whose Delta Futurista aims to improve one of Italy’s greatest driver’s cars by reworking almost every aspect while retaining the character and feel of the original. In the words of company founder Eugenio Amos, the Delta Futurista is ‘my romantic vision in a world that is too a septic, too fast, that runs like the wind, superficial and intangible’, and a car that is ‘pure, analogic, raw and essential’. Amos has ‘cut away the fat’, supposedly leaving only what matters. Or,…

3 min.
ferrari’s past helps shape its future

FIFTEEN NEW MODELS, OF WHICH 60 PER cent will feature hybrid power trains; a new V6 engine and further development of its V 12; a handful of hand-crafted specials; all of the existing line-up replaced and a couple of new GTs introduced; and not an SUV in sight – not a conventional one at least. Ferrari’s new four-year strategy is certainly a busy one – busy enough to keep customers and analysts happy. Headline news from the Italian firm’s Capital Markets Day was that new CEO Louis Camilleri abhors the term SUV and the vehicles it represents. So Ferrari won’t be making one. Instead, the 7 1-year-old company will focus more on its past and investing in and growing its range of GT cars, which will include the ‘Purosange’. A four-seater…

2 min.
003, we’ve been expecting you

WITHIN WEEKS OF CONFIRMING THAT HE will float Aston Martin on the London Stock Exchange, CEO Andy Palmer has revealed the company will launch its third hypercar and the next Vanquish by 2021. And before that there will be a limited run of DB4 GT Zagato Continuations and DBS GT Zagatos. Codenamed 003, the hypercar will come from the same stable that brought us the Valkyrie (001) and Valkyrie AMR Pro (002) and will be mid-engined, carbon-tubbed and feature a 950bhp turbocharged 3.5-litre V6. Active aero and suspension will provide the coupe with its downforce and dynamic agility, with performance expected to be a step below the Valkyrie’s but considerably above that of the current DBS Superleggera and the all-new Vanquish. Adrian Newey and Red Bull Racing will be involved in…

4 min.
shhhaguar, ho!

PEOPLE ARE STARING. OF COURSE THEY ARE – I’m driving a Jaguar E-type. Even in Monterey in the middle of Car Week, where scissor doors and velocity stacks outnumber SUVs, an immaculately restored example of one of the world’s most recognisable automotive shapes still turns heads. Those facing away as I approach get a little less time for their eyes to linger, however, as they won’t know I’m there until the silvery-gold flash enters their peripheral vision. That’s because the E-type Zero is electric powered, and unlike even the silkiest of straight-six versions, it’s virtually silent. You may already be familiar with the E-type Zero, if not the earlier concept from 2017’s TechFest event in London, then as driven by the Duke of Sussex after the royal wedding earlier in the year.…

2 min.
mild amg hatch takes aim at s3

MERCEDES-AMG HAS REVEALED THE first of two hot versions of the new A-class. The A35 is aimed directly at the Audi S3 and Volkswagen Golf R and uses a new 302bhp version of the ‘M260’ 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in the A250. Delivering its power through a dual-clutch transmission and a four-wheel-drive system, the A35 is able to send up to 50 per cent of the available torque to its rear wheels. A 0-62mph time of 4.7sec is promised, with top speed limited to 155mph. Driver modes accessible via the AMG steering wheel will enable the fine-tuning of various components, including the steering, three-stage adaptive dampers, throttle response and stability programme. Also contained within these driver modes is a new system that, in Sport and Sport+ modes, uses the ESP to…